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Top 25 Best Horror Movies Of 2015

New: Top 10 Best Horror Movies 2015Let’s explore the best horror movies of 2015. The scary list features the usual mix of reboots (‘Victor Frankenstein’), sequels (‘Insidious: Chapter 3’) and original fare (‘Krampus’). We’ve got cannibals (‘Green Inferno’), heavy metal demons (‘Deathgasm’) and Skype ghosts (‘Unfriended’). It’s a versatile year.

Based on me watching almost everything released, these are the top 25 best horror movies 2015 has provided. Let us know in the comments what your picks are.

25th – Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead
Starring: Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill
Director: Kiah Roache-Turner
Released: February 13, 2015 (U.S. Dates)
Best Horror Movies 2015

 -Seen It-  As a zombie apocalypse erupts, a talented mechanic sees his family killed, and his sister kidnapped by a team of gas mask wearing soldiers. He hits the road to find her in his blood-powered armoured car, teaming up with a loud-mouth aborigine and encountering various rough and ready survivors as he battles through the flesh-eaters in the harsh bushland. Meanwhile, his sister is being experimented on by a psychotic doctor, working toward giving her the ability to control zombies with her mind. By the time her brother arrives, she may not need his help… This is a micro-budget zany Australian horror that aims to mix ‘Mad Max’ with ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Filmed on weekends as a labour of love over the course of several years, it’s a big achievement what they managed to accomplish, but a hard one to universally recommend. Essentially it’s a 14 year old’s definition of an awesome movie, with crazy guns, blood packs, fast cuts, swearing and zaniness. It’s also a one-dimensional movie with a thin script, thin characters, and Syfy-quality zombies. Compare it to the similarly-influenced ‘Turbo Kid’ and it comes off poorly. How you respond to the trailer is the best indicator.

24th – Stung
Starring: Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Lance Henriksen, Clifton Collins Jr.
Director: Benni Diez
Released: July 3, 2015
top horror movies 2015

 -Seen It-  For two catering staffers, Mrs. Perch’s fancy garden party at her remote country villa is nothing out of the ordinary. Until a mishap with toxic plant fertiliser leads to the most unwelcome of dinner guests: large killer wasps… If you can get past the wasp premise (which includes stung victims having human-sized wasps hatch out of them within a minute) then this is a smart, fun creature feature. The catering-for-old-timers-at-a-country-house setting feels unique, the lead (Matt O’Leary, ‘Time Lapse’, ‘Brick’) is likeable, the humour quite well done, the mostly-practical gory fx are good and the pacing of the first hour is strong. Unfortunately it starts to sag after the wonderful Lance Henrikson (‘Aliens’) exits, and the wasps get more cgi-y as daytime rolls around.

23rd – Cub
Starring: Maurice Luijten, Titus De Voogdt, Stef Aerts, Evelien Bosmans
Director: Jonas Govaerts
Released: TBC 2015
Scary Movies 2015

 -Seen It-  Sam, a troubled scout, goes on camp with a dozen other boys and three leaders, into a part of the forest where frightening rumours have originated. Those stories tell of an insane feral boy, but what’s unsaid is the boy has an even more murderous father, who has littered the woods with deadly traps. When Sam’s life in camp is made a misery by both bullies and leaders, he delves into the woods and encounters the feral boy. The two spark an uneasy understanding. But soon the father’s rampage will reach the camp, and a bloodbath will ensue… Belgian (subtitled) horror from a first-time director, sporting a synth-heavy score from Zombi’s Steve Moore. This is a pretty conventional slasher, with an interesting arc for the lead boy. The problem is Sam is too mild-mannered to convince as a deeply troubled individual. Nevertheless the setting is strong and the film is pretty fearless, going to a few places others wouldn’t.

