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Top 10 Movie Presidents

4. President Tom Beck – Morgan Freeman (Deep Impact)

The first Black President of the United States? Step aside Obama, enter President Tom Beck, played by none other than Morgan Freeman. In this often forgotten disaster movie, Freeman plays a president at a time of crisis; the earth is about to be hit by an asteroid that will destroy all of the largest American cities (ergo the world), and he has no way of stopping it. The most remembered world leaders are leaders during a time of crisis, and who else would you want to lead and inspire you as you faced catastrophic death and destruction? With his elegant, caring charisma President Beck, would never see his approval ratings dip below 60%, and he isn’t afraid to take controversial decisions. He doesn’t bat an eyelid when declaring marshal law, and sets up a lottery to choose 800,000 ordinary Americans to join pre-selected scientists and the likes in the safety of an underground bunker. If you’re not a winner, you’re left outside to die. “What a lovely idea Mr President”; Washington is full of yes men.

3. President Andrew Shepherd – Michael Douglas (The American President)

best movie presidents - the american presidentThe American President: An aggressive leader of the most powerful nation on the planet? Or a classy romantic widow? In this movie; he’s both! The film that warmed writer Aaron Sorkin up for his TV masterpiece “The West Wing”, The American President gives an insightful look into how Presidents manage their personal lives, their emotions, and their downright normalness during the hectic life of a world leader. Michael Douglas portrays Andrew Shepherd; a seemingly effective president with a depressing past and motherless children. The film has its ups and downs, its laughs and its zzz’s; but in terms of performance, Douglas hits the nail on the head in providing a humanistic portrayal of a mechanistic job.

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  • Fletchman1313 said

    I think ‘Dave’ should be added on this list:

    Although technically he wasn’t REALLY the President, he did act like he was. Well, within the movie, he acted as if he were the President, unlike the others listed here who were acting as Preisdent within their respective movies. Err, nevermind.

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  • orvilleredenbacher said

    #10. Funny it never occurs to him to bomb D.C.

    Excellent post.

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  • Braden said

    What about Dennis Haysbert as President David Palmer from 24? Okay, I know it isn’t a movie, but how can you not love David Palmer?

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  • riontaylor said

    You forgot President Camacho from Idiocracy

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  • Denis said

    President David Palmer from 24 is the best president ever.

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  • Passs said

    Obama played by Will Smith… SOON! 😉

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  • dnwilliams said

    dude. i was about to FLIP when i saw ford at number two…until i saw sellers, nice save 😀

    dmitri? hello dmitri.

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  • Isabella said

    I agree with Mr Denis, Palmer was great as the president in 24..and 24 is the best Tv Show ever. I have seen most of the movies in this list….and Independence Day was awesome 🙂

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  • Denny Crane said

    Obivously none of you have seen President James Marshall strutt his stuff in Air Force One – one of the all time greats

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    @Denny, Obviously you haven’t read the list.

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  • G said

    I don’t know if this one counts, but what about Ossie Davis, as JFK in Bubba Ho-Tep. If you can outshine Bruce Campbell then you must be doing a good job

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  • P. said

    No Jeff Bridges from The Contender?

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  • jason said

    hey i know one but dont remember the name. there is this movie where the president is chatting with a boy who gives him tipps about several things.

    anyone remember?

    i like that president

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    • Keith Douglas said

      Honorable mention at least should go two very different Presidents from different eras. Fredric Marsh, Seven Days in May. And Dan Hedaya, Dick. Also, maybe it doesn’t exactly fit here, but Raymond Massey’s performance in Abe Lincoln in Illinois is worth remembering.

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  • kj moore said

    I was very impressed with the film Thirteen Days and with Bruce Greenwoods portrayal of JFK. To my tastes this was one of the best historical movies depicting an American President. I would love to see a companion movie depicting Khrushchev and the Soviet point of view of the same events.

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  • Steven said

    My Fellow Americans! As far as comedy presidents I think this one is better than Mars Attacks with far more “president” time. Maybe your list is just a “facade.”

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