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underworld 4 sequel plans & tv series (show)

The size of Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans’ release shows just how much faith Lakeshore have in this franchise. Indeed Rise Of The Lycans has scored the best critical reaction of any of the movies in the Underworld series. Underworld 4 is very much on the minds of producers, so where would the franchise go from here? And what’s this about an Underworld TV series?

Patrick Tatopoulos (director of Rise Of The Lycans) has revealed Len Wiseman (helmer of the first two movies and producer of the third) “has a concept of what the next film will be.” Rise Of The Lycans ends with the opening scene of the first Underworld, accompanied by the audio of Kraven telling Selene the truth about Viktor and her family’s murders. With the series now so open, where would Underworld 4 land in the timeline? During production of the third movie, the head of Lakeshore Entertainment was very clear, Underworld 4 “would carry on where Kate and Scott Speedman left off after 2”.

That would seem to depend on Kate Beckinsale. You always get the sense she feels she’s ‘slumming it’ by being in the Underworld movies, but weigh that against the fact that Len Wiseman, likely producer and possible director of an Underworld 4, is her husband.

And what about the potential Underworld TV series? On the red carpet this week, Len Wiseman revealed “There’s a lot of talk about a television series, Im looking into that, if I could be very involved and can be a certain way, I’d be very interested. …It’s kind of open, if people can join us and go back in time – and then leap forward, I’d like to go jump all across the time line.” Expect that to cover several eras then.

What would you like to see happen in Underworld 4 and a TV show? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: Bloody Disgusting, ShockTilYouDrop, Collider

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  • DK said

    I took my wife to see the first Underworld on our Anniversary. She was NOT too happy about that but she has come around and we now own both DVDs. I was dissappointed when the the 3rd movie went back in time but I am glad that the 4th one will go back to Selene and Scott.

    It would be cool if the baby were born early on and they are on the run. Victor could be put back together looking like a Frankenstein monster? Humans could learn of the two hidden cultures and declare war? So much could be done…

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Yeah, I wasn’t too keen but I ended up enjoying the first Underworld quite a bit.

    Lakeshore is clear on what they think, but if Lycans is successful this weekend, I wonder if they won’t end up being tempted to avoid the whole pursuading-Kate-Beckinsale-thing and continue with prequel material. We will see.

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  • Fefe said

    I loved the 1st and 2nd, as well as the 3rd. Either way, if they continue with Kate and Scott’s story or with the prequel material, it will be great! As long as they continue.

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    • victoria Musgrave said

      I woould really like to see them bring back Scott Speedman as Micheal corvin cause i think him Selena very Good and i miss him frm the third movie and i really liked him the 1st an 2nd Underworld Movies So bring Back Scott Speedman

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  • baker said

    I want to see kraven and lucian make their alliance, and see the lycons hunted down to extinction. There are soo many things happening on between those centuries. A lot can be done.

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    • fati said

      underworld is the first movie that dropped my mouth. I would be pleased with either way this goes but I think I speak for all underworld fans when I say we need more. a TV show would really brow my mind because even though the movie is moving forward I would say that the brilliant and wise Len Wiseman would fined a way for the characters to somehow go back and explain there passed, or some thing of such sort.and I do agree with many of u when u say that the underworld series would not be as great as it is without Scott speedman and Kate beckinsale. because I truly believe that theY were born for this movie. I strongly suggest a TV show because I think is going to be the AMAZING.

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  • Stellar said

    Underworld would not be Underworld without Kate Beckinsale. She brings about a certain finesse to the franchise. Don’t get me wrong, Underworld 3 was awesome but there’s only so much you can milk out of the past without Selene. If the directors were to continue on with the prequel I reckon they should include the events of Selene’s transormation into a vampire and how the deal between Kraven and his cousin, Lucian, came about.

    I really hope Len Wiseman directs the next film, his unique directive style and input into the storyline cannot be matched when it comes to Underworld-this was obvious upon watching Underworld 3.

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  • leanne said

    i think they should continue some of where they left with the 3rd to show how selene came to be (which we know how but i would like to see it) her part and fathers part in building lycan tomb for william, and when tannis got banished and how kraven became so influential. have the 5th underworld pick where michael and selene left off or the other way around i would be happy with either.

