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The Watchmen soundtrack. The 1987 literary masterpiece “Watchmen” has finally been squeezed into the film format. The impossible has been done. Whether it has been done well is left to be seen.

I don’t quite buy into the Zack Snyder hype. He’s constantly being called a “Visionary”. For what… a remake of a George Romero classic and a page for page literal interpretation of 300 in the Sin City style? If that’s visionary than what was Kubrick? I am however, a really big fan of the Watchmen book. My conflict lies in the fact that the Watchmen book was more an experiment on the comic book medium that is just not going to translate well into film. The story itself is brilliant, but inside sources say even that has been drastically altered in places.

When Terry Gilliam tried to tackle this project years ago, I had high hopes for it. I sensed he would “get it”. I envisioned the soundtrack to be very traditional in its use of orchestration. I hoped for a play off the standard John Williams-esqe superhero fanfare into more of a morose tone. Kind of a deconstruction of traditional superhero music just as the book was a deconstruction of the superhero.

Granted, I’ve only heard a fraction of the music cues for the Watchmen soundtrack, but I can tell where we’re heading here. The scoring project was handed over to Tyler Bates who has worked with Zack before and is seen hanging around Rob Zombie’s house from time to time. I’m not criticizing Bates’ talent but this isn’t what I would expect for a story like Watchmen.

This type of music works better for a film like “Doomsday” which he scored as well. We’re in for lots of hard driving techno metal, which like I said, I’m not criticizing, I just expect that style for your little teen action/horror vehicles instead.

I digress. I know not everyone can be satisfied by this undertaking. Like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Watchmen book just has too much meat to fit into one superhero action film… but at least Frodo and the gang weren’t escaping the Balrog to techno metal.

Listen To The Watchmen Soundtrack

You can buy the album on cd here or as mp3s here.
Get the score on cd here or as mp3s here.

Watchmen Soundtrack (Songs) – Track Listing
1. My Chemical Romance – “Desolation Row” (a Bob Dylan cover)
2. Nat King Cole – “Unforgettable”
3. Bob Dylan – “The Times They Are A-Changin'”
4. Simon & Garfunkel – “The Sound of Silence”
5. Janis Joplin – “Me & Bobby McGee”
6. KC and the Sunshine Band – “I’m Your Boogie Man”
7. Billie Holiday – “You’re My Thrill”
8. Philip Glass Ensemble – “Pruit Igoe & Prophecies”
9. Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah”
10. Jimi Hendrix – “All Along the Watchtower”
11. Budapest Symphony Orchestra – “Ride of the Valkyries”
12. Nina Simone – “Pirate Jenny”
(The Watchmen trailer song “Take A Bow” by Muse is not included)

Leave your thoughts on the Watchmen soundtrack in the comments.

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  • hb said
  • havok said

    which one is from the trailer

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  • AdamLazlo said

    The issue with a soundtrack I have like this is it doesn’t belong in a movie like this and it “dates” it. A few movies it works like Matrix or Fight Club because the soundtrack is also a character in the film, if you catch my meaning. In Watchmen and many others it’s like it’s hiding behind something that’s lacking from the images or dialog on the screen.

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  • Joe said

    Phenominal movie, decent soundtrack. Gotta read the book prior to seeing the movie though….book’s much better but nice to put a visual to it….with the exception of some over the top scenes in the movie that should have been left out or shortened.

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  • Eric said

    While you may disagree with the directors ability to take a fantastic book and succesfully put it into film form, I couldn’t get enough of the movie at first I heard people saying that the music choices where a bit odd but anything else would not have fit, the soundtrack is equally amazing itself, completly on par with the movie.

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  • Saxamaphone said

    Soundtrack – good songs. All used inappropriately. And the Philip Glass is technically from another film score, which says to me laziness on the part of the composer. Speaking of which:

    Tyler Bates’ score for Watchmen is one of the worst film scores I’ve ever heard. Period. Cues are stolen from some obvious sources (one straight out of The Dark Knight). And WTF was with the 80’s electric blues guitar during some of Dreiberg’s scenes? I expected him to turn to the camera at any moment and say “I’m getting too old for this sh*t.”

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  • Kaitlynn said

    i just really didnt want desolation to end up as a cover on the soundtrack :[

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  • dawnael said

    it fit the emotions in the movie they were going for…the music set the tone emotionally. Music can control what you feel, what images your mind goes too, and combined with the images they were powerful. Also, the type of movie it was…they could have used any genre from whatever time period it would have still been appropriate

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  • Lauren said

    what song is playing when Dan sees Lauri at the restaurant?

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  • tom said

    its 99 luftballons by nena

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  • Swift said

    The songs are all good, albeit all out of place. They’re all used inappropriately and that’s what makes it work. When you sit and watch this movie with your family and friends and you hear these familiar songs– it fills me with nostalgia [a constant theme in the film.] You sing a long, you laugh at the Hallelujah scene, and you enjoy every moment of it even if it isn’t a perfect adaptation. I made my mother see it once and because of its soundtrack, she was more open minded about it. The book is better by far, but, hey.

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  • alittlelate said

    there is a translated version of 99 luftballons(99 red balloons) by nena also,if you were asking for download purpose’s.

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  • Achshar said

    So which nes from the trailer…! anyone?

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  • bunny said

    You know, I think the song “Hallelujah” made the airship sex scene so much more beautiful. I don’t think that one was used inappropriately at all.

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  • person... said

    the song from the trailer is take a bow by muse from the album black holes and revelations, its one of my favorite songs and I think it fits with the movie well

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