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Narnia 3 (Voyage Of The Dawn Treader) – Sequel Plans

Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince CaspianWith Prince Caspian (hopefully) all set to be a summer smash, prep for Narnia 3 is well underway. The sequel will be directed by Michael Apted, who’s new to the series but a veteran director of the likes of Enigma and Enough.

In Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, Lucy, Edmund and their rather unpleasant cousin Eustace return to Narnia via a painting (no Peter and Susan this time – they’re told they’re “too old”), to find King Caspian has built a grand ship. They set sail to find the seven missing lords of Narnia – heroes who Caspian’s evil uncle Miraz banished when he usurped the throne. The ship’s crew also includes captain Lord Drinian, first mate Rhince, cabin boy Rynelf, and Reepicheep the mouse. Although Reepicheep is the only non-human on board in the book, the production has said they will add Narnia creatures into the mix.

There follows a lot of island hopping and encounters which won’t be spoilt here, leading eventually beyond the silver sea to Aslan’s homeland. Liam Neeson will be back as the voice of Liam Neeson, I mean Aslan.

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Although this is the fifth book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, filming it as the third movie is correct – They are using the order in which the books were published, not the chronological order the books were later rearranged into.

Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader will be released May 7th 2010.

Hopefully the depiction of Eustace the Dragon will be more convincing than the one presented in the BBC miniseries –

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  • Martha said

    Skandar Keynes is H-O-T!!

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  • jessica said

    Omg skandar is so HOT I wish I could meet him. I bet hes really nice.

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  • Jane said

    Will william and anna come back to narnia anyhow?? I do hope they come back…It would be nice

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  • Mark Holman said

    i can’t wait for prince caspian to arrive in SA!

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  • Jane said

    It’ll be so awesome if they’d come back..when william is so hot n cute

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  • Leila said

    i wish i could know where they are shooting narnia 3 so mabey i could be in it i’m an amazing actress!!!!!!!

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  • abby said

    omg i cant wait for the third narnia movie when i saw the second i thought prince caspain was so hot!

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  • whoop ass said

    the filming will take place at Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. (fox studios)

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  • Jane said

    I can’t wait till Narnia 3 comes out..i’ll be crazy over it watching over n over again…Narnia is such an amazing fantasy show

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  • Louise said

    I’m really looking forward to Narnia 3 because “Prince Caspian” was such an awesome film!!! But I hope Peter and Susan aren’t coming back (not because I don’t like the characters or the actor and actress who play them) but because it would go against the book plot and I really hope they aren’t going to change the plot dramatically. A brief cameo at the beginning before Lucy and Edmund returned would be ok though 🙂 just as long as they don’t go back into Narnia.

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  • Skandar Fan said

    uh……i really want to audition 4 narnia 3…..can someone reply if they know where the auditions are and when…i hope they havent finished….AH i wanna meet skandar…my friend knows him apparently he’s soooo nice!

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  • Mudra said

    I want to be in the 3 movie because its too good. I am an indian and i often think that ther would be no role for me but i still try

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  • ismoyo said

    i’m a biggest fan of narnia.
    when narnia 3 will be begin??
    i hope quick. coz i want to c it.

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  • Megan Moroney said

    hi i would be very greatful if you asked me to be in the voyage of the dawn treder i dont mine what character i get even if im only in the backround i just really want to be in the movie. if you need a girl that looks 12-14 years old, brown hair,green-blue eyes,tallish and pale skinplease pick me!(oh by the way im irish)

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  • bri said

    have any of you ever read the books? lol.. no peter and susan so not come back. they are not allowed – they learned everthing they need to know from narnia (they are not too old). and in person, skandar keynes is a very nice but, very sturn young man. he rarely shows emotion (except in his acting) and hates “hugs”. lol. i saw him in an interview.

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