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10 Reasons ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Was A Bit Disappointing (Spoilers)

Avengers: Endgame Review - 10 Reasons Was Disappointing, Sucks A Bit

Avengers: Endgame is by no means a bad film, in fact it’s a very good one. But coming off the back of the superlative Infinity War it can’t help but feel disappointing in certain aspects. It’s Return of the Jedi to Empire Strikes Back, or Dark Knight Rises to The Dark Knight. Right now we’re in the sea of fawning reviews but, over time, these issues will start to emerge and be talked about. Here’s my list of 10.


(1) From the moment Ant-Man was released from the torturous quandary of being stuck in the Quantum Realm by a stray rat on a keyboard, it was obvious that this wasn’t quite going to be cinematic perfection.

(2) Fat drunk beardy Thor. He’s just too ridiculous, and never snaps out of it. Hemsworth plays him like he’s spoofing himself on SNL. It detracts from serious moments to see him in the background. There’s a reason he was removed from the trailer shot of the team striding toward the quantum machine. Which brings us to…

(3) Dramatic tension. Right from the first scene of Infinity War, when Thor was on his knees and Hulk is beaten, it bristled with edge-of-the-seat dramatic tension. Thanos was an unstoppable force and anybody could die. There’s no impending threat here (any deaths are more of a surprise), and after ‘true’ Thanos is quickly dispatched the tone is closer to a good time romp. It mocks itself too much and plays for laughs too much. Romp-y time-travel significantly reduces the finality of character death and, hence, tension. There isn’t even a villain in the 2nd act.

(4) Ignorant Thanos. Thanos has the time in Infinity War to lay out his (somewhat-logical) philosophy and present nuance as he goes about his business. He was a tortured protagonist in his own film. Here he’s reset without the curse of knowledge and is just a bad guy in pursuit, with all-out murder on his mind and none of the depth. He and his children were dispatched perfectly first time round, to see them all reset and reappear…well, let’s get this done again.

(5) The way time travel is discussed. Constant time travel pop culture references add nothing but take you out of the film – A film talking about other films only reminds you you’re watching a film, which is immersion breaking. Furthermore, playing Ant-Man’s time travel test 100% for laughs also breaks the gravitas (and tension) of what they’re doing.

(6) The whole film has to stop so the director can make an extended ego-stroking cameo. A boring and pointless monologue.

(7) Captain Marvel is overpowered (able to take out Thanos’ entire ship in 10 seconds), and the attempt to explain away her absence in Infinity War, and then for the vast majority of this film, is paper thin. She’s like playing a game on cheat mode (which further takes away the tension).

(8) There was no exploration of what it meant and felt like for all the characters disintegrated. What was their experience and path back to existence? The in-between is fascinating and profound, but it was unsatisfactorily brushed off. Spider-Man simply says he “felt dusty” then woke up. Infinity War had metaphysical moments. Here we had 20 minutes of discussion about Thor’s beer.

(9) It’s a convoluted film for the uninitiated, heavily dependent on having watched multiple previous entries. There would be no way to bring in someone new to the series. Got a new date who doesn’t watch Marvel movies? 8 hours of prep needed first.

(10) Box ticking. Somewhat inevitable at the end of a series but it’s also a self-congratulatory movie.

Endgame is still a great time, full of brilliant ideas, heart-wrenching moments, big laughs and excellent acting.

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  • Lee Jones said

    This was not a great movie to me. I found the time travel theory confusing. I get the feeling that the writers used it to avoid dealing with the consequences of time travel. It’s bad enough that one woman was fridged on Vormir in “Infinity War”. Then McFeely and Markus went ahead and fridged another woman for this film . . . in the same location. Worse, the screenwriters changed the rules that was established in “Infinity War” in acquiring the Soul Stone in order to fridge the second woman in “Endgame”. Captain Marvel was wasted. The writers allowed Tony Stark to have the last word in order to justify his unintentional creation of Ultron and his support of the Sokovia Accords. It’s one thing for Thor to gain weight after hiding from his guilt and grief through booze and heavy eating. But the constant fat jokes at his expense undermined Thor’s emotional trauma and I found them tasteless.

    I enjoyed the film’s middle section, when the Avengers searched for the Infinity stones in the past. But . . . there were too many aspects of this film that simply disappointed me. Overall, this ending of the Infinity Stones arc (a bit too long for my tastes) strikes me as overrated by the critics, as far as I’m concerned.

