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My Bloody Valentine 2 – Sequel Plans

My Bloody Valentine 2 (3D) sequel rumors

There’s an unusually high level of fan buzz going into My Bloody Valentine 3D’s opening weekend, which is a good thing because My Bloody Valentine 2 is already plotted out.

The end of My Bloody Valentine 3D has a natural opening for a sequel and director Patrick Lussier has been very up front, “If the movie takes off, Todd [the screenwriter] and I have mapped out a whole continuing adventures. We have figured out a way of injecting several twists and turns. Even though the mystery is solved there are still things to learn and things to know and things that are unexpected and reversals of fortune that happens to those who survive. We had great fun doing it because if you’re going to do it, you don’t want to retread what you’ve just done – you want to take it in a new direction. But at the same time, you want to do all those things people have fun with. And the mystery is one of those things, how do you have a mystery when you already know the answer? Well, we’ve figured out a way.”

Interestingly, My Bloody Valentine 3D’s open ending wasn’t always so clear cut. Star Jensen Ackles reveals, “We shot a couple of different endings, so I don’t think it was solidified as to how the film would end up. There were a few different ideas and we shot them all. Then we tested them to see what worked best.”

Lussier has said if the sequel happens, you can expect all the surviving cast members to return. So how long would we have to wait to see My Bloody Valentine 2? Screenwriter Todd Farmer notes, “You know… the problem is, it would be… if it were to happen, it would have to happen quickly because there is a TV schedule Jensen has. Kerr very possibly could end up with a TV show so there’s that to consider.”

Sounds like this miner could be working double shift without a proper break. Somebody call the union.

What would you like to see happen in My Bloody Valentine 2? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: Chud, ShockTilYouDrop, JoBlo

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  • Jess said

    It’s just a thought but what if the sequel brought in the kid of Sara. And he could be the killer a decade later or something. And when they show the past events on what led him to be the killer it could show the part where Tom(Jensen) is in Sara and Axle’s house. And maybe he talks to the kid. It’s just a thought. Don’t know if you guys know exactly what I mean but yeah.

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  • Christa said


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  • maxi wood said

    more shocking twist like in the first one and of course more brutal deaths more mind blowers the whole nine yards.

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  • Katrine. said

    JENSEN ACKLES <3 Love him!!

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  • mike said

    they should make a sequel to the 1st 3d becuz it was so good n dey should keep da original cast i love how they shw da killer

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  • mike said

    i kind of agree wat sophie sad when she said that harry should get out of tom and tom try to get his life back and if they do they should keep the ones who survived like kerr smith,jensen ackles,jamie king with some new cast member and also would love to see more killing from harry himself not while hes in tom

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  • lauren said

    A sequal would be amazing… But why is everyone saying jensen ackles is the sexy 1????

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  • Amy said

    I would love to see Kerr in this movie! But maybe him trying to get his revenge on Tom as well. Tom comes back to town and Axel wants him dead? Or maybe Axel as the new killer?

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  • Jenelle said

    Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake from General Hospital) should be in this movie!!! PLEASE????

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  • Lauren said

    I want to see more jensen because even though he was the main character you didnt get to see much of his actual character and most of the time just saw him SPOILER as the miner.
    His character also didnt have much of a detailed background. I want a more detailed storyline as well as some awesome deaths 🙂

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  • dillion said

    hell ya!!! move 2 should be made but it would be nothing without jensen the killer tom would be not as interesting jensen in my opinion can get into his character and act REALY REALY well. i feel that without jensen the movie would be just another horror/slasher film. but i want to be a director to when i get older so ya i would 100% support the 2nd movie the directer of the film you rock so all the cast memebers rock!!!!!!! and if i may add a twist to the film the girl who escaped the first movie should end up being the killer that would be a damn good twist

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  • jhonny said

    Do the shovel thing to someone else

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  • Mr.X said

    it would be cool to see more weapons uniquly made by the killer and maybe a secret hiding place where the killer hides his weapons it would be great

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  • Jensen lover said

    There should be a second My Bloody Valantime 2 cause i love this movie there was alot of suspense because as soon as i heard that sexy jensen ackles new about Megan died but Sarah never told him and then i cried because what if he died.In the secound one there should be more ax action and alot of JENSEN ACKELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and I want to see Tom and Sarah get married because then it would get really good because then there would be twice the blood guts and ax action but what i really want is to see Jensen ackels aka Tom shirtless!!!!!!

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  • Jensen lover said

    I am in love with jensen as soon as i seen his character in Supernatural and this he is so so so so so so so so so so so so sexy

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