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Karate Kid Remake – Jackie Chan Set For Mr. Miyagi

By now I’m sure you heard another 80s classic, The Karate Kid, is being reprocessed for a new generation... It’ll star Will Smith offspring Jaden Smith and will, interestingly enough, be set in an exotic Asian locale (I’m gonna guess right now he’s some sort of lonely army brat). It’ll no doubt follow the same simple storyline of the original:

Kid gets his ass kicked…
Kid gets his ass kicked some more…
Kid is really getting tired of getting his ass kicked but really has no say so in the matter…
Quirky mentor teaches kid not only karate but life lessons in quirky manner…
Bloodthirsty kid kicks in with some ass-kicking against previously mentioned ass-kickers…
Final freeze frame of a proud (even slightly smug) Mr. Miyagi.

Now comes the news that none other than Jackie Chan is in final negotiations to play the role of Mr. Miyagi. The role seems tailor-made for him and could offer some resuscitation to his flatlining Hollywood career (despite the superfluous RUSH HOUR 3 making $140 million stateside).

The film begins shooting early this summer in Beijing. Harald Zwart (THE PINK PANTHER 2) will helm the film. It’s produced by original KARATE KID producer Jerry Weintraub alongside Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment’s James Lassiter, Ken Stovitz and (natch) Will Smith.

I’m kinda on the fence on this remake and could go either way. However I must admit that no matter how good this “do-over” is it’ll never offer the pure satisfaction of seeing Ralph Macchio systematically getting beat down. While I have nothing against the actor I always found “Daniel Larusso” to an annoying little puss-puss with a dumb-ass sense of humor and more luck than game in getting laid. (It also doesn’t help that he spends the first half-hour of the original bitching and whining about my native state of Cali).


Source: Variety

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  • SoundwaveWasGay said

    Ths is absolute f**king lunacy. I have no problem with remakes whatsoever, but The Karate Kid was not a Kung Fu action movie – it was a drama first and foremost. But Jackie Chan is an action star who simply cannot act.

    I mean, the original Miyagi was nominated for an Oscar, for God’s sake.

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  • Azh said

    I cringed when I first heard they were remaking this film, for the simple fact that the original; though entertaining still a cheesy film.

    To IamGay, I guess you don’t know a lot about Jackie Chan; other then the guff Hollywood spews out; with his name attached. Ok so he is no Shakesperian actor, with a method acting style and chiselled good looks. He is a sight more entertaining then some ‘actors’ I could name. I guess if it doesn’t involve big explosions, anorexic girls and lots of shooting; then it’s not good acting in some peoples books.

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  • SoundwaveWasGay said

    Azh, you may activate your brain… nnnnnow.

    This IS a Hollywood guff movie, and it’s in English. He will, therefore, probably be crap. There is absolutely no evidence to the contrary.

    His acting style, even in the good stuff, is circus-y.

    I like him. I enjoy his movies, even the guff, but as Mr. Miyagi? Really??

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  • Wordiskurtis said

    I think George Takei (Star Trek, Heroes) would have been a more informed choice…. and he is actually Japanese in ethinic origin…go figure….

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  • t3flon Don said

    the bottom line??? they shouldn’t call this a remake and just rename the movie altogether! the karate buttnugget!

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  • Shawn said

    You know, when they first started doing the remakes of 60’s -80’s films I was kinda excited to see films I loved with new special effects. Then when they came out it’s noticed how the scripts are re-written and in alot of cases just trashed. A good example would be the remake of Amityville Horror. The whole reason why the original was scary (despite the rumor it was true) was that the viscious evil entity in the house was non other than a demon straight from hell. What is scary than that? That will make you feel ike your very soul is in trouble. Anyway, when they re-made it and changed the evil demon to a bad ghost from the recent past it took the scare right out of it.

    Jackie Chan as Miyagi? not my first choice but I will live with it. Will Smith’ son? I dunno about. I love will but I am use to seeing the whiny Italian guy get his butt kicked. Oh well, i guess now all of our beloved 80’s films are doomed.

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  • Greg said

    This remake will not be any good….please cancel this project!!! Leave it alone

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  • Dtox said

    hmmmmmmmm i think they would be better off showing the original karate kid dude still gettin beat down as a adult. if they cant make it as good as “never back down” then they should just bring bring “Different Strokes” to the big screen…lol. Gary coleman is about the same size as wills kid anyways..lol.

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  • Joanie said

    I never liked Karate Kid I thought it was soooo booooring. They made too many sequels..

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  • Thom said

    I got to see this at a preview at the weekend & Angel was amazingly close in his synopsis, right down to the “Final freeze frame of a proud (even slightly smug) Mr. Miyagi”.

    There were a load of changes to the film that definitely made it a movie in its own right and that’s how remakes should be. Jackie Chan (as Mr Han instead of Miyagi) does really well and acts at an emotional level a wouldn’t have thought possible of him. Jaden Smith is the spitting image of his father, just as charming. They should have definitely called it the Kung-Fu Kid but hey, as the mum in the movie says “Karate, Kung-Fu it’s all the same thing” 🙂

    Below is my full review

    The Karate (Kung-Fu) Kid was an immensely enjoyable kid’s film. Focusing on younger kids (12 not 16) than the original 80s movie, and changing the location to China, gives the film a much more universal appeal and makes it a film in it’s own right.
    Jaden Smith is so much like his father (Big Willie) and is instantly likeable. Jackie Chan was also brilliant. I’ve only really seen him in comedy roles before but he pulls off his character brilliantly & has a great emotional (but possibly out of place) scene in his old car. The young cast gripped my 3 young boys. My 5 year old was literally on the edge of his seat in all of the fight scenes. The Red Dragons have a suitably evil Master that instils a “no mercy” mind-set into his students. It was quite disturbing to see such young kids in full-on, violent, bullying and I wanted to cover up my youngest sons eyes (he wouldn’t let me!).
    The locations are breathtaking, including a lot of training montages and also a retreat to a “Kung-Fu Panda” style temple of masters. It is quite long (over 2 hours) but my 10 & 8 year old both had the attention held throughout & thought it was really cool.
    They may have tried to cram a bit too much in but in a way it was all needed to allow Dre (Jaden Smith) to grow as a character. The romance side-line was very cute and really well acted by the girl involved.
    I had watery eyes more than a couple of times. Although it is completely a kids film it doesn’t patronise them by leaving out some of the grittier/emotional moments. We all left the cinema doing high kicks and punches, so that’s a sign of a good movie to me 🙂

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    “Karate, Kung-Fu it’s all the same thing”

    The best bit of cover-ass exposition ever.

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