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Top 10 Werewolf Movies

top 10 best werewolf movies
Werewolves have been a part of fiction since Medieval times, and werewolf films have been around since 1913. As we approach a century of lycanthropes in cinema, let’s take a look at the top 10 best werewolf movies ever made…

10. Silver Bullet

10 best werewolf movies

‘Silver Bullet’ was based on the Stephen King novella ‘Cycle of the Werewolf’, and helmed by Daniel Attias. Odd choice, as he was best known at the time for directing ‘Miami Vice’.

Unusually for a werewolf movie, ‘Silver Bullet’ isn’t told from the point of view of the werewolf, but rather from the ordinary brother and sister caught up in its small town killing spree. The werewolf is out and out evil, both in human and beast form. Unusual too is that it’s a whodunit mystery – no one knows which member of the community is howling at the moon.

With a standout performance by Gary Busey as Uncle Red, ‘Silver Bullet’ should be high on any list of guilty pleasures.

best werewolf movies
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  • Gwiz said

    I think “Dog Soldiers” is over-rated. The film was well made but the story wasn’t very original. This is the same story as “Aliens”(2) except with werewolves and less sweat(read the top ten sweatiest movies).

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  • dusk blackman said

    i love werewolf movies. the more violent the better. *it was right after my 15 birthday in the early evening September, 1964 that i was alone at home in mountain view, georgia. i had just come into the dining room from the hallway when, suddenly, i heard this very low growling sound coming from under the 2 living room windows. it scared me badly. i wonder what that could have been. it didn’t sound like a dog or wolf. it was louder than them.

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  • Brandy said

    Personally I think Silver Bullet should have been number 1. I remember the first time I watched it, I was probably about 4or5. My grandmother always has loved horror movies and that one is her favorite. She is the one who showed it 2 me. She is the reason I love scary movies an books about the paranormal 2 this day. I’m more like her every day, and I’m proud of that! I have always loved Silver Bullet it is one of my favorite!

    P.S. But where is Blood an Chocolate?
    I thought that was a great movie! It also portrays the “WEREWOLVES” as real wolves. I like that, I think that is kinda more believable. I mean think about it, a lot of the legends talk about people getting bit by wolves an then turning in2 werewolves. So I think it is more believable for the bitten 2 turn in2 wolves, but still have human trates. Like their eyes stay human and they still have human intelligents.
    Tell me what u think people! I don’t mind criticism just give me some feed back. My email is milkshake200754@yahoo.com

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  • Lars said

    @ Brandy
    Blood an Chocolate should not even have the right to be called a horror movie, more a crappy emo movie if you ask me.
    That ain’t no werewolf movie like people here would like to see them, I guess.

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  • Paul Hillman` said

    1. “I was a Teenage Werewolf”. Michael Landon’s first film.
    2. “Thriller”. Short, but great effects and music.

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  • Bill the Butcher said

    Big Bad Wolf was a funny horror/comedy, while Blood and Chocolate was utter garbage. Neither is really a werewolf movie. Dog Soldiers was OK. Not great. The Ginger Snaps trilogy is my favourite of the genre, though I have not seen An American werewolf in London.

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  • Werewolf967 said

    I have to agree with g.d. smith
    I really liked Ginger Snaps, Stephen King? …meh

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  • megan said

    Does anyone remember a movie called “wilderness” about a girl who was human/werewolf and lived hence, the title “wilderness”? I saw it many years ago, but i google it under movies, but no one seems to have it. Any suggestions?

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  • Terry said

    Wolfen is a good classic flick, but its not a werewolf movie

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  • Sylvia said

    Is this based on Angela Carter short story ‘The Company of Wolves’? That was a retelling of the little red riding hood story, and since this has the same title and there’s a girl with a red cape in it I was wondering how closely related the two are.

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  • some1 said

    finally something ive been waiting 4 that was awesome i cant wait 2 c other new werewolf movies because im a super werewolf fan so yeah im a weird person belive me yeah im #1 person into sci-fi

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  • bryant said

    there is no question that this is that best werewolf movie ever,there is nothing that can stop it. They need to put it on blu ray if already not. I love that movie it’s that best I can’t say no more. I was to 10 when I first saw the movie because before the movie I was watching thillier and the same person that did the makeup for the werewolf did the same for michael jackson.

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  • ALAN said

    I’m someone who has been a werewolf/ horror buff for all his life. I think this is a very good list. However, in my opinion I really feel that the new 2010 remake of “The Wolfman” deserves second place, if not the number one slot. This movie is perfect from beginning to end. I wish I had a contact to Rick Baker,thanking him for his brilliant make-up effects, staying true to the original classic. I’ve already watched this movie twice in the theaters and three times on dvd already.

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    • Chris said

      Don’t et me wrong, because I loved that movie, but it seems like the wolf-man’s actor was a little stiff in his lines…

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  • fatty said

    sad not to see underworld in there?

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  • Shreela said

    Has anyone seen Brotherhood of the wolf?

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