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Stephen King’s ‘It’ Remake Casts Clown Pennywise

The idea has been floating for years but filming is finally set to begin on the remake of Stephen King’s It. Give everyone involved a balloon.

In fact it’s technically not a remake as the 1990 “movie” we all know and love was actually a TV miniseries. Made with an unusual amount of craft for the medium at the time, it meant it was almost indistinguishable from a movie release, apart from the 3 hour running time. And that’s been part of the problem with a modern movie adaptation – it’s really a 3 hour+ story, the novel is 1,100 pages. What they’re shooting this summer is provisionally called It: Part 1, and will focus on the kids, while Part 2 will be about Pennywise’s return in their adult lives.

The director of Sin Nombre, Jane Eyre and, most significantly, True Detective is in charge, which is very promising for tone, atmosphere and performance although his experience with the scares of the horror genre is limited.

Controversial though is the casting of Pennywise the Clown, the terrifying demonic tormentor of the kids, and later their adult selves. Tim Currey gave the performance of his career in the role, but this time Pennywise will be younger and 22-year-old Will Poulter from The Maze Runner and We’re the Millers has been cast for both films. While this may sound disastrous at first in fact Poulter is one of the most talented actors of his age, a real chameleon who few people even realise is from Britain. I think he could really surprise people in a Heath Ledger-Joker way. Older actors such as Mark Rylance and Ben Mendelsohn were reportedly considered initially, but after being blown away by Poulter’s audition they decided to go a different route. He’s said to have proved himself further in early footage from Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s Leonardo DiCaprio film The Revenant due out Christmas this year.

The two It movies will be R-rated, with the producer describing them as “more vicious like the book since it’s not being made for broadcast”. Stephen King himself has given this version of the screenplay his blessing, saying: “Go with God, please! This is the version the studio should make.”

Expect Stephen King’s It: Part 1 some time next year.

UPDATE 25th May 2015 – Bad news, the director has quit. New Line was insisting it should be only one movie even after casting began. The director wouldn’t agree and the stand-off has led to him exiting. Expect a delay, and almost certainly just a single movie telling the whole story.


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  • President of Farts said

    One of the most amazing things about the original TV version and Tim Curry’s performance is that he’s often in full view, in full light, in the daytime, and yet still makes you want to shit your pants.

    Even someone as iconic as Freddy can’t operate under those conditions. I think there’s a strong argument for Curry’s Pennywise as the best horror villain of all time.

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  • Anne said

    He is the reason I’m terrified of clowns!

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    Hee hee hee !

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  • MadameMimm said

    I’m not sure that villain is the correct word here, but you are completely correct. The vulnerability of his victims is endless- night, day, dreams, visions. Ultimate terror. I cannot wait to see how CGI will portray the ultimate evil at the end. Huge King fan. Hope they do this one the justice it deserves.

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  • MadameMimm said

    Added note*** It will be very hard to beat Tim Curry. He will always be Pennywise…. and the Butler from Clue.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Yes! Clue rocks.

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    • JJ said

      LOVED Clue because of Tim.
      He made Pennywise the ultamate scariest
      Boogeyman of all time. And don’t forget his role in Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Devil in the movie Legend with Tom Cruse. Plus He also played a very bad guy in the original Annie’s movie, and in a Criminal Minds episode and he was still brilliant. Tim Curry may not done a lot of shows, but what he did do, he was absolutely the best!

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  • Steve Griffin said

    I have pretty low expectations. I read the book years ago as an adult, and I still remember the terror it made me feel. I have yet to see any Stephen King adaptation deliver the goods as well as his books. And before you yell at me, “The Shining!” “Christine!” “It!”; or whatever your favorite King adaptation, let me say that I understand your feelings and I respect them… I just don’t share them. No Stephen King movie has ever kept me awake at night. “The Grudge”, however…

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    • Shawna said

      I totally agree! While reading a book, my imagination runs far more crazy than any movie could! I’ve never had a movie give me nightmares, but a few books have! I don’t argue that these movies you mentioned were good, but Stephen King’s writing surpasses them.

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  • Chris Tankersley said

    I was really hoping Tim Curry would be in this. Though the R rating sounds promising, I’m not very excited to see it, now.

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