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My Bloody Valentine 2 – Sequel Plans

My Bloody Valentine 2 (3D) sequel rumors

There’s an unusually high level of fan buzz going into My Bloody Valentine 3D’s opening weekend, which is a good thing because My Bloody Valentine 2 is already plotted out.

The end of My Bloody Valentine 3D has a natural opening for a sequel and director Patrick Lussier has been very up front, “If the movie takes off, Todd [the screenwriter] and I have mapped out a whole continuing adventures. We have figured out a way of injecting several twists and turns. Even though the mystery is solved there are still things to learn and things to know and things that are unexpected and reversals of fortune that happens to those who survive. We had great fun doing it because if you’re going to do it, you don’t want to retread what you’ve just done – you want to take it in a new direction. But at the same time, you want to do all those things people have fun with. And the mystery is one of those things, how do you have a mystery when you already know the answer? Well, we’ve figured out a way.”

Interestingly, My Bloody Valentine 3D’s open ending wasn’t always so clear cut. Star Jensen Ackles reveals, “We shot a couple of different endings, so I don’t think it was solidified as to how the film would end up. There were a few different ideas and we shot them all. Then we tested them to see what worked best.”

Lussier has said if the sequel happens, you can expect all the surviving cast members to return. So how long would we have to wait to see My Bloody Valentine 2? Screenwriter Todd Farmer notes, “You know… the problem is, it would be… if it were to happen, it would have to happen quickly because there is a TV schedule Jensen has. Kerr very possibly could end up with a TV show so there’s that to consider.”

Sounds like this miner could be working double shift without a proper break. Somebody call the union.

What would you like to see happen in My Bloody Valentine 2? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: Chud, ShockTilYouDrop, JoBlo

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  • Brennen said

    I would like to see more ax throwing and everything like that. I wouldnt mind seeing My Bloody Valentine 2 also in 3D but I know its entirely up to the director of the movie.

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    • MyBloodyValentine2 Fan (; said

      Well I’d Like To See What Happens In The Next My Bloody Valentine, I Hope They Make a 2nd Part Soon Because I’d Like To See What Happen To Tom, And I Love To See More Ax Throwing And More Blood, Well Bye!

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  • Lyz said

    It would be amazing to have a sequel.
    The movie was awesome, but it woulden’t be what is was without Jensen Ackles.
    Sequel? Sure~!~
    IF Jensen Is Involved.!

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  • Kev said

    Why not? It was a fun movie…. the twists were cool… at one point i thought everyone had somethin to do wit it…

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    • Jen said

      I loved this movie- it did have many twists and turns, however I automatically suspected it was Tom hallucinating when the miner refused to kill him, and locked him up in the cage (while he was inside the mine), while killing the other miner. The thing that made me doubt myself was the fact that horror movies never follow clear logic- so then I kept on changing my mind as to who the killer was. It was a great movie 😀

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  • Linda said

    yeah my bloody valentine was awesome! I would’ve liked to see more unique ways of killing people though. Ax to the head…Ax to the head….lady in dryer!! Ax to the head and so on. I hope there’s not a sequel. The only thing that kept me into the story besides the blood and gore was the unknown killer. Now that we know who it is why make a sequel? What would be the next story? That someone else took over and that tom finally left town? but jensen ackles is so sexy!! Maybe if he’s still in it i’ll go.

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  • fefe said

    I would like to see alot more stuff in 3D.

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  • Lisa said

    I think the film was really cool although im not going to lie i was scared to death. If there was to be a second film it has to be in 3D again with more things chucked at us. Also keep the cast that survived in the last one.

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  • sean said

    SPOILERS! – It had to be the best movie i have ever seen…and i think there could be plenty more twists and mysteries like the killers father what if he winded up being alive??? or what about the baby that was in the girls womb maybe out of some weird f**ked up way it survived really pissed off at everyone??or what about the original killer?? what if he really did survived and all the new one found was his mask at the grave?? there’s plenty of open reasons why this movie should have a sequel – END SPOILERS –

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  • sean said

    oh and one more thing throughout the whole movie the black guy always gave me this weird feeling like he knew something maybe someones got a little dirt behind his ears???

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Hey guys, careful not to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen the first movie yet.

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  • im am the killer said

    i joust want to see it because it left me in debout an not satesfied with this movie it was cool and sortof a brain tiwster figuring aout who the killer whas but yhea i wana seeit

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  • jensen is sexi said

    I think my bloody valentine is soo good. I think there definately should be a sequel. And Jensen Ackles should be in it cos he is soo sexi… i love him!

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  • Kadine said

    My bloody valentine was a great movie that had me on edge all the way through to the end. There should definitely be a sequel in 3D with Jensen Ackles off course.

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  • NaturalSuper said

    I really loved this movie. It was really cool and fun. It didn’t take itself seriously which was refreshing for this genre. I’d love to see a sequel to this movie. From the article and the portion where Lussier talks about the continuing story him and Todd Farmer have planned sounds like it could go deeper than the first movie did. I do agree that the story for this movie was not so airtight but the ideas being planned for the sequel sounds like it could have more to it. I’m a little on the fence about the sequel being in 3D. It was really fun to watch but the 3D half the time had me closing my eyes afraid of what would be flying at me. Also, if the sequel has more to it and is a bit more deeper in terms of story, I would love for it to not be in 3D because it kinda takes away from the story. The 3D is what you focus on. All and all, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A SEQUEL!!!!!!

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  • LITA said

    it has to be in 3d,,,,,, that’s that made the movie so special and so amazing..

    the horror things jumping at you it made me jump out of my seat a few times.. great job can’t wait to see the second one 🙂

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  • chanel said

    sequel…hell yea…u can make as many as u want as long as jensen ackles is in them and he doesnt get killed. and keep up the suspense cuz i had no clue who was the killer till it was said i kept changing my mind through out the whole thing o and btw on making the killer hot for once make it worth watching even more especially since he looks o so hot in that miner uniform…

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