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10 Worst Movies Of 2015 (Midnight Movie Madness)

After almost two months of zen-like meditation I’m finally ready to talk about the worst of what I witnessed last year. I saw some movies you wouldn’t believe anybody would watch… I also avoided many because their run in theaters was so short (kudos to everyone for not supporting crap!).

With that said, hope you all enjoy my top ten picks for the Worst Films of 2015!

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Great video, as always.

    Nooooo, you put Terminator Genisys in the top 10!! It appeared on quite a few Worst Of lists, and yet it has a good rating on IMDb. There’s a split, I don’t really understand it. Perhaps it’s because the movie’s mostly a clever reworking of Terminator 1 and the younger folk only remember or care about Terminator 2. Of course Jay Courtney is no Michael Biehn, but I really enjoyed it, so much better than the likes of Terminator 3, Arnie’s best performance since T2.

    Liked Green Inferno too. Loved the concept, and the daring way it was produced. It felt so fresh in a sea of haunted house generics. The internet’s hatred of Eli Roth since the clever Cabin Fever, I just don’t get it!

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    • The Host said
      The Host

      I wouldn’t say it was a clever reworking of the first two films. To me, Genisys (they really went with that title?) felt more of a desperation on the filmmaker’s/screenwriter’s/studio’s part to come up with a new story to keep Arnold in the franchise. But in doing so, they had to erase the only two Terminator movies worth giving a damn about.

      Yes, Arnold gave a solid performance, but the reason why was because he was the only one in the that brought any type of dimension to their role. Everyone else felt stiff, awkward or just flat out didn’t belong. But hey, if you liked it, that’s fine. I’ll just go on pretending that everything after T2 is just really expensive fan fiction. lol

      As for Green Inferno, the actors in it made everyone whose ever worked in the porn industry look like Oscar winners; the build-up towards the eventual cannibal tribe was almost unbearable; and the blood-splattered finale grew very tiresome for me.

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  • gd smith said

    Green Inferno isn’t even Eli Roth’s worst movie of last year. Knock Knock was far worse. The thing about him is he talks up a good fight. Then you watch the films and, at least for me, the good will evaporates. I’m absolutely convinced the only reason he produced the Cabin Fever remake is to make the original seem better. Personally, I think his biggest fault is his horrible characters. Both the Hostel movies would work better if the two “soft” characters he killed off had turned into the heroes.

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