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Top 10 Werewolf Movies

top 10 best werewolf movies
Werewolves have been a part of fiction since Medieval times, and werewolf films have been around since 1913. As we approach a century of lycanthropes in cinema, let’s take a look at the top 10 best werewolf movies ever made…

10. Silver Bullet

10 best werewolf movies

‘Silver Bullet’ was based on the Stephen King novella ‘Cycle of the Werewolf’, and helmed by Daniel Attias. Odd choice, as he was best known at the time for directing ‘Miami Vice’.

Unusually for a werewolf movie, ‘Silver Bullet’ isn’t told from the point of view of the werewolf, but rather from the ordinary brother and sister caught up in its small town killing spree. The werewolf is out and out evil, both in human and beast form. Unusual too is that it’s a whodunit mystery – no one knows which member of the community is howling at the moon.

With a standout performance by Gary Busey as Uncle Red, ‘Silver Bullet’ should be high on any list of guilty pleasures.

best werewolf movies
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  • Jamison said

    WHEW! I was waiting on this one to make the list! Very first rated R movie I ever saw. Since then I have always been a werewolf fan. Fave “monster”

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  • Paul Davis said

    Great to see this movie continuing to draw attention to itself some 27-years later. For those interested I’ve just spent the best part of a year making a feature length documentary on the making-of An American Werewolf In London. You can find out more in my website link.

    Best to all



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  • Toby said

    I love best the Wolf Man movies with Lon Chaney Jr. All of them. I was just a kid when i would stay up late to watch Shock Theater, which came on Friday nights at 11:30pm. I loved Dracula and Frankenstein. But, the Wolf Man was my favorite. I am so looking forward to the 2009 remake of, The Wolf Man.

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  • Nik Peri said

    Paul Davis is an idiot,
    a) It’s 22 years you idiot,learn how to count.
    b) top advertising your myspace profile everyvere.

    Movie..great :).

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  • LaMonica said

    MY FAVORITE !. This movie had to be in the top 5. It’s quite perfect in every way. Yes I think it’s better than “An American Werewolf In London”. That movie was more about the transformation scene. I love that you have a more humanoid looking creature. Plus the fun and the action and horror combo is tops.

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  • jaz said


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  • BlackDownSouth said

    Err Nik, American Werewolf was made in 1981, which would make it 27-years old. So he’s right. So not only are you terrible at spelling, but I think your maths are at question, not Paul’s.

    Also, I had no idea a new DVD was coming out until I saw that Myspace, so it’s not like there was any trolling.

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  • weapon_x said

    First order of business, excellent list. Spot on with my own opinions for the ones I’ve seen… will have to check out the few I’ve not.

    That being said, one humbly submits that this particular review is in need of a small correction. I do not believe that David Kessler kills Jack Goodman. The same werewolf that injured Kessler and caused his transformation is the creature that killed Goodman, was it not?

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  • ClaraDarko said

    Excellent list. So glad you discarded Underworld and Van Helsing (they’re not exactly werewolves movies, but they’re lame movies with crappy werewolves anyhow). Keep an eye on my Youtube channel (I’m the girl who made the video added at the end of the Top 10 Vampire Movies on this site), I’m uploading a new video about werewolves shortly 🙂

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    • Chris said

      WHAT??? Underworld is the BEST! Agree about Van Helsing though. Underworld though, is awsome! I can’t figure out what EVERYBODY has against that movie!

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  • yeopa said

    The Wolf man is the ultimate classic, and Dog Soldiers was an awesome new age pure werewolf movie.

    A couple movies I would have maybe put on here was Bad Moon, Underworld(I careless what the guy above me says, it’s a great series of a modern day take on werewolfs/vampires fighting.), and a film that really was a comedy but still a great film non the less, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankstein.(Lon Chaney Jr. played the wolf man in this film as well.)

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  • Amanda said

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew tons of werewolf movies because I remember a movie that I saw and I just don’t remember the title!! It was an amazing movie, I would love to see it again, but of course with my horrible memory, I FORGOT!!:O…here’s a plot sinopsis.

    It took place in a small (prob 18th century) village that was in the middle of the woods. There was a high barrier made of wooden stakes surrounding the village and in the middle of the village was a graveyard where all of the victims of the werewolfs were bueried. The village had been attacked by a werewolf( there was a bloody hole in the wall around the village) and people were being infected everywhere. Many people were bitten and soon became turning into werewolfs, but the process took several months…..I dont remember much, but I will say a few Key parts.

    There was a small boy that was bitten, I can still remember his half transformed face (btw, when you become a werewolf, u stay a werewolf). There were two girls, one with brown hair, and another with a light hair color (i think) the one with the lighter hair color was bitten by the little boy. I remember the little boy in the middle of the village, stroking a dead hand that seemed to be his dead mothers….the villagers caught him in a net and killed him after that.

    I remember this movie haveing a very creepy aura, and the deformed looking little boy would always pop out of the shadows!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEE tell me if you know what movie i;m talking about! I just with I remembered what it was called! AHH!

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  • Paul said

    Amanda, sounds like THE COMPANY OF WOLVES to me.

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  • weapon_x said


    The movie you are thinking of is Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning. It is the third in the Ginger Snaps series, though it does not have anything to do with the first two, same actresses aside.

    If you liked this one, you should watch the first one.

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  • Oscar said

    Yeah Amanda, that’s Ginger Snaps Back. Prequel to a great series of films. Horror movies don’t usually move me but I remember the original ginger snaps moving me intensely

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  • g.d.smith said

    I like Ginger Snaps unleashed. The little girl is a great film Psychopath and the rehab theme is handled more realistically than in films like Girl Interupted.
    The original Wolfman is the best because most of what we think of as werewolf mythology stems from that film. I went through a stage of liking Underworld. I just thought there was something about it. Then a lady-friend pointed out that I just liked watching Kate Beckensale running around looking pensive in a rubber suite.

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