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Top 20 Romance Movies

4. The Notebook (2004)

top 10 romantic movies

Nick Cassavetes’s modern classic is a beautiful and heartbreaking romance drama. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams star as Noah and Allie; a young couple whose story about how they meet and fall in love in the 1940s is narrated from the present day by an elderly patient. There are many obstacles that prevent the young couple from being together, but they eventually overcome them in the saddest but most beautiful way. Be prepared to sob a river.

3. West Side Story (1961)

best romantic movies

The energetic 1961 musical is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, set in New York. Two rival street gangs – the Sharks and the Jets – battle each other on the streets of Manhattan to gain territory. However, whilst attending a dance, Tony, best friend of Jet leader Riff, falls in love with Maria – the sister of Sharks leader Bernardo. The two conceal their love from everyone as they meet in secret and their feelings from each other grow stronger. But the two gangs are preparing for a final showdown to proclaim control of the streets. Is the romance doomed to failure, or can it overcome?

2. Gone with the Wind (1939)

This eight time Oscar winner starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh focuses on the love between Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara – a woman with a selfish streak who refuses to confess her feelings for Butler, and loses him in the process.

1. Casablanca (1942)

best romantic movies

Set during WWII, bitter bar owner Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) must decide if he is to help his ex Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), the woman he still loves, and her Resistance leader husband flee the city of Casablanca, and in doing so lose her forever. The ultimate conflict of the heart, in one of the greatest love stories ever told.

Were there other romantic movies that deserved to be on this list? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Erica said

    My list includes Capt. Corelli’s Mandolin, Kate and Leopold, PS I Love You, If Only, Notting Hill and a bunch more that I can’t remember. A Walk to Remember too. 😛

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  • maddy said

    before sunrise should have been there

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  • Linda said

    Wow, hard to believe you missed the amazing 1968 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet by Zeffirelli with Olivia Hussey. In my whole life I will never forget seeing that film at 15. She was truly stunning with no fake tan or fake bosom or fake anything. She was perfect. And he…well God could not have sculpted a more amazing male. Leonard Whiting was a perfect Romeo. The film won 2 Oscars for Cinemetography and Costume Design. Zeffirelli was nominated for Best Director and the film for Best Picture. It was also nominated for several Golden Globes and won Best director for Zeffirelli from The National Board of Review. It was not only visually stunning but the soundtrack particularly “What is a Youth?” was amazing. Really messed up not including this one.

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  • annie said

    Funny Girl (starring Barbra Streisand and Omar Sharif) is THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. and it’s a romance, of course. i can’t believe it got no mention on this list. it makes me sob bitterly every time aha. it’s beautiful and has epic music.

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  • Jenna said

    Definitely, Maybe. my fave film of all time 😀

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  • Sankalp Dixit said

    All mentioned above are good…Few more nice ones are Noting Hill, 50 First Dates, Maid in Manhattan to add few more

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  • Magitekwarrior said

    Why isnt Notting Hill on this list?

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  • Dave said

    Before Sunrise and Before Sunset should definitaly be there, best romantic movies of all time. And I’m a guy lol

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  • Jazz said

    I really think City of Angels is a great one.
    I cried so hard when I watched that movie.
    It’s such a beautiful movie.
    And, Legends Of The Fall is another one.
    Love Me Tender is probably my favorite though.

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  • racykarole said

    Under The Tuscan Sun

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  • melanie said

    and you did forget…the Holiday!!!!!!!!

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  • Victoria said
  • katherine said

    Ten Things I Hate About You!!!!!!

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  • Raghav Sharma said

    Sweet November,The Notebook,Tristan & Isolder….But Nothing Can Match TITANIC

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  • rajat said

    ur list is very gud. I’ll surely watch ‘the note book’ coz i’ve not seen yet.
    IF ONLY is very romantic and not in the list

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