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Point Break 2 – Sequel Plans

Point Break Poster100% Pure WTF.

There’s a sequel to Point Break on the way.

Announced at Cannes (where else?), it’ll be directed by king of cack action Jan De Bont (The Haunting, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Tomb Raider 2).

The ’91 original was a Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze vehicle, with Reeves as a rookie FBI agent sent after a group of “seasonal” bank robbers. They turn out to be the surfers he has befriended during his investigation, pulling off the heists to fund their lifestyle. Swayze played the leader of the group, who evaded capture at the end by facing what would seem to be a watery grave.

Original scipter W. Peter Iliff is coming back to write this next chapter. The plot is under wraps, but we do know it will be shot in Southeast Asia and Singapore.

It’s also unclear if Reeves will be returning to the role of Johnny Utah (not a name you’d naturally associate with an FBI agent), or Swayze, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

I’m fascinated to know what they’ve got up their sleeve for this one, or why on earth they think it makes any sense to revisit it now. I’ll be first in the line when this comes out.

Discuss this in the forum here.

By: Dave Bartlett
Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  • James said

    Yeah, I just read about this. Insane. From what I’ve heard it’s basically the same plot, updated, with a whole new gang and a whole new FBI agent … and at one point in the movie they go “wow this is a lot like that one time twenty years ago.”


    In Los Angeles they have a bar that perpetually performs Point Break: LIVE. Each night they pick an audience member to play Johnny Utah by reading off of cue cards.

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  • Dtox said

    good idea to make a sequel but if u cant have atleast one of either reeves or swayze returning then dont bother

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