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Verónica – Review (London Film Festival)

Veronica Review (London Film Festival)

A simple game of Ouija backfires once again in this Spanish spook-er from the co-director of the Rec trilogy.

Based on the real case. Madrid, 1991. A 15 year old schoolgirl is left responsible for her young siblings while her mother works long hours. When she plays Ouija during an eclipse hoping to connect with her dead father, it summons an evil supernatural force which gradually besieges her and pushes her to the edge…

Spanish-language chiller from the co-director of Rec and Rec 2, who also solo-directed (the panned) Rec 3. The ideas here are familiar to any ghostly chiller and it’s hard to see that the actual case had enough to warrant a film. For all its effort there isn’t much of a sense of danger either.

The lead actress, making her debut, is fine but the character is dull: She does housework, there’s no adult conversation, it’s a boring life.

However by nature of its Spanish setting it gathers some interest. There are some creative shot choices, creepy moments (most memorably the eclipse sequence) and a certain intensity toward the end. It’s passable, but non-essential.

Grade: C+

Verónica has released in Spain but doesn’t yet have a date set for the UK or US.

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