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Nightmare On Elm Street Remake – Amazing Fan Trailer

A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) - Trailer (Fan Version)
Platinum Dunes plans to release their remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street in 2010 and horror fans are already buzzing about who will play Freddy. Rumors have evolved from Robert Englund to Billy Bob Thornton to Jackie Earle Haley.

But out of the countless Hollywood actors vying for the iconic role, Christopher Johnson is the only one to pool his various skills in make-up and visual effects, along with a talented cast and crew, and shoot a fake concept trailer for the upcoming film. And while YouTube is already clogged with countless fan-made videos, this one has the distinction of being very, very good.

Not only is Chris making a play for the role, but the trailer showcases a new FX concept for the re-imagined Freddy.

Take a look:

[flashvideo file=”http://www.movie-moron.com/wp-content/uploads/freddy-trailer.flv” /]

The original Freddy was cursed to look as he did when he transitioned from life to death. Now that includes the fire itself – cinders waft from his mouth, the blades are glowing hot, and flames lick his body.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • TwistedMango said

    That was awesome, seriously. If i didn’t know it was a fan trailer I’d have thought this was a genuine teaser.

    I loved the hot glowing finger blades as well. Top work fella.

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  • dnwilliams said

    most impressive

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  • John Mapes said

    Holy crap.

    That’s the way is SHOULD be done.

    He was like a human charcoal briquette!

    Another reason why Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay need to just pack it up on the horror remakes. They don’t GET IT!

    Bravo Mr. Johnson

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  • Tyler Lovemark said

    Much better than any fan trailer needs to be. Well done.

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  • Adam Mason said

    Holy Crap!

    I’m sold.

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  • DalmatianJaws said

    This thing really is amazing. The guy’s awesome as well. There’s a video on YouTube about all the Freddy films he’s make as a teenager, and THOSE look better than the original sequels!

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  • KruegerVoorheesGRL said


    I love it so much, I made a Facebook group!


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  • docturlough said

    remakes…..remakes….REMAKES!!! I AM SICK OF REMAKES!!!

    this trailer is the best fan trailer i have ever seen in my life.

    but i wouldnt mind seeing a prequel,even

    “a nightmare before elm street”

    anything except another godDAMN REMAKE!!

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  • Jordon said

    Prequels bother me as well. I think that prequels, like remakes, are just a name recognition thing, a safe bet for the studio.

    The story of Fred Kruger, the Springwood Slasher, is told in the original. Nancy’s mother explains the story to Nancy. It was a short, but effective, part of the film.

    Also, I heard that Jackie Earl Haley is going to play Kruger. This could be interesting, but after Friday the 13th, I doubt it. I’m not a purist for original horror movies, but these reboots today just are not good films.

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  • MissyVonDoll said

    Most fabulous trailer. I’m excited now.

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  • Huahahah said

    Now that is a trailer. This was seriously one of the best fan made trailer, if not the best, I’ve ever seen. And it really brought back the horror A Nightmare on Elm Street once had, that was long lost in the many relentless sequels. Hopefully the creators of the remake take some lessons from this guy, then I’d have high hopes for the film.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Docturlough, that’s actually a very cool title for a prequel.

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  • Thom said

    The BBC seem to be reporting the casting as definite
    Watchmen star ‘to play Krueger’
    05 April 2009 5:52 PM
    Actor Jackie Earle Haley signs up to play Freddy Krueger in a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street film series, reports say.

    (BTW: I think this is a great choice)

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  • jose moreno said

    it is just a great movie i loved the fan trailer myself

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  • robert aviews said

    cinderfella! want terrifying long arms.. I’m sold. what a great trailer. good work,

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