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Iron Man 2 – Sequel Plans

Iron Man

Director Jon Favreau has been very clear that Iron Man is the start of his trilogy – “I’ve got another 2 movies in my head; I’m ready to go.” All the stars are signed for Iron Man 2. So what direction is the sequel going to go in?

Iron Man’s main nemesis in the comics is Manderin, a descendent of Genghis Khan who wears ten alien rings, each with their own special ability. As long time fans will have noticed, Manderin’s presence is foreshadowed in the first film – the terrorists who kidnap Stark are called the ‘Ten Rings’. Favreau wants to see Manderin emerge from the shadows, but whether that’s for the 2nd or 3rd movie is unknown.

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One character we will see in Iron Man 2 is War Machine. Not only does Rhodes look at the Iron Man outfit during the first film and say “Next time baby,” but actor Terrence Howard has stated – “In the next one they make a suit for me and I become War Machine.”

How does he end up in it? “The beautiful thing about Marvel,” Howard says “Is that they’ve always stuck with the tradition of staying truthful to the comics.” – In the comics, Tony Stark turned to alcoholism after a hostile takeover of Stark Enterprises, and Rhodes was forced to take his place in the Mark III suit. But, in the same way as would happen if you borrowed a friend’s underpants, Rhodes soon got headaches, started behaving erratically and eventually went on a rampage. A recovering Stark then donned a crude prototype suit to bring him down. Stark subsequently designed a heavier-armed version of the Iron Man suit for Rhodes, which became known as the War Machine armor.

So Tony Stark, it seems, is going to hit the booze. Here’s what Favreau had to say: “Once people accept Iron Man, we have a lot of latitude tonally as to what we can do. If you look at Dark Knight, it’s very dark but people accept it, or Revenge of the Sith, it’s very dark but people brought their kids. This first film is about teaching them who these characters are… The alcoholism, the Demon In A Bottle, it sort of feels a little like Spiderman 3.”

Eek Spiderman 3.

And what about alien dragon Fing Fang Foom?

“I’m writing a comic book now with Adi Granov,” says Favreau “Where Fin Fang Foom is the bad guy. That’s what I want to see, but I don’t know if I want that in the movie right now. Eventually I’d love to get to the point where the movie could accept that and you could develop a reality where that could work.”

Expect that to be stuffed into Iron Man 4 once Favreau has gone, perhaps.

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  • Colin said

    I love the idea of War Machine!!! But the Fing Fang Foom idea kinda bites. I mean no offence to the comic book people or Jon Favreau, but who wants to see a giant metal guy fight a dragon? It isnt the best idea yet, but if they had Mandarin that would be great!

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  • edgar Castillo said

    i think that making iron man into a sequal is awsome. they should not mess it up like the x-men sequal

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  • wolfy said

    I dont think Tony Stark should turn to alcoholism and then recover, its not something kids want to see and end up doing when they get older and if ever they do something nice for someone and then turn to drinking to show it is alright to follow your hero in the success of it all and drink your heart away.

    We know that not all comics story line go according to the original script and there are alterations and it is a movie after all, right.

    Well, how bout this scenario…

    Ironman 2…. Tony should somehow be affected by something that goes wrong in one of his missions when nothing else can be explained to show people are gone missing or die and of course he goes out to investigate and something goes wrong and becomes missing and is located by military from his friends observations from advising him, that he can help… he is unconscious and becomes hospitalized. In hospital recovering after several weeks and then advises his mate to help him and to get into a suit that he has created for emergencies (with instructions on how to use it). While he recovers and then something happens to his mate, Tony Stark would get the inner strength to fight for his recovery and then get back to building a new suit that will be able to find his friend and kick some bad asses butts.

    It could be the possible control of Fuel becoming scarce in the world or enemies from number one that have not died or another weapon that is created and used against a country for power.

    And maybe his new suit could go into space and get some information from a satellite killing ray that the soviets create to activate on China or something like that.

    In the first movie Iron Man’s suit was unable to enter out of space (maybe not go and land on another planet – we don’t want that), but at least try to reach a satellite and to find who created it and when he finds who is involved in the project he encounters a devastating machine or combat that is more challenging for him to battle against and eventually his mate comes in to save his life or his job again. And then his mate retires and says “this job is too much work, i am going to relax for a while… Welcome back Tony”.

    I know im not a script writer but watching the first movie was really awesome… and i would like the sequel to go great. We dont want the first movie a success and 2nd movie a flop and if a 3rd movie is released to be better then number 2 but not number one.

    I have a lot of imagination and having drinking problems isn’t the way to go for a 2nd movie, save that for the Hoff drinking in his imaginary talking black car… i loved knight rider but com’on we dont want every super hero turning to problems which is self inflicted. People would then be watching the movie going…. “hhhmm ok, what an idiot” and supposably looking up to a successful person.

    But if they are watching a movie based on terrorism or the fact that something goes wrong that is caused by something else like a tragedy then people would go… “oh no” and it will be more compelling to watch. No one would find it interesting if alcohol is involved. Maybe a little social drinks as in the James Bond movies but bond doesn’t get on the drink and becomes a wreak as he has drunken a lot more then he should because he won a huge jackpot on the tables at the casino, he has a job to do and that is getting down to his spy job and kicking butt too.

    I just hope the new movie gets all of us twisting in our seats in the cinemas and not walking out of them.

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  • Hannah said

    will tony and pepper end up together? i want to no

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Hey Hannah. As far as the movie goes there’s no info out there yet to answer that question.

    …But it’s never a good idea to get involved with people you work with.

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  • 78777777777 said

    go to the end of the first movie past the credits theirs a suprise giving you information about the next movie ………(watching credits)…………. okay done, any big marvel fan knows who the avengers are it obviously has to do with them.

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  • 78777777777 said

    and tony and pepper will likely end up together

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  • guy said

    I SO want to see the movie.

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  • guy said

    and also, Hi

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  • tin man said

    well the idea of ten ring is cool and all. So is war machine. I can’t wait for the movie

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  • xXxgoosexXx said

    ok i hope they don’t mess up the sequel i would just hate that!!! i thoght the first movie was fantasic!! so please let them make the sequel fantasic 2!!! i hate the idea of the lovable character tony starks to turn 2 achohol! no way! i like the idea of him being hospitalized and recovering and then fights through the recovering to go save his friend or what ever. Like he’s still in pain or is still weak and fights through it to save his mate or wat ever like ‘wolfy’ sed.

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  • guy said

    tony became an achoholic?

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  • guy said

    I agree with edgar castillo they made x men 3 sad. It would suck if they made iron man 2 that way.

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  • Rod Bebenek said

    Iron Man was great so was Hulk which Tony Stark showed up in and mentioned something of a team that would be so great sounds like the Avengers cartoon becoming real. One thing I would love to see is one day Batman/Superman cross over NON cartoon or comic feel such like the Fan made ones that are around or something like a JLA type of movie Batman ,Superman ,Aquaman, Green lantern, Wonderwoman, Hawkman or others the only one of its kind was the TV Version that had Batman and Robin JLA was The League of SuperHeros which was ok but NO Superman Or No Wonderwoman but it had Hunteress. Please don’t kill off any more Villians that are still loved by the fans of comic books like they did with the first Batman they killed off Joker and Batman returns they killed off Penguin that was the stupidous thing about the movies what really killed it the most was Batman and Robin movie Was Dumb Dumb Dumb So Was Catwoman Dumb.

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  • Angelina said

    I can’t wait to see iron man again! I love the first one. Pepper Potts and Tony Stark should get together in the next one. Iron man ROCKS!!!!!!

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