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Twilight Watch – Online Fans Want Dakota Fanning

watch - Twilight online movie fans reactionSomeone has to watch Twilight stuff here, so it’s my turn. Have you been waiting for Dakota Fanning to go off the rails? Wondering why it hasn’t happened yet? Well she’s still only 14. So before the inevitable descent into drinking and drugs and disappearing from showbiz for ten years, the producers of Twilight have offered her the role of Italian vampire Jane in the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

Dakota says she “hopes negotiations work out”, as “playing a vampire would be cool”.

Fans are picking over developments just as closely as we once did with the Star Wars prequels. Angry reaction to the idea of recasting werewolf Jacob Black for the second movie probably had quite a bit to do with producers changing their mind there. When it comes to Fanning, the Twilight online community has greeted the potential casting with positive vibes.

New Moon is expected to start filming in Italy in March, and be released in theatres this November.

It’ll be interesting to see if other big names come aboard the Twilight franchise as it rolls on, since it offers exposure to an absolutely massive audience, and the series now has the money to afford anyone they want to. Watch this space.

Source: ET

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  • Alice said

    She would be great for Jane and dont worry all the “Team Jacob” fans because Taylor isent going anywere. they have dcided that he was to be kept*Thank God* because he plays such a big part in New Moon and i would hate the movie to be ruend because we have to stare at some old ugly guy for like the whole movie. another thing that was something i had to share is that Twilight is coming on DVD on March 21 2009. Yes i am very excited as well! Bella and Edward are staying the same to and i am desperatly hopeing that they dont change that in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as well.The Summit Producers i think would have plenty enough money to hire them for the last 2 movies. Now Kristen and Robert cant go asking for over the top money but i think they will do great.Anyway i know i am rambaling-i was get like this when i have something to say- but the strange vibe that i am getting from Dekota is awsome as a *Twilght Series* lover my self, i really, really hope they do the series justice because if they dont there is goig to be a hude weight on summit because they are cutting out the sceens. So if they want a alot of people that read the books over and over and over again-Guilty Of That One- They should try to keep the book as close to the movie as possible…

    Anyway Keep up the good work Summit
    And excelent Casting by the way

    Oh- and before i forget dont u dare get this Huge Celeberty in there because when they are Big Stars and bad at acting it Kinda Wrecks the picture u know, because u dont look at the like they are the Character u look at them like they are a celebrity and that drives me insane.. anyway know worries on Dakota though she is good at what she does and she will be excilent in the role of Jane

    and imnot like this person who is like 30 years old im like 14 soo yea.. just putting that out there as well.. =P

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  • Joana Filipa said

    She is perfect for the job. She’s pretty, smart, already famous, a great actress. I hope she gets it.

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  • d22guinness said

    Please I implore you too cease and desist from calling these pieces of tripe Vampire movies. It’s a disgrace to the people who are fans of Vampire folklore/movies. Those creatures are not and will never be Vampires! Now I didn’t coin this term but it should be used hence forth. They are Glampires. Pure and simple! I can’t stand by and watch future generations of vampire enthusiasts use these Glampires as the model for what Vampires should be. To the “Twighlitutes” I say this: if you have not seen the Hunger, know who
    Bela Lugosi is or listen to Bauhaus…you will never be one of us….go back to listening to Miley Cyrus.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Sounds like you’re in denial d22guinness, don’t you want to give Edward a hug?

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  • Marie said

    I think that it would be awesome if they put Dakota Fanning in the twilight sequel. I also think that they should put Vanessa and Ashley {High School Musical} in the film as well, ashley could play a vampire and vanessa could play a werewolf. I think that would be cool.

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