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top-20-best-romantic-moviesHere are Movie-Moron’s top 20 best romantic movies to get the pulses racing, tears flowing and the hearts fluttering. Helpful because as the world remains in recession, many loved up couples on a budget will opt for a cosy evening on the sofa.

20. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

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Starring Jim Carrey at his best and Kate Winslet at her kookiest, Eternal Sunshine is a refreshing take on a modern love story with a surreal twist. Written by Charlie Kaufman, and directed by Michel Gondry, the movie focuses on Joel Barish (Carrey) who is left broken hearted when he learns his ex girlfriend Clementine (Winslet) undertook a procedure to erase him and their love affair from her memory. In a fit of sadness and anger, Joel undertakes the same procedure, but as he watches his memories of Clementine fade away, he realises that he still loves her, and tries to hold onto his memories of her before she disappears forever.

19. Moulin Rouge (2001)

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A young English poet (Ewan McGregor) arrives in Paris in 1899. He meets a group of Bohemians who take him to the Moulin Rouge – Paris’ most famous underworld nightclub – where his eyes are drawn to Satine (Nicole Kidman); the club’s most enchanting and sort after courtesan. The pair fall head over heels, however, the owner of the Moulin Rouge invests Satine to a wealthy Duke who will only pay to keep the club going if the courtesan is his and his alone. A passionate love triangle ensues within a barrage of music and wondrous dance routines, but ultimately ends in tragedy.

18. Wuthering Heights (1939)

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Emily Bronte’s only novel was first brought to the big screen in 1939, starring Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff and Merle Oberon as Catherine (the actors reportedly hated each other, but never mind).

Heathcliff is a ragged boy from the city brought during the early 19th Century to live with a Yorkshire farming family. The daughter Catherine becomes his soulmate, and after her parents die the two grow up wild and free on the moors. But when Catherine meets the son of a wealthy neighbour she marries him for his status and it all turns to tragedy.

17. Shakespeare In Love (1998)

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An amusing, and fictional, romantic tale about how William Shakespeare came to write his classic play Romeo and Juilet. Suffering from writers’ block, Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) holds auditions for his Romeo character. Viola de Lesseps (Gwyneth Paltrow), an aspiring actress banned from acting because of her gender, maserades as a man to get the part. When Shakespheare discovers her true identity, the pair begin a forbidden love affair, and his passion for Viola provides him with the inspiration to complete the play.

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  • Teddy said

    wow are u serious Jim Carey?? My fav. Grease,Love Jones,The Notebook,Love&Basketball,&A Affair To Remember!! One sleeper ” 10Things I Hate About You”..

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  • arab need said

    Titanic is the best without a doubt because it is a true story

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  • Lexi said

    The Time Travelers Wife is on of my all time favorites, The Notebook and Titanic are at a tie for my number one..Dear John is pretty good and A Walk to Remember is amazing. The Last Song is great but some may disagree on the ‘love story’ part of it. But, I guess I just have a thing with Nicholas Sparks books which then make me love the movies.

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    • Lexi said

      Oh and how could I forget! THE VOW!!! I know it’s knewer, but it’s ‘true love’. It’s the best and should also be in the top 20. Plus, It’s a true story!!!

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  • TaLee said

    “City of Angels”

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  • fred said

    letters to juliet,

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  • boykalbo said

    great list of romantic movies

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  • gita said

    where’s my Lizzie & Mr. Darcy’s “Pride & Prejudice”? I really love their story.. so pure, heart-touching, and respectful love story without the sex scene..

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  • JOJO said

    if you like a walk to remember you must see –> BEFORE SUNRISE ..and also romeo and juliet 1968

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  • simone said

    I so love these movies i must have watch Pretty Woman,Ghost,Titanic and Dirty Dancing about a hundred time but mostly Pretty Woman more i think they should have made a part two for Pretty Woman

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  • simone said

    I love the notebook too

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  • cerniane said

    What about Amelie? or Sweet November? Two really awesome romantic movies!!!

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  • Good taste said

    If you wanna watch good romantic movies, here’s my list
    10- how to lose a guy in 10 days
    9- pretty woman
    8-50 first dates
    7- ghost
    6- meet joe black
    5- Mulan rouge
    4-dear John
    3-a walk to remember
    2-the notebook
    1-titanic !!!!

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  • priya said

    Bridges of madison county- meryl streep and clint eastwood
    unforgettable classic

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  • Tita said

    Brokeback mountain and Dear John should have been part of this list. These two and The Notebook are the best romance movies I’ve ever seen.

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  • Yeahhhhhh said

    There’s always a fly in the ointment . So really would like to suggest A walk to remember .. So far the list is the best , it’s the only 1 without Twilight , yeah fck twilight , it’s a crapp ~

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