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Monsters Vs. Aliens Soundtrack

Monsters Vs. Aliens Soundtrack (Songs & Music) - Listen To It Here
This is Henry Jackman’s first full feature composer work, and considering his background in pop artist arrangements, it’s definitely a pleasant achievement.

The Monsters vs. Aliens soundtrack is surprisingly clever, its crazy over the top orchestration fits the mood well, while throwing back to the early 80’s space themed family action faire. It’s an all out orchestral mix of brass, soprano & even synth.

Breaking up Jackman’s score we have a few campy gems that pay homage to the 1950’s post war UFO craze. The only song out of place for this theory would be “Reminiscing” by the Little River Band, purely added as an in film joke I’m sure. One of my favorite B-52’s songs “Planet Claire” gets its deserved soundtrack treatment. As for the “Purple People Eater” song, I thought that one was dead and buried a long time ago. Sadly it’s resurfaced, but it does fit the theme.

The Monsters vs. Aliens soundtrack is fun all round. Jackman is setting out on the right path. We should expect to hear a lot more from him.

Listen To The Soundtrack

You can buy it here

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Monsters Vs. Aliens Soundtrack (Songs & Score) – Track Listing
1. Meet The Monsters – Henry Jackman
2. Monster Mojo – Henry Jackman
3. Susan’s Call To Arms – Henry Jackman
4. A Giant Transformation – Henry Jackman
5. The GInormica Suite – Henry Jackman
6. Imprisoned By A Strange Being – Henry Jackman
7. Didn’t Mean To Crush You – Henry Jackman
8. The Battle At Golden Gate Bridge – Henry Jackman
9. Do Something Violent! – Henry Jackman
10. Oversized Tin Can – Henry Jackman
11. A Wedding Interrupted – Henry Jackman
12. The Grand Tour – Henry Jackman
13. Galaxar As A Squidling – Henry Jackman
14. March Of The Buffoons – Henry Jackman
15. Godzilla Vs. The Alien Invasion – Studio Group
16. Godzilla Vs. The Alien Invasion – Studio Group
17. Tell Him – The Exciters
18. Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley
19. Reminiscing – Little River Band
20. Wooly Bully – Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs
21. Planet Claire – The B-52’s
22. When You See (Those Flying Saucers) – The Buchanan Brothers
(These songs from the trailer are not included: Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions | Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye | Peer Gynt Suite No.1 ‘Morning’ – Edvard Grieg | Follow the Rabbit – Brand X | Chutes and Ladders – Brand X | Attack of the Mutants – Brand X | Hit Big Keep Out – Brand X)

Leave your thoughts on the Monsters vs Aliens soundtrack in the comments.

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  • ryan said

    whats that catchy techno song that the president plays on the keyboard when hes trying to “communicate” with Galaxar’s probe robot? =D

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  • Kary said

    That catchy techno song is “Axel F” from Beverly Hills Cop. Been trying to figure it out! Got it!

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    “You’d better pray to the Lord when you see those flying saucers it may be the coming of the Judgment Day” – Those song lyrics should have been on the Knowing soundtrack not Monsters vs Aliens…

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  • Bojan said

    What about the dance song for the dance nation type gadget

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  • Lena said

    The song when he was on the dance machine was Roses Are Red by Aqua…it’s on their Aquarium CD

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  • Jeff Okuna said

    The version of “Planet Claire” that plays as the President heads up those stairs to meet the alien is a cover by Les Deux Love Orchestra.

    “Planet Claire” has a very “Peter Gunn” feel. In fact, Henry Mancini is listed as a co-writer of “Planet Claire.”

    Les Deux Love Orchestra features members of Henry Mancini’s orchestra, who played on the original “Peter Gunn.” So it’s kinda like the song came full circle.

    The original B-52’s version plays during the end credits.

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  • Tom said

    What about the song that was playing in the car when the guy and the girl were about to kiss?

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  • C-dubb said

    Henry Jackman also produced Seal’s unreleased 2001 album “Togetherland”. Henry used to have 4 streaming songs on his site, but he took them down. The album is great though, too bad Seal doesn’t feel the same. 🙁

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  • banchan said

    what about when the mosnter was flirting with the jellatin? :))

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  • BRTP said

    I have a question… do you or any of you know what’s the song that BOB plays when he is with the Yello??

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  • fsd said

    marvin gaye’s biggest hit, i dont remember the name. u can check it out on wikipedia.

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  • T.Fajloun said

    what is that dance song called the one thats playing when the professor is trying to unlock the colour coded thing.

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  • Sharon said

    How come ‘AXEL F’ is not on the soundtrack? It was in the movie when the president started playing it. (Which by the way i thought was very funny) I loved this movie though

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  • ad92 said

    what was the song when dr cockroach was dancing to breach the code on the space ship ?

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  • Karmichael said

    What about the song that was playing in the car when the guy and the girl were about to kiss?

    The answer is
    “Who’s Crying Now” – Journey

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