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Fast & Furious 5 – Sequel Plans

Fast And Furious 5 - Sequel Plans
Prep yourself for Fast And Furious 5. The first three Fast And Furious movies took a massive $601m theatrically worldwide. Even Tokyo Drift made $158m, with no known actors, and with all the stars back for the fourth movie, it’s practically guarenteed to make bank. The ending of this latest installment is left wide open for a sequel. Here’s what we know about The Fast And The Furious 5…

Star Paul Walker said this week, “I’ve spoken with executives at Universal at this point and they’re pretty serious about it. They’re developing it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe.”

Would Walker be a part of it? “I don’t know,” he said. “I’d really want to put time into it. I don’t think it’d be too hard to make the best one yet. I don’t think the best one has been made yet. If we were to go make a 5th one it would be the best one. Otherwise let’s not do it.”

Originally the 4th movie was only meant to have Vin Diesel in it, Walker was asked back late in the day, and it’s Diesel who sounds much keener to do another. “I know Vin is in there already [thinking about the script],” says his co-star.

Diesel explains he originally wanted to make the 4th and 5th films back to back “but [Universal] was like, ‘What? We’re just getting our feet back together…'” Diesel was allowed to direct an 18 minute short film set in the Fast And Furious world, which will be available on the DVD.

Update (4/16/09) – Now the film has been released and is a huge financial success, Paul Walker is sounding much more certain about coming back, he also adds that the studio is now leaning toward Brazil for the next one. That’s not to say Europe wouldn’t come after that.

What would you like to see happen in Fast And Furious 5? Should it go to Brazil? Europe? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Collider

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  • osb said

    letty did not die as seen in the end of fast five after credits it shows that she was spotted in madrid thats where fast six is goin to take place

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  • Steve said

    and jessie needs to come back, we still have no clue whether or not the bullet that got him killed him

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