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Fast & Furious 5 – Sequel Plans

Fast And Furious 5 - Sequel Plans
Prep yourself for Fast And Furious 5. The first three Fast And Furious movies took a massive $601m theatrically worldwide. Even Tokyo Drift made $158m, with no known actors, and with all the stars back for the fourth movie, it’s practically guarenteed to make bank. The ending of this latest installment is left wide open for a sequel. Here’s what we know about The Fast And The Furious 5…

Star Paul Walker said this week, “I’ve spoken with executives at Universal at this point and they’re pretty serious about it. They’re developing it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe.”

Would Walker be a part of it? “I don’t know,” he said. “I’d really want to put time into it. I don’t think it’d be too hard to make the best one yet. I don’t think the best one has been made yet. If we were to go make a 5th one it would be the best one. Otherwise let’s not do it.”

Originally the 4th movie was only meant to have Vin Diesel in it, Walker was asked back late in the day, and it’s Diesel who sounds much keener to do another. “I know Vin is in there already [thinking about the script],” says his co-star.

Diesel explains he originally wanted to make the 4th and 5th films back to back “but [Universal] was like, ‘What? We’re just getting our feet back together…'” Diesel was allowed to direct an 18 minute short film set in the Fast And Furious world, which will be available on the DVD.

Update (4/16/09) – Now the film has been released and is a huge financial success, Paul Walker is sounding much more certain about coming back, he also adds that the studio is now leaning toward Brazil for the next one. That’s not to say Europe wouldn’t come after that.

What would you like to see happen in Fast And Furious 5? Should it go to Brazil? Europe? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Collider

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  • Dax said

    All I hope is the new 5th movie comes out real soon,, can’t wait for it,,bloody awesome movies,,, no matter who the star cast is,, but walker, and vin, will be great pack,, and will be a very good movie,,,, eagerly waiting,,, for one,,,,

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  • Will said

    Yo I kinda like talks Idea bout bringing back letty, that would be pretty effin awesum. N I think if they do it in Europe, they should have a scene where they get on the auto bahn in Germany, that would b an awesome chance to c a whole lot of different cars!!!

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  • Zakk said

    I loved the 1st one,its the original and tha cars were unique at the time.
    I liked the 2nd one, they brought different actors and a mixture of cars.
    I loved the 3rd one, I liked tha whole “New Setting” and i love drifting.
    The 4th…….wasnt to happy with honestly.
    The 5th will eather be the greatest movie yet in the series….or do horrible lol

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  • Charles said

    I just hope when they end the series they do the last one in usa

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  • jordon said

    maybe they should do it in Europe? but then it would be everen better if the done it all in the U.K. it look so good oh and have a ford fiesta in the film

    p.s hope it will be better then all of the other films …..

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  • keith said

    The 5th one i reckon should be set in Brazil but the action should be in Europe then at the end of the film Vin diesel goes to tokyo, which means that starts the story line of the end of Tokyo Drift. Then if all goes well number 6 should be made with vin diesel and lucas black, that be really cool.

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  • keith said

    vin diesel calls in a old friend (paul walker) in number 6

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  • fstfurfrever said

    i would love to see the fast 5 but definatly with vin and pual together…..old crew would be essential

    and the fact that it would be in europe it would be even better

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  • Drake said

    OK im going to give my 2 cents worth on the entire fast and furious franchise.
    The Fast and the Furious 1, was the best of the series so far imo, bar none. It had the music and the feeling. It had illegal wrongs, yet made them honourable and the characters respectable in a certain way, despite what they were doing. Showed you where the legal system fails miserably. It made me feel like being in a 69′ charger was freedom and your above the law when you step inside it. I actually found my forte in life career wise by watching this film.
    I never cared for the 2nd or 3rd movies, but the 4th I want to talk about as well. First of all it had Horrible music, absolutely nothing like the first movie, which in turn ruined much of it for me. Secondly, Letty apparently died which was a big mistake. Michelle Rodriguez is the S**T. There was no mention of Vince or the other guy from the first movie which was retarded, because they were great. They have 2 comical guys helping out with the Truck Jacking, which I found werent funny at all, and far less interesting than the original team in the first movie. All in all it was too serious, too deep with all the mexican drug lords and whatnot. I still like this installment, but I would say it is only mediocre, could have been immensely better.
    For the fifth film, I think first of all it should be directed by the same guy who did the first one. Include as much of the original cast as possible, not including JA RULE.
    Bring back Letty, Vince, etc..Keep Dom in there with his Charger. Have Brian Transeau come back to do the music, he was epicly awesome. I dont have a preference on where the film is shot.
    Anyway, I love the first and fourth film and will anctiously await the 5th regardless of how it turns out.

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  • Yogi said

    I think they should go to Miami 2 get Roman Pierce. They should go 2 Europe to stay low. They should create a team and compete in street racing competitions. They should really shoot another film. It has 2 be the best one!!!!!

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  • The Dude said

    Eff that! lets call it
    F&F5: boost in space!
    and they can have it in 3D like every other god forsaken movie out there.

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  • lucy said

    i love the moviesi hope they make the 5th one (: -paul and vin u guys are the best so u guys have to be in it (:

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  • Ryan Halcomb said

    I would really like to see it go on in Brazil but Europe would be another good place to do it. Also why not have more than just two of the characters.

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  • sanjay said

    MASSIVE SPOILER: i watched fast five today an when it finished i waited in the cinema for ppl to leave so i was wast the cast of the movie an when it finished the movie started showing again an the woman was talkin to the rock about a robbery an when he looked at the person s picture in the robbery it was letty(doms girlfriend who we thought died in part 4)so there will surely be a part 6

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  • Diane said

    I LOVE these movies!!! I didn’t care for Tokyo Drift, because All the actors that made the First Dast and Furious weren’t in it!!! I know Thousands of people would Definitely Pay to See ALL the Stars Vin, Paul, Michelle, Mia, in the 5th Movie!!! The Fourth one left everyone in the Audience clapping and yelling YES, another one , Letty is coming back!!! This would be awesome!! Hurry and Bring MORE Fast and Furious Back!! These films are Great!! Women Love them for the MEN and Storyline and Guys Love the Women and CARS!!!

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