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80s Themed Action Sensation ‘Kung Fury’ – Full Movie

Watch Kung Fury Full Movie

There’s only one movie worth seeing this weekend, and it’s right here. Kung Fury stars a kung fu cop in the ’80s sent back in time to kill Hitler. The project began life as a trailer to raise funds on KickStarter and it exceeded the original target goal of $200k, but with $630k total fell short of the feature film goal of $1 million. So the end result is only 31 minutes, but it packs more creativity into those minutes than infinity hours of Michael Bay.

Here’s the trailer –

Here’s the David Hasselhoff music video –

And here’s the finished product –

Like millions of others I was blown away by the trailer and am just as pleased with the final outcome. It’s a great achievement for the lead actor, who also writes and directs. He was a music and commercials director in Sweden, who quit to make this mostly out of his office. And even with the funds he was up against it, using a single cop costume for all the cops, filming them one at a time. Also note, Hitler is played by Jorma Taccone of Lonely Island fame.

Here’s looking forward to Part 2, which will surely raise enough for a feature this time, and/or the inevitable move to Hollywood.

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  • The Host said
    The Host

    Greatest YouTube video ever?

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  • gd smith said

    The song lacks an Eddie Van Halen style guitar solo and the drums need more boom. Also the effects aren’t practical enough. When cars exploded in 80s trailers they exploded at least 3 times and there has to be at least one moody love scene with a slow two note synth line, slap bass and sax soundtrack.

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