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The Martian – Review (Midnight Movie Madness)

Heath The Martian Review

Once again, America is spending millions of dollars rescuing Matt Damon. This time he’s eating potatoes he grew as he waits for them to arrive.

So continues my Midnight Movie Madness video series here on Movie-Moron:

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    The best thing about this movie is that it will inspire a bunch of young people to go down the space path, instead of like, studying English lit or whatever.

    Fingers crossed I’m still around in the 2030s to watch NASA land people on Mars for real, on an Oculus streaming headset.

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  • The Host said
    The Host

    Man, that photo almost looks like I’ve been torturing Matt Damon during his extended stay on Mars lol

    Also, don’t mean to nitpick – but he actually grows potatoes, not peas. My bad, really, for not including that little detail in the review.

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