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Adventureland Soundtrack (Songs) (Lyrics) - Listen To It Here

The Adventureland soundtrack. If you need further proof that the 80’s were the perfect setting for teen movies, just look to Adventureland. They’ve figured it out. A teen film that teens want to see, but stick it in the 80’s to get suckers like me interested in it. Curse you Adventureland! Your powers are too strong!

Unlike its director’s predecessor, Superbad, This film’s soundtrack sticks with the era pretty strictly, and it’s a shame… a shame that more soundtracks aren’t this awesome!

The movie takes place in 1987. I was in junior high school in 1987 and I loved about half the Adventureland soundtrack back then. Growing up in Minneapolis, I dug/still dig The Replacements & Husker Du and even Big Star who have got to be the single most underrated band of the 70’s. My only gripe is they couldn’t get a more obscure Cure song. “Just Like Heaven” is to 80’s teen soundtracks what Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” is to every quirky romantic dramedy ever made. Oh yeah, and the Adventureland Theme Song by Brian Kenny is untouchable. End of story.

For me, Adventureland goes beyond a 2009 film’s original soundtrack and falls into the rank of an old mix tape that just warped in my tape player from overplaying.

Listen To The Soundtrack

You can buy it here

Adventureland Soundtrack (Songs) – Track Listing & Lyrics
1. Satellite Of Love – Lou Reed
2. Modern Love – David Bowie
3. I’m In Love With A Girl – Big Star*
4. Just Like Heaven – The Cure
5. Rock Me Amadeus – Falco
6. Don’t Change – Inxs
7. Your Love – The Outfield*
8. Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House
9. Looking For A Kiss – The New York Dolls
10. Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely – Husker Du
11. Unsatisfied – The Replacements
12. Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground*
13. Farewell Adventureland – Yo La Tengo
14. Adventureland Theme Song – Brian Kenney
* Click For Song Lyrics
(This song from the trailer is not included: Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes)

Leave your thoughts on the Adventureland soundtrack in the comments.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    The film reviews are saying that the soundtrack in particular is one of the things that lifts Adventureland to a place among the best coming of age movies.

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  • Valeri Bates said

    This movie is singlehandedly one of the best movies ever made. It captivated me within the first five minutes, and I love absolutely everything about. Good call on the positive review, the movie could not be better. Well, maybe minus the stupid blonde girly scream that Kristen Stewart inadvertently releases during the pool scene. I could have done without that. But that’s the only thing!

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  • M said

    I’ve never been more insatiably in love with a soundtrack in a movie, not to mention the movie itself. This is like, the story of my life. I absolutely loved it.

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  • Joe said

    Poison “I want action” and Judas Priest “Breakin’ the law” did n’t make it onto the soundtrack?! WTF? “BTL” was a key ingredient to one of the great scenes!

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  • ~Jenna~ said

    With it’s endering characters and redidulously realistic storyline I have to say this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile. It was refreshing to see a comdey that was directed to more than just pointless laughs. The soundtrack stuck with me for the next few weeks and had me making some much needed additions to my library.

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  • lovekarinaxx said

    adventureland is a really good movie!
    i loved it
    i was laughing and sighing the whole time, depending on the situation.
    the music was really good with it.

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  • socentralrain said

    Didn’t include “Bastards of Young” by the Replacements, which is the song played during the opening credits. And I wouldn’t have objected to “Breakin’ The Law” by Judas Priest if that were stuck on here either.

    But the fact that “Em” wears a Husker Du t-shirt for many minutes in the movie was phenomenal. ::sigh:: I would have been all over her in 1987!

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  • djay said

    sweet movie it actually made me drawn into the time era during the movie awsome soundrtrack a movie worth seeing a few times

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  • cris said

    i love the movie…love da entire story…love the SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol @ that pool scene ‘innuendo’ ha!

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  • levibakersfied said

    didnt include the stones in the soundrack either

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  • Daniel said

    Here i go again- Whitesnake

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  • !! ! ! !! ! ! !! !! said

    What? This movie is not good. The movie is advertised as a comedy… but it’s not. It’s the same teen love crap we’ve seen regurgitated a million times, with an 80’s wrapper, (that had a very hard time staying in the 80’s). Nothing original. Nothing. The soundtrack is the same as any mix tape every kid from that era made. I could listen to any soft rock radio station for a couple hours and hear the same songs — probably several times.

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  • jess said

    I agree with !! ! ! !! ! ! !! !!
    the movie was boring with a predictable plot line. let’s be honest noone would have gone out of their way to see it unless Kristen didn’t star in Twilight just months before.
    Yes, the soundtrack was ‘good’ but it was so typical of an
    80’s film.
    I was bored thoughout the entire film – no wonder it didn’t make it to cinemas (in Australia at least)

    If you waste your time watching a popular indie film watch whip it or 500 days of summer

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  • doug said

    Phenomenal soundtrack and movie. makes me wish i’d seen more of the 80s. unfortunately i landed right before the 90s :/

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  • Robert Donahue said

    Turned 15 in 86, still the best year of my life, tho I’d only discovered Crowded House by then (& god help me, Rock Me Amadeus), & soon after The Cure, & in college The Replacements & Big Star. The director in the dvd’s commentary track (so, so–but eisenberg’s on it too & he’s as always funny) said that, with the blink-&-u-miss-it Reagan on tv clip taking full responsibility for the Iran-Contra debacle, he was trying to telegraph (my word) a loss of innocense in the 80s. You could argue the other 2 second line where James’ rich art-&-meaning friend dashed James NYC plans & went to get a Harvard MBA instead, also supports this.

    BUT, I don’t see it that way. It’s just a funny, heartswollen, painfully real, perfect film with a perfect soundtrack, cast, and naturalistic freedom in its actors/actresses’ scripted & improv performances. First film to even Approach capturing a decade’s youth like Linklater’s Dazed & Confused did so utterly perfectly to the 70s (launching countless acting careers–even Renee Zellweger had a walk-by extra part). So I hope everyone in this cast likewise goes on to stardom, from the Rush drummer to Joel (who amazed), and Lisa P., etc. Jesse Eisenberg sealed the deal already with “Zombieland”–2 Cult Classics in a row, both ending in “land”; & Kirsten Stewart … Bella, baby, off the star charts. It was nice to see her range playing a jaded, prolifically promiscuous girl who has, unlike Bella, been seriously messed up by her parental rearrangement.

    Bill Hader & Kristin Wiig are just beginning to show us the genius they’re capable of. If you’ve seen the deleted scenes, don’t u wish they’d’ve let the first 2 in?

    Finally, for those feeling left out by soundtrack onissions, buy it anyway, make it a hit, and if Adventureland acquires the “Dazed & Confused” for the 80s buzz, remember that the “Dazed & Confused” soundtrack was such a hit, A SECOND SOUNDTRACK WAS RELEASED WITH THE SONGS THAT DIDN’T make it on the first cut. Games, games, games, man. There’s (almost) always hope.

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