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  • T.J. said

    It’s okay to have personal preferences and reservations for a movie, but coming out to blatantly call it crap and a waste of time, is so wrong. Especially something of Endgame’s scale and magnitude. If we call a movie like this, crap what then are we to call BvS or Justice League?

    Endgame had its lows, just like every other movie but eventually the good outweighed the bad. That’s just the point. You saying otherwise, is just being biased or contrite to your own personal preferences.

    I did not like many things in the movie, like;
    –Fat Thor. Thor is my favorite character from the comics, and having him downplayed into a fat, emotionally, weepy drunk set me off. He’s arguably the strongest character in the comics, after all but then…the movie only portrayed him as a being that can be weak, depressed and overcome by grief. Not this perfect god that has it all. I think we can all definitely relate to the former. Those of you saying Thor should have beaten Thanos, cos he wielded both hammers, its clear you don’t read comics or know how strong Thanos is. Even without the gauntlet.

    –Time travel. I think it cliché and overused, but Endgame managed to bring a fresh perspective to it. Defining it’s own principles and what not. Yes, it had plot holes but that’s the issue with all time travel movies. It’s not an Endgame thing. Its a time travel thing. And as for Gamora killing her past self and not dying, you clearly didn’t pay attention. It was established that they journeyed to an alternate reality, and that past doesn’t affect their present. I also thought they got the stones quite easily, but then the movie is already 3 hours long. Do you have an idea of how long it would be, if there was conflict in every team’s mission?
    –Thanos dying early was a shocker, but its already been established that he isn’t the conventional villain. His destiny was fulfilled and he was indeed severely injured. Plus, the heroes killing him without being able to undo his actions, is the poetic blow and defeat that emphasized they really lost. That’s emotional depth and impact there. Not just about Thanos kicking everyone’s ass again, like a power house.

    –Hulk was under utilized. Yeah, he indeed was but trust me a rematch with Thanos, would have resulted in another ass whooping. I still don’t think you guys know how strong Thanos is. And I think its smart the directors dodged that, because it would be anticlimactic that hulk returns in a new bad ass iteration and gets his ass kicked again. That would have sucked. Definitely.

    –the movie dragged on for too long and had little action? Really? These heroes have been defeated, and are struggling to find their bearings and you expect the filmmakers not to show the emotional toll, that loss has taken on them? Those scenes weren’t a drag, because they were heart wrenching and insightful. Tony with his daughter, Tony with his dad, Cap catching a glimpse of Peggy. Thor arriving minutes before his mom’s death, I could go on. There wasn’t a lot of action, but they packed a huge punch emotionally and I for one think that’s greater and not just bloated action scenes. You got a lot of action In Age Of Ultron, and y’all said it sucked. Now, its the other way round and it still sucks?

    Endgame has it flaws like every other movie, but crap, it is not. It is a masterpiece, and if you’re too blinded by your preference to see it, then its a big loss to you.

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  • Ashford said

    I just found it predictable, that was my problem.

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  • P M said

    Infinity War set a high standard and I was expecting Endgame to possibly even exceed it. Unfortunately, this did not happen . Endgame lacked much of the action that Infinity War had I was really disappointed in having to say goodbye to some of my favorite avengers.

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  • Bunny lake said

    Wow! Sooo glad I got my hands on a bootleg copy rather than spend my hard earned money on that tripe. Over bloated and silly movie that just became muddled and downright silly as it trudged along to a whimpering finish. I just want to know where I can get those three hours of my life back.

