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10 Reasons ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Was A Bit Disappointing (Spoilers)

Avengers: Endgame Review - 10 Reasons Was Disappointing, Sucks A Bit

Avengers: Endgame is by no means a bad film, in fact it’s a very good one. But coming off the back of the superlative Infinity War it can’t help but feel disappointing in certain aspects. It’s Return of the Jedi to Empire Strikes Back, or Dark Knight Rises to The Dark Knight. Right now we’re in the sea of fawning reviews but, over time, these issues will start to emerge and be talked about. Here’s my list of 10.


(1) From the moment Ant-Man was released from the torturous quandary of being stuck in the Quantum Realm by a stray rat on a keyboard, it was obvious that this wasn’t quite going to be cinematic perfection.

(2) Fat drunk beardy Thor. He’s just too ridiculous, and never snaps out of it. Hemsworth plays him like he’s spoofing himself on SNL. It detracts from serious moments to see him in the background. There’s a reason he was removed from the trailer shot of the team striding toward the quantum machine. Which brings us to…

(3) Dramatic tension. Right from the first scene of Infinity War, when Thor was on his knees and Hulk is beaten, it bristled with edge-of-the-seat dramatic tension. Thanos was an unstoppable force and anybody could die. There’s no impending threat here (any deaths are more of a surprise), and after ‘true’ Thanos is quickly dispatched the tone is closer to a good time romp. It mocks itself too much and plays for laughs too much. Romp-y time-travel significantly reduces the finality of character death and, hence, tension. There isn’t even a villain in the 2nd act.

(4) Ignorant Thanos. Thanos has the time in Infinity War to lay out his (somewhat-logical) philosophy and present nuance as he goes about his business. He was a tortured protagonist in his own film. Here he’s reset without the curse of knowledge and is just a bad guy in pursuit, with all-out murder on his mind and none of the depth. He and his children were dispatched perfectly first time round, to see them all reset and reappear…well, let’s get this done again.

(5) The way time travel is discussed. Constant time travel pop culture references add nothing but take you out of the film – A film talking about other films only reminds you you’re watching a film, which is immersion breaking. Furthermore, playing Ant-Man’s time travel test 100% for laughs also breaks the gravitas (and tension) of what they’re doing.

(6) The whole film has to stop so the director can make an extended ego-stroking cameo. A boring and pointless monologue.

(7) Captain Marvel is overpowered (able to take out Thanos’ entire ship in 10 seconds), and the attempt to explain away her absence in Infinity War, and then for the vast majority of this film, is paper thin. She’s like playing a game on cheat mode (which further takes away the tension).

(8) There was no exploration of what it meant and felt like for all the characters disintegrated. What was their experience and path back to existence? The in-between is fascinating and profound, but it was unsatisfactorily brushed off. Spider-Man simply says he “felt dusty” then woke up. Infinity War had metaphysical moments. Here we had 20 minutes of discussion about Thor’s beer.

(9) It’s a convoluted film for the uninitiated, heavily dependent on having watched multiple previous entries. There would be no way to bring in someone new to the series. Got a new date who doesn’t watch Marvel movies? 8 hours of prep needed first.

(10) Box ticking. Somewhat inevitable at the end of a series but it’s also a self-congratulatory movie.

Endgame is still a great time, full of brilliant ideas, heart-wrenching moments, big laughs and excellent acting.

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