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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes

6th. Shoot ‘Em Up

So you’re right in the middle of lovemaking and a team of highly armed mercenaries burst through the door. Do you stop and run for your life? Not if you’re Clive Owen. You carry on while spinning around and shooting your assailants, rolling on the floor and bouncing off stuff. That’s a real man.

Video not particularly safe for work.

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  • gd smith said

    McGruber as the two funniest sex scenes I’ve ever seen.

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  • Guy said

    No, it’s got to be Predator 2 with that Columbian women screaming like a wild Animal on top of her man, and then smash grab the rasta’s come through the door.

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  • azip said

    Nice movie but how did he become so horny when he was falling?:-/

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  • bolo said

    monsters ball …. check that out …

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  • Kelly said

    I always thought the scene in “The Chase” with pink clouds in the background was absolutely ridiculous. Never mind the fact that pulling that off with out wrecking the car at 100mph is completely ludicrous!

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  • Jerrad said


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  • Alvin Anderson said

    The worst sex scene of all time was Sylvester making love to Sharon Stone in the Assassins in the shower. He was so much shorter than her they should have put him on a stool because his reaching up to kiss her was only surpassed by their smooth, oily bodies rolling around on the floor of the shower looking so uncomfortable it was embarrasing. As sexy as getting kicked in a guys private areas. Sharon was unbelievably tacky overall–especially the Widow-micro mini skirt outfit with the veil in church next to the Mexican family burying grandma. tacky, tacky, tacky!

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  • Terry Craig said

    The sex scene in 2012’s Dark Shadows of Barnabas (a vampire) and Angelique (a witch) engaged in extra-ciricular, gravity defying (up the wall, across the ceiling) sex was just rediculous.

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  • Alvin Anderson said

    The Woody Allen comedy scenes from the movie Everything You Wanted to know about sex cannot be even considered as worst sex scenes because they were deliberately meant to be slapstick, sill scenes. Most people nowadays do not remember the ludicrous book of the same name written by a college jock that literally reiterated all the foolish old wives tails and Jock myths about sex and was unintentionally one of the funniest books ever written. Woody was lampooning the dumb book. THE WORST SEX SCENE EVER: Sylvester Stallone making love to Sharon Stone in the shower in Assassins. He had to stand on his toes to reach up the much taller Sharon. Then their rolling around on the uncomfortable tiles and drains of the shower in the running water was embarrassing–but not as embarrassing as Sharon wearing a micro-mini skirted widows outfit (with a gun strapped to her thigh) in a church where a Mexican family was burying their Grandma. Made me feel embarrassed to be white.

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  • Furbie said

    Just to be clear. Howard The Duck doens’t have a sex scene. Lea Thompson is being a flirt while Howard gets more and more terrified. And then she quits by telling him she’s kidding! So nope…no sex scene, just some joking going on. And for the most rediculous sex scene the one in “the specialist” must win everytime.

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  • Eraser said

    “The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human” with Carmen Electra (uncensored version)
    Like in that Woody Allen movie they show what sperm is doing while Carmen and some guy having sex and prevent pregnancy. They do that in picturing some guys dressed as semen on a race track.
    For example while they are using a condom and he gets off, the guys on the race track start to sprint and after a few seconds, run straight into a rubber wall.
    What sperm is doing during a blowjob or cunnilingus was damn funny, too (and kind of true *g*).

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