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Fast And Furious 4 Soundtrack (songs) - Listen To It Here
The Fast & Furious soundtrack. Do you like cars? Really really like cars? Do you like muscular men? Do you not really care about the standard of a film’s dialogue? Then chances are you also like hip-hop. Apparently. That’s how it works you see. Hip-hop goes with shiny cars that go really really fast, and men with bafflingly over-developed pecs running around looking cross with each other.

Now, there was a time when a film like Fast & Furious would have been soundtracked by, oh, I don’t know, Van Halen, Poison, maybe an uplifting Bon Jovi number. Crass, idiotic mainstream trash with choruses about how tits are a good thing, and whisky and beer are just super. Now, it’s Busta Rhymes, Pitbull, and various other generic nonsense.

Essentially, the theory behind soundtracking a film like Fast & Furious goes like this: we’ve made a film that appeals to knucklehead masses. Are knucklehead masses listening to hair metal these days? Nope. They’re listening to hip-hop. If the most popular music amongst jocks, thugs and date-rapists was classical symphony, then Fast & Furious would be soundtracked by Handel’s Messiah and the William Tell Overture.

Fans of Fast & Furious will say the same thing again and again and again to non-fans: why can’t you just enjoy it for what it is? Cars. Pecs. Boobs. Hip-hop. Preposterious dialogue. Little or no characterisation. Overblown chase sequences. Implicit misogyny. Well, people? Why can’t you just enjoy Fast & Furious for that?

Because it’s stupid. It’s so, so stupid. If someone offers you a ride, and you jump into their passenger seat and see a copy of the Fast & Furious soundtrack CD in their glove compartment, you my friend are in for a twenty minute conversation on the joys of getting wasted and having sex with people who have passed out.

Listen To The Fast & Furious Soundtrack

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Or as mp3s here

Fast & Furious (Fast And Furious 4) Soundtrack – Track Listing
1. Bang [Explicit] – Rye Rye
2. G-Stro [Explicit] – Busta Rhymes
3. Loose Wires – Kenna
4. Blanco (Explicit Version) – Pitbull
5. Krazy [Explicit] – Pitbull
6. You Slip, She Grip [Explicit] – Pitbull
7. Head Bust [Explicit] – Shark City Click
8. Bad Girls [Explicit] – Pitbull
9. Virtual Diva [Explicit] – Don Omar
10. La Isla Bonita – Tasha
11. Blanco (Spanish explicit) – Pitbull
(These songs from the trailers are not included: We Are Rockstars by Does It Offend You Yeah? & Crank That by Soulja Boy)

Leave your thoughts on the Fast & Furious soundtrack in the comments.

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  • Lawdog said

    I’d like to see Fast & Furious with Bolero for the soundtrack. By soundtrack, I mean mute the movie and just listen to Bolero.

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  • Dtox said

    2 of my favorite hip-hop artists are 50 cent http://www.myspace.com/50cent and T-Effect http://www.myspace.com/teffect

    it would be nice if some of these guys music was on the next fast and furious soundtrack

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  • sandman said

    The new Fast and Furious soundtrack is the worst one. It would of been nice tohave more rock on the soundtrack

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  • sashafierce said

    i am looking for a song that was on the fast and furious soundtrack called tiamo but i cant find it no where can any one help

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  • AZAR said


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  • the chosen one said

    comment on description above; 1. you need help! your psycho!
    2. Fast & Furious is a great movie and OUR generation is better than YOURS we got EDUCATION you didn’t! just dwell in your 70’s and leave it be, your starting to repeat that parent to child cycle!

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  • Chris Neilan said

    I was born in 1982.

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  • JAD said

    Haha, What movies has this guy made? His only credit watching to many movies. At least I went to film school, I don’t care for certain movies but I at least give them credit for producing movies and get paid for it

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    • Chris Neilan said

      1) You went to a film school that doesn’t value the watching of films?
      2) You went to a film school that doesn’t value basic grammar?
      3) You don’t criticise films even if you don’t like them – why is this a good thing?
      4) Is your problem with the fact that film critics exist in general, or with film critics who criticise movies you like? Or with film critics who criticise any movies at all? Presumably you would like there to be either no film critics at all, or film critics who only ever say nice things?
      5) Having attended a film school proves little other than that you could afford the course fees. This I am aware of having been to film school.

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