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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes

6th. Shoot ‘Em Up

So you’re right in the middle of lovemaking and a team of highly armed mercenaries burst through the door. Do you stop and run for your life? Not if you’re Clive Owen. You carry on while spinning around and shooting your assailants, rolling on the floor and bouncing off stuff. That’s a real man.

Video not particularly safe for work.

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  • Sam said

    One movie has clearly been neglected from this otherwise good sex scene list, and that’s “Live Freaky, Die Freaky!” Particularly, the scene where Charlie first meets Sadie. Almost every minute of that movie is uncomfortable.
    Then again, John Roecker has a way of making everything uncomfortable.

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  • Gia said

    Planet Terror. The stripper has a table leg stuck in her amputated stump. She has her stump waiving in the air as she has sex.Really funny.

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  • Brian said

    Avatar made me really uncomfortable

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  • gd smith said

    Gingerbread man 2, features a classic involving the over excited titular character as a voyeur!

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  • Miles Greb said

    I would also add any of the “sex” that happened in The Room.
    Howard the Duck is spot on though; how do you top that?

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  • d3r3k said

    Can’t really blame the scene in Shoot ‘Em Up. Who would want to stop f**king Monica Bellucci?

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  • fygall said

    Julian Sands giving the hooker a go in Boxing Helena, that bloke must never of had sex in his life, either that or he has the smallest tackle in movieland judging from his miniture strokes, corny crap or what!

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  • ALM said

    Where can I find the sex scene to Soul Plane, Aziz? i am also trying to find both sex scenes to “Soul Food’.

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  • maddie said

    i think that was funny but a little over the top

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  • MamaShea said

    Howard the duck…priceless. But one of my all time faves is from Basketcase 2 with the 2 “freaks” Belial and Eve giving all they got. Now thats entertainment.

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  • Breno said

    But Shoot ’em up is supposed to be funny. No one percieved that, but it is a hilarious movie about action movies. This scene is very funny

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  • Ira said

    “Talk about shooting your load”… lol

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  • Eric Shuman said

    ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok the most ridiculous, disturbing, awkward, unnecessary sex scene(s). . . Splice. Adrian Brody has sex with the human/animal thing that they created, graphically might I add, it looked like something that you would find on the internet. Then thing that Adrian Brody had sex with transforms into a male creature and r*pes the lead female in the movie. It it strange but I still came out of that movie a little aroused.

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  • TJ said

    Did anyone else see ‘Bride of Chucky’? The sex scene between Chucky and Tiff is just weird. Watching two psychotic souls trapped in doll bodies hook up was a bit disturbing.

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  • Rory said

    The sex scene in Killer Bitch was hilariously badly acted and odd

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