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Donnie Darko 2…?

He’s coming to get you! No, I haven’t seen it. Shut up.

In possibly the worst case of sequelitus ever seen, Donnie Darko is getting a follow-up movie. All together now: “Why?”

The flick, entitled S. Darko, will pick up seven years after the events of the first film, with Donnie’s sister Samantha going on a road trip with her friend Corey, only to start having weird visions.

And that’s all there is to say about it. What, you wanted more?

Source: Screen Daily

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  • scotty said

    now this will suck

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  • jake said

    A second one? god its gonna suck.

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  • Suxrez said

    Well I thought the first one was alright. It was unique in its own style. To make a second one would just kill the first one. Donnie Darko is just one of those films that doesnt need a sequel. Its just one of those dark classics.

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  • Mayacka said

    The first one was amazing. The sequel won’t even have the same people and worse yet, Jake Gylenhall (sp?, the guy who made the moving amazing, won’t even be in it! From the sounds of it, it’ll be one of the straight to DVD videos.

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  • James said

    What a waste… it will bomb.

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  • Nathan said

    Ok Donnie Darko is my favorite movie ever that or the crow and idk if its gonna suck but it doesnt sound good it has one member of the original cast which is Samantha it definietly won’t be as good as the first one but i think it will be a decent or if anything at least entertaining I will never forgiver fisher if he ruins this… Kelly’s was amazing theresshouldnt need to be a sequel though holllywood leave movies alone

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  • Sir Collin said

    this will seriously suck. its going straight to dvd. I think i will have to pass on this one. The first one was confusing enough, and to try and do a sequel to it is crazy

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  • punkass said

    The entire movie is going to be subterfuge. What more do you need to say that hadn’t already been said in the first film. It’s the exact same thing if “Requiem for a Dream” or “Memento” got a sequel.

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  • Peter said

    wow i loved the first one, and yes, its guna suck

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  • Linda said

    I agree with all of you!! it’s going to be the worst sequel ever. I really like Donnie Darko and how can they make a sequel since um…donnie darko died!!! oh unless they go “back in time” and have him living again. please don’t make this sequel unless your mission is to completely ruin the first one.

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  • Rogelio "Crimson Werecat" said

    if the first movie was so good, and it ended well, why bother making a sequel that will probably suck? come on, people it has happened before, so why can’t movie execs or whoever thought of this remember the axiom “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

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