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Wall-E 2? – Director Says No

One of the best animated films of last year – scratch that – one of the best FILMS of last year was Pixar’s sci-fi cute-fest Wall-E. A film that would no doubt bring about a global paper shortage with the number of tickets sold if a sequel were to be produced. Despite this lucrative potential however, the director of the original has squashed any rumor of Wall-E version 2.0.

Wall-E 2, sequel denial

MTV has the story –

“Personally, I never consider sequels,” WALL-E writer/director Andrew Stanton told MTV News. “I think that takes a lot of hubris to think that your idea is going to live on and on, and I always love the idea of something just being contained and done.” But didn’t Stanton co-write the screenplay for “Toy Story 2”? Maybe there’s a chance someday for a second go at WALL-E?

Pressed if he had any ideas in mind for the characters in the animated feature, Stanton was blunt: “Not for me, no.”

“We work on these things for so long,” he explained, “that we have a hard time simply thinking that the [first] film is ever going to be done. I’m not against sequels, and I’ve certainly experienced personally and seen secondhand great sequels, but I don’t go in with that intent.”

Pixar are famous for steering away from needless sequels like the plague (a policy the other big animation studios should probably adopt, mentioning no names) But they do not uniformly frown upon the idea of sequels (‘Toy Story 2’ is mentioned in the quote). They are also famous for not announcing anything they are working on beyond the next release. So putting these two pieces of information together we can conclude that they probably aren’t working on a Wall-E sequel, but if they are we won’t know about it for years.

I think Wall-E has the most potential for sequel material of all the Pixar films so far (apart from ‘The Incredibles’, a sequel to which I would kill to see) so hopefully they haven’t fully dismissed the idea.

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