22nd – Some Kind Of Hate
Starring: Ronen Rubinstein, Sierra McCormick, Grace Phipps
Director: Adam Egypt Mortimer
Released: September 18, 2015
Top 10 best horror films of 2015

 -Seen It-  A bullied teenager is sent to a new-age reform center in the hills. When he starts to be picked on again he unwittingly summons the deadly spirit of a girl who died under similar circumstances. She unleashes bloody vengeance on his tormentors, before turning her murderous anger toward everyone… Although the actor does fine in the role, the lead casting is ridiculous – he’s meant to be a bullied goth teenager but instead looks 30, has model features and is gym-toned muscular. The tormented ghost looks more the part but by the end she comes off as quite whiny and more annoying than frightening. There are actually too many kill scenes – you’ll never see so much self-harm and fatal wrist slitting, which makes it a grim watch. Having said that, the central premise and kill method is a good one for a slasher (harming herself causes the injuries on her victims) and it’s done well enough.

21st – Cooties
Starring: Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, Leigh Whannell, Jack McBrayer
Directors: Jonathan Milott, Cary Murnion
Released: September 18, 2015
New Horror Movies 2015

 -Seen It-  A wannabe writer turned teacher (Wood) starts his first day as supply at the school he used to go to. But when virus-infected chicken nuggets are served at the cafeteria, the kids turn into feral zombies, ripping apart any adult they come across. Now the bickering teachers are under siege in the school, looking for a way across the playground… This has an entertaining, edgy concept (reversing ‘The Faculty’ and playing it for laughs), with a terrific bit of casting in Rainn Wilson (‘The Office’). The twisted kid imagery is fun. However it doesn’t start well, being too silly before the kids even transform – like a weird fever dream of unnatural character moments and misfiring jokes. The tone just doesn’t work until things are well underway. Also, because this is co-written by Leigh Whannell (‘Saw’) you have his usual ego trip, meaning here the protagonist is loosely based on him and, as usual, he casts himself in the movie and is dreadful in the role. ‘Cooties’ has great pacing, and works best when the camera is on Wilson.

20th – Demonic
Starring: Dustin Milligan, Frank Grillo, Maria Bello, Cody Horn
Director: Will Canon
Released: TBC 2015

Top Horror Films 2015
 -Seen It-  A detective (Grillo) is called to a decrepit, abandoned Louisiana home to investigate the gruesome massacre of a group of amateur ghost-hunters. The only survivor found, and only suspect, is too shaken to talk until the unit’s psychologist (Bello) shows up. With the right questions it all starts coming back… Produced by James Wan, based on his story, this is from the director of decent frat thriller ‘Brotherhood’. It combines found footage, interrogation video, news cameras and classic cinematography. It heavily rips off ‘The Usual Suspects” plot structure, but actually it’s that approach which makes it many times more effective than if the same story had been told in a linear way. Grillo and Bello are seasoned pros and they do well, especially handling a handful of silly lines that would have clunked with lesser talent. While ‘Usual Suspects’ led up to an incredible ending, the last five minutes of twists here are decidely meh, it needed that bigger finish.

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Best Horror Films 2015

Horror Movies 2015

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  • jpc said

    to put rubbish like Unfriended on your list…and totally rip apart a We Are Still Here makes me think that you have really bad taste in horror.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Unfriended has plenty of big issues as I point out, but I respect innovation. Think about how hard it is to craft a horror movie using just a pc monitor. There was nothing innovative or original about We Are Still Here, just same old same old.

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  • Aleks said

    I knew this list sucked when you dissed Rob Zombie.

    There’s only like 0 actual horror movies. As in terror, suspense, action, gore.

    You millennials don’t know what good horror is. F your stupid Romances, and Comedies. People don’t make good horror anymore or people just can’t find it because all the good horror movies I see these days seem to be indie and hard to find. That’s why I look for lists like this. But you disappoint me.

    Bone Tomahawk was a good film. I suggest anyone to watch it. It’s like the hills have eyes meets small old western town.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Bone Tomahawk is on the list. So surely that makes it 1? Please let me know what else should have been on here… Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects was a good movie, but his Halloween remake was awful. Deal with it.

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  • Batesmotel said

    You couldn’t be more wrong about a girl walks home alone at night. Youre probably someone who thought PTAs Inherent Vice wasn’t any good cuz it was “all over the place”.

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  • saeed from Iran said

    Im crazy about horror movies but I believe that they can have bad effect on peopls mind or life

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  • Kamarea said

    These are great movies

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