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Top 20 Romance Movies

8. Pretty Woman (1990)

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This romantic comedy about the prostitute and the rich man was the perfect modern day fairytale for the 1990s. Wealthy businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) hires Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) to be his escort to several business functions. During the course of the week, a relationship begins to form between them, and Edward ultimately turns Vivian from a down and out prostitute into a lady of high society. It’s basically My Fair Lady again. Or Cinderella.

7. Titanic (1997)

James Cameron’s epic romantic weepy about the sinking of the Titanic, and a passionate love affair, became the highest grossing film of all time and sealed Leonardo DiCaprio’s place in heartthrob history. It’s the late 1990s and 101 year old Rose DeWitt (Kate Winslet) recounts how she was once a wealthy woman engaged to be married who fell in love with a poor street artist, Jack Dawson (DiCaprio), but lost him to the freezing cold waters when the Titanic was destroyed.

6. An Affair To Remember (1957)

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Handsome playboy and painter Nicky Ferrante (Cary Grant) has a chance encounter with beautiful nightclub singer, Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) on cruise from Europe to New York. Despite being engaged to other people, they have a brief romance, and decide to meet each other again at the top of the Empire State Building in six months time. However, Terry is injured in an accident on the day of the meeting, preventing her from making it. Nicky walks away believing that she is happily married and no longer loves him. Eventually, the truth comes to light.

5. An Officer And A Gentleman (1982)

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Richard Gere makes it onto our list again in this 1982 romantic drama about a young man with an attitude problem learning the value of love, friendship and personal growth as he trains in Navy Flight School. The final scene where Gere carries Debra Winger into the sunset like a knight in shining armour is one of the strongest romantic images in cinema.

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  • raj said

    Sleepless in Seattle
    Bridges of Madison County
    Forget Paris
    Picture Perfect

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  • Katrine said

    Good movies but where is “Twilight”? It is a deeply romantic movie which deserves to be on the list.

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  • adelina p said

    You frigging forgot….Sweet November! the bestt. Excuse my language.

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  • Holly said

    The bridges of madison county…that is all..

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  • CARPAGE said


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  • Mad for movies said

    Where the hell is P.s i love you,sleepless in Seattle,Notting Hill,Never been kissed,bridges of madison county??????These are some of d finest romantic movies ever

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  • Delaney said

    Pride and Prejudice!!! NEEDS TO BE ON HERE!!! Seriously the best movie ever!!

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  • girlie said

    a walk to remember.. jamie and lyndon. . it has to be on the list. . <3
    one of my fave romantic m0vies. .

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  • jayashree said

    Best lists bt titanic is best film I have ever seen

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  • Ashley said

    A Walk to Remember and Sense and Sensibility should be on here. I cried like a baby during those movies.

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  • Graham said

    A good year? Like every list I come across doesn’t have a good year on it! It’s just shocking!

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