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Indiana Jones 5 – Sequel Plans

Indiana Jones 5With Harrison Ford already 65, the notion of an Indiana Jones 5 might seem ridiculous. But another sequel is, in fact, quite possible…

In the 1980s there were originally 5 Indiana Jones movies planned. The 19 year delay since The Last Crusade was due to a disagreement over the direction of the story. That has now been resolved.

Spielberg says he became particularly interested in returning to the series after his son asked when the remaining two would be released. All of which means… we’re still one short.

Spielberg stated at the Cannes press conference that he was indeed open to making another film if the public wanted more. “That’s why we made this Indiana Jones. We’ll certainly have our ear to the ground to hear what happens. That’ll decide were we go from here.”

Given that Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull will, without doubt, be one of the biggest financial hits of the year, and the critical response has been good… this criteria has been met.

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For his part Harrison Ford said last week “Till they tell me otherwise, I will continue to be Indiana Jones.”

But here’s the kicker. Don’t expect Indiana Jones to be the lead in Indiana Jones 5. George Lucas explained to reporters at a recent premiere “I have an idea to make Shia [LaBeouf] the lead character next time and have Harrison come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie. I can see it working out.”

It doesn’t get much more black and white than that.

Leave your thoughts on Indiana Jones 5 in the comments.

Sources: BBC, Yahoo

**UPDATE SEP 08** Harrison Ford says George Lucas is currently in “think mode” for the next Indy, and Lucas has now done a 360 and said that Harrison will be the lead if it happens. It’s likely Lucas put the Shia idea out there to see how it played with the fans, and as everyone hated the notion, he’s retracted it.


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  • Stephen said

    I cant wait to see Indiana Jones 4 on wednesday. If the fourth is good. i will have hope for the fifth. but hearing what they’re planning to do seems like its going to be good. exciting.

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  • FuryoftheFilmFan said

    no way shia is gonna be a lead in an Indiana Jones movie. No way he’s gonna tower over Ford in the role. no way they gonna spend the money to get Ford in and not make him the lead. Lucas is retarded and Spielberg knows he’s a crazy ass.

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    • Moviejunkie86 said

      George Lucas is the reason Temple of Doom was so bad in ratings. He needs to leave the main idea of the film to Steven Speilberg. It wont sound or look right if Harrison Ford dont hav the lead role, no disrespect to Shia. Its just that the series is so iconic. It would be cool to hav a big twist in the 5th movie. Maybe even possibly bring Willie Scott back & reveal to Indy that he had a kid with her he never knew about, possibly a daughter this time.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Harrison is in his mid 60s, the average person doesn’t live past mid 70s, so they have a choice, either let a hugely, hugely valuable franchise end or… pass the baton.

    They’ve already done it – in Young Indiana Jones.

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  • Dol said

    God help us all. Shia’s got amazing talent, and a cool kid, but still … he’s no Indy.

    god help us all, will SOMEONE please create a new franchise.

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  • stinkingbob said

    You don’t need a new franchise. You need something new and fresh. Thats the problem with studio execs today. They keep on making sequels after sequels after sequels.
    You keep on doing that and people will get bored of the movie and won’t go. Plus, you run out of ideas. Take Saw for example. Every year in October they have a sequel. Problem is, the traps are getting boring and unimaginative. The storyline is…well, there is no storyline to it anymore. Its like they made it up in 20 minutes. We need more originality. Or, if you want to make a sequel, wait a couple of years and do a really good job.

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  • Lucas said

    I SERIOUSLY hope that Shia isn’t the lead if there is a 5th installment of Indy. It just wouldn’t be the same…kinda like the short lived Adventures of Young Indiana Jones….that show was a complete flop.

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  • Brad said

    Please do not replace Indy with Shia — I would never watch that!

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  • Dude Love said

    They should do something related to that game “Fate of Atlantis” that was made in the 90’s.

    They should also re-release that game and its predesessor “Last Crusade” as they were great adventure games and had fist-fighting in them.

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  • Shorty! said

    I think Mutt should meet up with Shorty…lol. That would be awesome. And Marion gets all jealous over Willie Scott…man. awesome. I’d watch that.

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  • briggitt avalos said

    i don’t think is right if they make shia the lead role i think they still should leave the lead role to ford because shia is not indy and if they make shia lead role this movie is going to suck

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  • hans said

    LOL, yea with shortround… but remember shortround is now old! and no indiana jones without indiana jones, i didnt particulairy like the overdone action scenes with shia, they did make it up with a nice bit of humor at the end of the tarzan scene, i think theyr spot on with this one, and it feelt like the beginning of the next indiana jones, but hes married now … i didnt understand it but still i dont hope shia will be the next indiana jones… although he is his son its looking more and more likely… i hope indy comes back as harrison ford, either they have to call it mutt williams i would still watch it but i would be a little dissapointed.i hope they do the right thing and end it with a seriously thrilling 4 hour ride called indiana jones 5, or make it a telvision series 1 hour 4 times …. harrisons got 5 years left plenty to make 3 more films.. who the hell cares if indy’s 80! we would love to see indy .. spielberg you just got the ok signal from me to make the next indiana jones, and make it a smash this one, because i loved 4 but i hope i will eat 5 up with heart and soul! thank you for this wonderful franchise and i hope we meet some day so that you can put me in a movie man….. i would gladly take over indy’s part 😛 kidn butteh, yea indy!!! woeehoeee, i never was a big starwars fan but thats why they made indy

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  • cheesebob said

    ford should not be replaced with shia. if that happens, i am not watching the 5th

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  • Amy Hunter said

    Come on people, Harrison’s getting too old to play the main character. I almost didn’t think he would be able to pull it off in Indiana Jones 4. Shia had good moves in that movie and of course alot more energy. I think Shia would be awesome as the main character, as a matter of fact I’m looking forward to it.

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  • Riff Jones said

    I agree with Amy Hunter, i am also lookin forward to seeing shia take the lead. Ford can still get second billing though

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    • Moviejunkie86 said

      I’d say make Harrison Ford & Shia both top billing stars in the film. At the end of the film hav Indy pass the torch to Mutt, a cool ending shot of the film can be a shadow of Mutt standing there wearing the hat & whip just like Indy did in the other 4 movies.

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