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15 Actors Posing With Animals On Their Heads

15 Actors Posing With Animals On Their Heads

When you’re promoting a film what better to reach for than a warm-blooded creature to plonk on your head?

It started as early as the 1920s with Buster Keaton –

Peter Lorre with a double-ended cat –

Maggie Smith crippled –

He’s been up there the whole time, every performance –

Michael J. Fox really likes to wear his –

Modern messiah keeps the dove of peace ready –

Starting out –

Next level –

Famous or not you still get a butthole in your face –

Ryan Gosling streaming –

Let’s pretend this is Matthew McConaughey –

DiCaprio is the undeniable master of this –

That’s real fur. So unethical –

Cara Delevingne upping the stakes –

What happens if you push it too far –

Co-authored by David Williams


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