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  • LEWIS said

    How about a combination of flashbacks of Marcus/William and Selene and a continuation from 2, similiar to how they did Godfather II.

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  • Nikki said

    – All vampires and werewolves are cousins. Seeing as though they’re descended from Marcus and William who are brothers.

    Possible ideas?

    – Would like to see more of Alexander.. and the birth of his (three) sons. What happened to the third one? I understand that he had more children and what not..but how did he (or she) feel about having a werewolf and a vampire for brothers.

    – Explore the fact that Selene is now a daywalker. And what that means for the Vampire race. Would they hunt her down to try to get her blood since she has the blood of Alexander Corvinus running through her blood.

    – Explore the possibility of Michael and Selene having children. (obviously she’s pregnant…look at Lucien and Sonya)

    – Anything that shows more Amelia would be fabulous. Who made her exactly…Marcus or Viktor. Why is she so important..what made them choose her to rule alongside them. Why wasn’t she as bad ass as Viktor. (Remember when Viktor killed Raze, with a simple snap to the neck)

    – Kraven’s origins. And the alliance between him and Lucien.

    – Perhaps another story altogether of Selene during her hundred years without Viktor. (She was made at the tail end of his reign)

    There are 1400 years worth of Underworld. There are a number of possibilities for an Underworld 4..or even a television series. (The first movie states that one has ruled while two have slept for 14 centuries.)

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    • Deathstriker said

      Yes, introducing more prequels, more history of Underworld would be nice!

      More Amelia!

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  • Nikki said

    And a little background on the actors..

    Michael Sheen (Lucien) and Kate Beckinsale have a daughter together. She left Michael for Len Wiseman while filming Underworld 1. Hence why Michael (Sheen) wasn’t in the 2nd one (granted he was dead in the timeline..but obviously the story was altered to not have him in it) Michael Sheen came back for the 3rd one…mysteriously without Len Wiseman directing…

    Oh the drama lol. I would think that the filming of the 4th one with Michael Sheen would have to depend on whether or not he’s over it and can work with Len Wiseman.

    And Kudos to Michael Sheen for having two movies released the same weekend. (Frost/Nixon). Shows that he is a versatile actor… playing two completely different roles.

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  • Hayley said

    I think making a tv series is a great idea but only if Kate is in it.

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  • heather said

    yesyesyes for a TV series.
    yesyesyes for number 4.

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  • Gordon said

    Underworld has the greatest posibilities of any movie series. Break the Bank with this. It is more than obvious it has a huge following. George Lucas went big with Star Wars, I say go even bigger. More movies, a t.v. series, video games, the posibilities are endless. If I were Len Wiseman I would run with this, Vampires & warewolves sell. Rise of the Lycans was amazing no doubt, but the public wants more of Kate Beckinsale. There has to be a fourth with her in it, she makes the movie. Oh and if you happen to read this Len, someday Kate is going to leave you for me, (lol) I’m her true love, she just hasn’t met me yet.

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  • Richard said

    I don’t really care as long as the franchise keeps going because it’s such a coll idea but if they make it a series i hope they can make it last longer than the blade series

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  • Vangor said

    Even though I want to see Kate playing the character Selene again,I hope they do one more prequel to tie in Rise of the lycans with the first underworld movie first.Selene could still be in it toward the end.Then Underworld 5 could take over where Evolution left off.I was bummed that RoTL was so short,Hope they hurry up with the next prequel. 8)

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  • tony said

    i luv the underworld trilogy. best vamp/warewolf movie up to date. awesome storyline. but i think the ending of part 2 was good already. no more things to add to the story. all the elders are dead,lucian’s dead, and even the first immortal is dead (alexander corvinus). so wat more can u add to the story, it ended great. wat i would like see is the gap b/t the ending of “rise of the lycan” and the first underworld, basically the war. it was a 600 yrs gap. and one more thing, i would also like to see the beginning of things, on how marcus and william, the first of both kind became vampire/warewolf.

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