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Sequel To Friday The 13th Remake

Friday The 13th Remake 2 - Sequel Plans (2009)
With the Friday The 13th remake pulling in more than $71 million worldwide, only a clown would think it was the Final Chapter. That was part 4 anyway.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who wrote the remake, are already starting work on a script for a sequel. The film is likely to be a follow up to the new reboot, rather than using the previous series as a reference point. The reason for this is that, while Friday The 13th parts 1-4 were okay, the rest of the series was a massive load of poo. Producers obviously don’t want Jason to be awaked by bolts of lightening, battle psychic girls and travel to New York. Wonder why.


No word yet on whether the beautfiul surviving white people (Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti) will be returning. With their busy TV schedules -“Supernatural”, “The Mentalist” they might not be able to put in the time.

However, this probably won’t be confirmed for a few weeks at least. The two studios are now looking towards the long-awaited Nightmare on Elm Street remake, which begins shooting in just two months.

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  • TheCool said

    So those “beautiful surviving white people” lived? My fiancee and I were wondering if they were dead or not since Jason jumped out of the water and snatched the girl.

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  • SlasherFan said

    I would love to have a sequel. The remake wasn’t the best movie in the world, but it was far better than some of the sequels of the original franchise. Completely OK for a sequel. And I believe it will be even better as soon as it gets released unrated on dvd. At this moment, I consider the movie to be at score 6 out of 10. I would like the the movie makers to make some more deep into the character of Jason. Kinda like in The texas chainsaw massacre:The beginning.

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  • markthemovieman said

    It would be awesome to have a sequel. Lots of people think that the reboot was bad! But I think it was better than most in the franchise. And i think the writers can learn from their mistakes that they made in the previous installment. Hopefully it will turn out great. Cant wait!

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  • sharayme crumble said

    in my opinion this was the best horror movie i have seen in the last couple of years!!!i mean sex teenagers geting killed wat more can u ask for.and the characters were kinda cool.and the beats they used to inhance the action was great.

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  • sharaayme crumble said

    dat sucked da black guy died

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  • Jason said

    Would love to see Kane Hodder back playing as Jason how bout it New Line make it happen..

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  • Maleko said

    Love Friday 13th!!!! but the remake wasn’t great!! The start and end where poor!! had some good bits but needed to be more creepy and Gothic like the graveyard scenes in part 6 and more gritty. I swear to god if they try and flesh out the characters in “part 2” like in The Texas chainsaw massacre:The beginning or Rob’s Halloween they’ll f***ing ruin it, thats why both of those films are crap. The unknown is what’s scary people!!! make your imagination do the work. I would give my right arm for a chance to direct that film. I wouldn’t disappoint.

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  • robot fish 911 said

    friday the 13th (2009) was by far my favourite of the friday’s. the old ones were kinda crap, but for sum weird reason, i still liked them. i really hope they make a sequel 2 the remake, and if they do, i hope they bring clay (jared padalecki) and whitney (amanda righetti) back without killing them off like they did to the part 1 survivor in part 2!

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  • fat cat said

    Yes, yes, yes to the point the remake had parts 1, 2, and three in it. So the sequel sould have 4, 5, 6 or somthing like that. Anyway they have to kill Jason to make him a zombie otherwise the whole movie goes to hell.

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  • big g said

    does anyone think that jason is never gonna end with the way he keeps coming back its awesome they evn have a novel about jason x part 2 the remake is cool freddy vs jason sucked with the way freddy got an ass beating it was funny to see jason beat him up

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  • jason1980 said

    i think the remake was ok the kills were amazing my favourite is when jason kills the cop but the stupid thing was the ending when they dumped jason into the water his mask gose down to the bottom but then 3 seconds later he come flying through the dock with his mask on other then that great movie

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  • Adam said

    Im a big Friday the 13th fan, been since late 80´s.
    If the makers think that part 4-X are stupid or whatever, well i dont want to use the f-word here, but they are stupid.
    This is almost like one episode of South Park when Steven Spielberg and George Lucas decide to do remakes of great movies.
    If you have not seen it, check it out.

    The only way an another remake could pay off is to put Kane back in the role, if these assholes doesn´t…..well they will lose fans.
    We want the old Jason back, now he´s just a guy with a hockey mask.
    For the love of god, do what the big fanbase want.

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  • Will said

    The remake(or reimagining or whatever it was) was easily the best Friday movie ever. It gave you everything you could ask for. Blood, guts, boobies, drugs, and a pissed off hockey goaley. Did they complicate it with an actual plot? Of corse not, the american people dont want that. It was actually really fun to watch. What they need to do with a sequel is simple. Make it the same but different. Ah-ahh! Keep the blood, guts, boobies, and drugs, but get a new not-plot. Have actual camp counselors there or something. Just get new beautiful whities, kill off the black guy and the asian real quick, and there you go. You’ve got yourself a sequel.

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  • aaron said

    Wow. I thought the remake was awesome. It was funny. Had the usual sex, drugs, gore like the original franshise and it added two extra elements. Comedy and actual jumping scares. I think i jumped two or three times during the movie. I thought this movie was the best out of all the Jason movies. I would love for a sequel as long as they dont get crazy like the ones from the 80s. the writing wa svery poor. part 5 wasnt jason was some nut. 6 he was brought back by Tommy jarvis. Im sorry but I didnt know a kid could age from 12 to his 20s in two years. then part seven, I thought he was killed at Crystal lake but then there he is coming out of the water at someones house. Oh wait, then in 8, goes to new york. Then there is 9, worst to date where he is jumping through peoples bodies. Just when you thought it couldnt get worse, Jason X. Wow. In space now. Ummm no. The remake is best to date and if we keep the same writers for the sequel I think there will be three or four good movies from the series!!!

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  • Joanna said

    Well, In my opinion the remake was a let down.
    Number One: Where’s Kane Hodder? Bring him back fools.
    Number Two: Michael Bay rofl. Crahhh!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqoRRsywK5I
    Number Three: It wasn’t really scary and why did Jason let some stupid girl survive? Jason is supposed to have NO mercy what so ever.
    Number Four: They didn’t really explore Jason’s past. Co’mon they did more of that in Freddy vs. Jason.
    Number Five: Too many teens, not enough kills and somthing about Jason in the remake was missing.

    If they’re gonna make a remake, they’re gonna have to fix these things. For the amount of money these people are making, they could atleast please the fans and NOT PISS THEM OFF. I’m not expecting much, atleast have something better then Freddy vs. Jason, which I though was pretty decent considering movies these days suck. If they do this, i will be happy and stop bitching.

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