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Hulk 3 (Incredible Hulk 2) – Sequel Plans

Director Louis Leterrier says he would “love to do” Hulk 3 and has been practically begging fans during TV interviews to “make this a franchise”. “I’ll do another Hulk sequel any day of the week. I love the character, I love the TV show. I love that he’s an anti-hero.”

Edward Norton had a serious falling out with Marvel during production over his script rewrite, but says “The whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts. We left a lot out on purpose. The Incredible Hulk is definitely intended as chapter one.”

Can Norton’s relationship with Marvel be repaired in time for him to return as Banner? We’ll have to wait and see.

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the leader hulkSo who is the Hulk going to face down next? Letterier let slip recently that Samuel Sterns, played by Tim Blake Nelson in the movie, is being set-up to become the villain known as… The Leader.

In the comics, Sterns is transporting gamma-irradiated waste when it explodes, transforming him into a green skinned, super intelligent criminal, complete with protruding brain. When he’s not trying to study the Hulk, he’s bent on world domination and has an army of super strong, virtually invulnerable plastic ‘Humanoids’ to help him. He also creates android duplicates of people, including, when it suits him, the President.

So he’s not the easiest character to adapt to the big screen…

Depending on the timing though, you may see Ed Norton and the Hulk somewhere else first –

Marvel is keen to have Norton reprise the role in The Avengers, which already has a release date of July 2012. Leterrier says he wants to direct that too, but then, so does Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau…

Leterrier has stated if he was put in charge of The Avengers, he’d pit the Hulk against Iron Man because, “after being chased for so many years, he’d lose it”.

Hulk as bad guy? Could be interesting.

Sources: Coming Soon, Comics2Film

UPDATE: JANUARY 2011 – We now know that Ed Norton has indeed been replaced, by Mark Ruffalo, and The Hulk will be seen in The Avengers next (see Best Movies Of 2012).

UPDATE: AUGUST 2012 – Marvel have revealed which movies they will be releasing up to 2015. They do not include a new standalone Hulk movie, despite the popularity of the character in The Avengers. However, he is likely to cameo in at least one other standalone, and there will be an Avengers 2. Let us know in the comments if you still want to see a Hulk 3, and whether you thought Mark Ruffalo was better than Ed Norton.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2013 – A credible rumour says that Marvel plan to launch Hulk into space at the end of The Avengers 2, setting up a standalone Planet Hulk movie. Read more here.

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  • B.J. Tremble said

    I think that maybe should bring out the grey Hulk the next time around. Of course they will fight, but theie ego won’t allow both of them to share the big screen, since they independent. The leader, well you could bring him out, but both hulks would team up to destroy him then part ways.. Maybe a cameo by Tony Starke

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    • gamester said

      grey hulk vs red hulk and the grey hulk is stronger than green hulk taller (about 16 feet 62600 lbs) and smarter unlike what hes saposed to be alot weaker but smaller

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      • comicinfo said

        actually the grey hulk is a lot weaker then the hulk but he is smarter depending on which grey hulk. the grey hulk turned green after absorbing a lot of radiation over the course of the comic this also made him a lot stronger the strongest hulk personality will always be savage hulk.

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    • sonny said

      for anyone who doesn’t read comics, Hulk & Grey Hulk are both bruce banner. their like different personalitys of the hulk. so hulk can’t fight the grey hulk. but hulk could fight the red hulk. sinse the red hulk is GEN. thunderbolt ross

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  • BIG JOE said


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  • Jeffrey said

    The Incredible Hulk 2 Should have the Leader in it and they should bring out the Hulk Busters.

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  • Dan said

    my personal opinion is that the hulk is great as the good guy.the last film with him fighting off the abomination was brilliant,somthing on a simular line would be good!although if the army decides to carry on hunting down the hulk a fight with the iron man in the hulk buster suite would be great!the idea of using this fat headed villan called the leader is an ok idea but would have to be altered to be a little less far fetched.it has to be said though that the way the hulk sounded and looked in the last film was spot on!

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  • Doug said

    Incredible Hulk was spot on the best adaptation I have seen (better than The Hulk…blah!)
    Anyways, the leader would be good to use, Hulk Busters would be fun to see him rip through. Abomination could return since he wasnt exactly killed off. Mercy could be used, although a little far fetched. There was another character frim the movie who becomes a villian too, I don’t remember….but they use his as well.

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    • paully said

      I,think hulk 2 was great,and the leader should be in the next one,also think of a way to bring in doc sampson,the green hair hero.

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  • popohejo said

    what about TONI STARKS from iron-man?
    is he going to involve on the next HULK 3 movie instead of that gigantic greeny bean head doctor???

    HULK vs Iron-man or HULK + Iron-man VS Greeny bean head monster??

