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Steven Spielberg To Produce Ghost In The Shell Remake, In Live Action 3D!

Ghost In The Shell Poster

Steven Spielberg is lined up to exec produce a live action version of Manga classic Ghost In The Shell – in 3D.

The 1995 futuristic police thriller followed a female cyborg cop and her partner as they hunted a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master.

The Wachowski Brothers ripped off- I mean, were inspired by, many of the concepts for The Matrix. There was also an anime sequel, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence in 2004.

Spielberg himself said “Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite stories, it’s a genre that has arrived, and we enthusiastically welcome it to DreamWorks. Now I must get back to looking at the new Movie-Moron galleries.” We added that last sentence.

Bad news? It’s currently being adapted by Jamie Moss, whose only screen credit to date is Street Kings – regarded as one of the worst dramatic screenplays of the year.

Ghost In The Shell In The Nude

Let’s hope it keeps the adult tone and themes from the original, and they can translate the eye-popping visuals that made it so unique.

Ghost In The Shell (1995) Trailer:

By: Dave Bartlett
Source: Variety

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  • Tony Villarreal said


    Spielberg only has one movie that gives him the experience to work with this famous anime, and that was Minority Report. But Minority Report is a far cry away from Ghost in the Shell. To tackle a powerhouse like Ghost takes a lot of experience. Ghost has 3 theatrical films, 3 manga series, a TV series spin-off that went on for 2 seasons (and was ended at the high of its popularity, and 2 or 3 videogames.

    Akira is the same. As it is that have moved the setting for the film to Neo- Manhattan. I don’t know much about this production, but what I do here about is that they want Leo DeCap in it, and the director only has one film credit under his belt, and it wasn’t even a neo-futurist film either. That one is sure to disappoint. I will likely not even bother.

    But the one film that I have total faith in is James Cameron’s Battle Angel. James has the Terminator series under his belt as well as the first season of Dark Angel. These are the perfect ingredients to bring Battle Angel to life. Not to mention of few outside of Hollywood consulting projects that James has done involving foreign film companies.

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  • Len said

    I completely agree. The only thing i dont understand is why remake thes movies in the first place? They were and still are amazing film triumphs. Why take a chance at degrading them with U.S. movie politics. Its not only dumb but disrespectful to the original filmakers.

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  • Olen Ahkcre said

    I enjoyed the anime and I would have to go see it if nothing else but morbid curiosity. Just how can you screw up a good anime like Ghost in the Shell? Hopefully, they will stay true to the original story. They can alway introduce things they want in later movies when they will have to start creating material anyway. They should plan ahead and start working on the sequel. Ghost in the Shell probably has a huge fan base already, so it’s pretty much guarantee it will bring in big money at the box office.

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  • skaizun said

    I’m wondering whether the actress cast as the “Major” will be American, Japanese, or carefully selected to look like both (sort of like “Bones” star, Michaela Conlin). I mean, who should Spielberg alienate more: the people who created the series, the devoted fans, or the Hollywood A-list? And, more importantly, will she be – – how should I put this? – – properly “inflated”? 😉

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  • Bob said

    i heard he bought it over a year ago and was sad but a remake that’s stupid and the teck for 3D is crap it will be the death of ghost in the shell. If he does the story i think it will be another Hollywood film like GI Joe and not the A+ in depth anime it was meant to be.

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  • jake said

    A Ghost in the Shell would be great if those making it would use the input and opinions of the original writer of the series as to the script and general storyline they should write something new for it and watch all the anime first to get the vibe of it

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  • Otaku Joe said

    We already have Ghost in the Shell movies, they are called The Matrix! lol That is all we need!

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    • Nick said

      Ghots in the Shell inspired the Matrix movies {atleast the first on}, GITS was long before them, 1989 was when the first Manga came out.

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  • Joker said

    There’s a chance I won’t even mess around with this film. They need to make a live action of Rurouni Kenshin!!

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  • dude said

    Dildoberg and his lollypop friends are going to screw up every bit of this masterpiece… @#%#&% Screw it.. the world is over… im going to go hide in a hole… 🙁

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  • Nick said

    I am a huge “Ghost in the Shell” fan and I have faith in this film and i’m sure that Dreamworks and Speilberg with stay true to GITS, Oh, and just to make thigs clear if no ones mentioned it already – THE FILM WILL BE BASED ON THE ORIGINAL MANGA. Although i will say that if they dont find the right person to play The Major, the film will be crap (as much as i hate to say it).

    Now, i dont know for sure but is Speilberg directing it?

    I’m just gunna throw this out there, but i thought that Catherine Bell might be suitable to play Major Kusanagi. She played Susan Ortega (Hot News Anchorwoman) in “Bruce Almighty.”

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  • r13prman said

    I have read the manga graphic novel and watched the original anime and i would still go to see a live action version IF the right people were involved and to think that a live version would damage the original is maybe a bit premature without first finding out the final players involved.

    If you take even the differance between the manga and the anime, the graphic novel is a very complex piece of work and the creator goes very indepth with not only with idea of our humanity but with the theoritcal technoligy as in the a.i. and the organic brain augmentation where the micro chips are actually grown into the brain. Director of the momoru oshi anime, sumerised this a lot and made a bit more easy going for the audiance. Plus he totaly removed the “fuchikoma”, the bug like battle tanks until right at the end with the totaly bad-ass spider like one, obviosly making this one much more impressive.

    So, i believe differant interpretations and mediums can still make the same story awsome as long as the people involved maintain an artistic respect for the original source material and if the wrong people get involved the should take a long hard look in the mirror and give themselves a BITCH SLAP for trying to tacle a project so far out of there league!

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  • ben miranda said

    you guys are judging a movie you havn’t even seen yet. just talk crap about it after you see the trailer, cause then you’ll know if it will be garbage.

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  • tylor said

    This movie will be sh*t just like all the others we tryed to make look cool from other anime’s……

    Nothings going to change and if it does it sure in hell isn’t going to start with this movie..!!

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  • Mallory said

    Why are they ruining the anime shows seriously if your going to do it do it right and don’t change it. That will only get them a lot of angry fans.

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  • Tae Song said

    Key to success is keeping the story from drowning in the medium… too much special effects ends up killing the story…

    Too much explosions…

    Take a look at…

    Bladerunner (retro look), Matrix 1 (not too much CGI), Matrix 3 (Heavy CGI).

    Unfortunately, it’s gets difficult trying to find the right mix.

    Different people enjoy different things and it’s hard to tailor to everyones taste.

    I’m thinking between Bladerunner and Matrix… Matrix 3 relied too much on CGI, but the story was pretty well developed between 1 and 2… but still seemed too excessive.

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