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Yoda Dog

Yoda Dog

WTF? Pope Darkside Sense You Fail Ignorance Stormtrooper Arrested Ackbar Fiesta Homeless Jedi Chewbacca Choke This Vader Death-Star Clone War Veteran Darth Benedict Jedi Squirrel Vader Passport Photo Unemployment Teenagers… Darth Scooter Real X-Wing Jabba Cat Massive Disturbance Hillary Vader If Darth Vader Was A Girl Yoda Dog Romantic Proposal Swings Darth Meowder Dream Woman Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon Toilet Trooper

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  • Kaltyn said

    stop making fun of star wars!!!!
    it is not that bad once you have seen it. i bet you people have not even seen them!

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    • Andrew said


      You said “stop making fun of star wars!!!!
      it is not that bad once you have seen it. i bet you people have not even seen them!”

      By the looks of most of the pics, I think that the people who made these actually saw and love star wars. Most pics that parody it are from hardcore fans.

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  • Matt said

    Yea… I kinda think that the people making these parody pictures are probably bigger fans of the films and the extended universe than you ever will be. Tru parody is born from love not hate.

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  • E Mill said

    Amen, that stuff was hillarious, and I love 4 out of the 6 star wars

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  • Juleen said

    These are great, the Storm Pooper is the best.

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  • raquel said

    That was funny i love them! But i think the movies and the book are cool! ^_^

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  • Red Knight said

    If only you can see more. Plus these are the best pics. Also, can I have a stormtrooper costume. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Red Knight

    P.S Peace out yall

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  • Cheyenne said

    OMG! I love the jedi squirrel my dad and little brother are both star wars freaks and i love them to but when you go and do the laundry and you see star wars boxers, socks, t-shirts(normal in real life) I think its getting to personal with the jedi’s clothing. :-) LOL!

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  • Rod said

    She gives good helmet.

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  • nothing said


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  • Youdid said

    Um but you did say something, when you said “i said nothing” So you fail….

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  • Sean said

    Dude I think I know that guy.

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  • Benjie said

    Hey can you give me a vader helmet pleaaseeeee… hehehe..

    I love the humor on this pics. Really nice, put some more please.

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  • NeoMandalore said

    That dog is going to murder its owners in their sleep.

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  • kika_12 said

    well I´m no SW fan,but I think some of those pictures are funny

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  • Captain Rick said

    Maybe I’ll try visiting one of these conventions after all. Hmm. . .

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