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  • The Man said

    Having the Hulk be a bad guy in the avengers movie will be the worst thing anyone can do…..Marvel will make a big mistake having Hulk a villian. Its not what he does Hulk does not kill innoscent people for no reason. Hulk is a good guy not bad… Enought with this talk about him being evil its stupid and pathetic just stop… This is not meant to be addressed to all comments, its meant to be addressed to the last line of the article….. Having Hulk 2 would be hot

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  • lob said

    i heard that tim roth (the guy who played abomination) is signed up for 3 hulk films (thats wat he said) and as people know the abomination did not die in the end of the incredible hulk

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  • Goryokaku said

    not ot put a heart stopper in your anti-hulk being the bad guy routine but if there doing an Avengers story then they have to have hulk as the bad guy, but in the sense that he’s still on the run and due to the armies constant hounding he causes more destruction, it’s the correct story and follows the comics most closely also the hulk has been known to batter around Superheros anyway and his lack of any real control makes him the perfect anti hero. But if the avengers is going to go how i think it will then the Hulk will become an Avenger for a while once the normal misunderstandings are covered.

    No-one has actually said the Hulk will be evil, and anyway hopefully they will have Loki in as the main villian causing all the misunderstanding.

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    • Lance said

      just wanted to say that i liked your comment you were very right! hulk is no villain but with his anger and strength he causes ultimate destruction and the avengers are assembled to stop him but they assemble cause he is to strong for just one hero

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  • A.A. said

    I actually thought the first Hulk movie was better than this latest one. ILM did a hell of a job bringing the Hulk to life. I think they actually spent more time on making the Hulk look real than on this new one. The new movie looks totally CG. Everything about the Hulk looks totally computer generated with all the dark lighting. He didn’t look real to me at all. Such a disapointment. The actor they got to play the Abomination was totally wrong for that role. He wasn’t believable at all. You need manly men for these types of roles. Muscular men with chizled faces. Somone who looks like a Navy Seal or Army Ranger. This guy got shots in his neck and all of a sudden he was the Abomination. What happened to the storyline. I grew up reading the Hulk comics when they were still 25 cents. I love the character and just wish Hollywood could put some quality talent behind this next one. Take a story from one of the old comics and run with it, but whats most important is that you capture what the Hulk represents, incredible strength and power, total intimidation and fear of what he might do next. Make General Ross more of a key figure. Make him meaner and infatuated with capturing and breaking the Hulk. Bring in the Rhino to help the General with neither one of them trusting one another. That could be a story in itself. Each one of them using each other and then doing away with each other in the end.

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    • Nick Askins said

      Totally agree with you, and I know many others (who are fans of the comic book character and not just dazzled by a hollywood spoon feeding) that do. The first Hulk looking incredible. They story was extremely boring, but the Hulks look was spot on. The New Hulk looks ridiculous!!

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    • jojo said

      i don’t like the criticism about the abomination but i can understand the hulk i hated that one the old one was better but i think the abomination was spot on and also the actor

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    • Maurie said

      I liked the second Hulk movie better…the first had nothing to do with the comics..where was Rick Jones? or Maj Talbott..I think bringing on the Leader has to happen…or other foes like Lord Lightning, The Sandman,…or even a battle between the Fantastic Four, when he beat the Thing…the Hulk never stays an Avenger..as for the end of the movie with Tony Stark I think that was cool…Why don’t they have the Mandarin in the next Iron Man ?

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  • joel santanay said

    I say that the hulk without a doubt deserves a sequel.This new hulk was as they say incredible the cgi for this hulk was amazing the story line was great & the job that edward norton did rewriting the script is excellent.Not only that but edward norton play a better bruce banner then eric bana. You may not have made big money in the box office like Batman,spiderman or Ironman but will always be my favorite superhero & antisuperhero.Can’t wait for the sequel.left by number one fan joel october,21-2008 p.s I hope to see edward norton & liv tyler reprise their role they had great chemistry as bruce & betty.

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    • paully said

      I would like to see loki make the asob,man and also they need to make over the thing he looks bad,they should do him like they did the hulk,his rocks would look better.

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  • dante said

    i thot tht iron man is gonna be in the hulk 3 movie..tht wud kick ass if its iron man and abomination against the hulk..i loved the way the hulk acted like in the new one ..and he looked alil humanish which was awesome..but the first hulk movie he seemed more stronger and he was so much quicker and he jumped soo far lmao…

    wen the hell r they gonna make a captain america movie? wtf mate lol

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  • jay said

    Who thinks there should be a She Hulk movie?

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  • Eduar said

    I’m interested in how they will include Hulk in the Avengers seeing that Tony Stark will still have to coax Bruce into joining the team.
    If Hulk became the bad guy, that would be epic. They start as a team and for one reason or another Hulk retaliates against the Avengers. Imagine the drama between teammates who trusted each other and fought together and then one of them turns on the others. Maybe Tony will run into Hulk at the end of Iron Man 2? That would be cool.

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  • Tay said

    the first was a FAILURE!!!!
    the remade the first hulk to make it better
    it was concertered the second hulk its a remake so they MIGHT make a hulk 2?
    their not surre if the new one made enough money

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