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  • spigo said

    I feel like this movie was actually bad for many reasons.
    (1). Ant man. This is an actually legitimately funny franchise imho.
    Everything ant-man is wrong in this film consider w=how Pyms wife spent 30 years in the quantum realm and aged and when it came to fixing the algorithm in ant-man it was “all I thought about.” int his film five years is five seconds as he says. I understand the quantum realm has different “layers” however if she got sucked into a time vortex as she said she would have been lost.
    (2). Ant man gets large int he final battle but not tired this is on Earth still right guys?
    (3). Ant-man summons no ants for the greatest battle in history?! What is the point of that?
    (4). I mean Why not just have Ant-man take a clock of miniaturized buildings and have hawk/iron man etc drop them and squash the army?
    (5). Why does Dr. Strange twirl water? Could this not have been done by an assistant? I mean he is the master of mystical arts right?
    (6). I personally dont get why Cap can handle molnyir.
    (7). When making the new cap why doesn’t he test out the shield and boomerang it?
    (8). Why is Ant mans daughter like nearly 25 from 10 after 5 years?
    (9). The idea that ant-man is a better movie then either of the two previous avengers movies.
    (10). Thanos is like 100X more formidable without stones then with 4 in the last film?
    (11). The sh*t about the hulk and the Russo brothers lying.
    (12). The idea that we are morons and this was one movie only split like the battle of the five armies into a separate movie out of greed and then filled with filler.
    (13). Even the frame where it says Five years later takes like 30 seconds too long.
    (14). Why would the other 14 million plans have not worked especially when the quill ruined fight in infinity war almost did and had they strategized correctly would have worked?
    (15). I don’t really understand why we can just handle infinity stones now without consequence? Seemed like a big deal in guardians right?
    (16). My question is was vision never created due to Ultron not being necessary then? If so, they should be stricken from the timeline and the comments about him indirectly are inaccurate.
    (17). The cheapness of how Tony Stark gets happened upon by Captain Marvel.
    (18). Thanos is apparently to tired to fight and press his advantage when he comes to an entirely suppressed Avengere force. He is like “Man if I could only have a beer when I am getting service on this rock?”
    (19). The retardedness of Tony Stark!!! Oh sure we can just mess with time without consequence for his genius. He had to accept his failure before they begin! Biggest undiscussed plothole in the universe here.
    (20). Confused about Pepper Pots… I am not a super fanboy but last I remember she wanted more realness and her “greatest failure” in her life was stopping Tony from pursuing his passions. She obviously did a great job to make him reluctant to take the mission. Also she seemed to sort of hate the iron man image and wanted more “realness” but apparently his anniversary present to her was something fake. This dynamic seems wrong.
    (21). Danvers role here. Having not seen captain Marvel but still.. “Earth has you guys” Other planets would likely have some form of super protection right?
    (22). Why can’t Scarlett Witch in all her fury with a power equal to an infinity stone snap Thanos like a twig?
    (23). Why can’t antman go up Thanos nose down his respiratory system and enlarge from inside him?
    (24). How can any iron man glove contain the infinity stones?
    (25). While knowing again time travel has fallout.. Why not build an iron army with self-destruct sequences to avoid the Ultron situation in case things went bad? They could even have a backup where it is manned by people and both people and AI have to agree to kill a target before it fires and then destruct in 48 hours (or on demand but we know how battles happen in the MCU).

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  • Lee Jones said

    I agree with this article. “THE AVENGERS: ENDGAME” is vastly overrated. In fact, I don’t think it is a good movie. Not really.

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  • Dee Rush said

    As far as I’m concerned, the writing for “The Avengers: Endgame” sucked. I once came up with 19 (NINETEEN) reasons why the writing disappointed me. Nineteen? It just sucked.

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  • Scott G said

    My main dislike of the movie is how much better it could have been if they had followed the books. Thanos was so much more evil in the books and toyed with the Avengers just because he could.

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  • Beaten Up By Bad Endings said

    I fill that the big movie companies find great movie ideas then let a bad ignorant writer who has no knowledge finish a series with the main characters dying. Robert Downey Jr.was a hero and comic relief character to the Avengers series how could you let him die!? I absolutely loved his work in the avengers and iron man movies by far the best character and he dies… How much stick you have to suck to get a decent ending that doesn’t ruin all the vested time you’ve given to support these movies that end badly!? Without Tony Starks you might as well call it the “THE NEW PREVENGER’S MOVIE” without the reward of Tony Starks witty remarks and sarcasm… I’m really disappointed and don’t get me started on the Selfish way Captain America left the Avengers, Thor became a bum gave up his role as Supreme being,blackwidow died taking the sexy out of the Avengers,and I can go on and on and on about how we lost the crew that made us enjoy the Marvel Universe Series!!! C’mon! just like harry potter ending WAS A sloppy sour taste I have in my mouth add Avengers to that list! I’m one less fan none of the comic books destroyed my belief in Super Heros like this movie did!!! Pucking Sucked!!! GET BETTER WRITERS AND LET THE BEST CHARACTERS WE WANT FADE GRACEFULLY LIKE THE ORIGINAL BATMAN, SUPERMAN, AND INCREDIBLE HULK!ETC… WOW!!!

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