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Hulk 3 (Incredible Hulk 2) – Sequel Plans

Director Louis Leterrier says he would “love to do” Hulk 3 and has been practically begging fans during TV interviews to “make this a franchise”. “I’ll do another Hulk sequel any day of the week. I love the character, I love the TV show. I love that he’s an anti-hero.”

Edward Norton had a serious falling out with Marvel during production over his script rewrite, but says “The whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts. We left a lot out on purpose. The Incredible Hulk is definitely intended as chapter one.”

Can Norton’s relationship with Marvel be repaired in time for him to return as Banner? We’ll have to wait and see.

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the leader hulkSo who is the Hulk going to face down next? Letterier let slip recently that Samuel Sterns, played by Tim Blake Nelson in the movie, is being set-up to become the villain known as… The Leader.

In the comics, Sterns is transporting gamma-irradiated waste when it explodes, transforming him into a green skinned, super intelligent criminal, complete with protruding brain. When he’s not trying to study the Hulk, he’s bent on world domination and has an army of super strong, virtually invulnerable plastic ‘Humanoids’ to help him. He also creates android duplicates of people, including, when it suits him, the President.

So he’s not the easiest character to adapt to the big screen…

Depending on the timing though, you may see Ed Norton and the Hulk somewhere else first –

Marvel is keen to have Norton reprise the role in The Avengers, which already has a release date of July 2012. Leterrier says he wants to direct that too, but then, so does Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau…

Leterrier has stated if he was put in charge of The Avengers, he’d pit the Hulk against Iron Man because, “after being chased for so many years, he’d lose it”.

Hulk as bad guy? Could be interesting.

Sources: Coming Soon, Comics2Film

UPDATE: JANUARY 2011 – We now know that Ed Norton has indeed been replaced, by Mark Ruffalo, and The Hulk will be seen in The Avengers next (see Best Movies Of 2012).

UPDATE: AUGUST 2012 – Marvel have revealed which movies they will be releasing up to 2015. They do not include a new standalone Hulk movie, despite the popularity of the character in The Avengers. However, he is likely to cameo in at least one other standalone, and there will be an Avengers 2. Let us know in the comments if you still want to see a Hulk 3, and whether you thought Mark Ruffalo was better than Ed Norton.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2013 – A credible rumour says that Marvel plan to launch Hulk into space at the end of The Avengers 2, setting up a standalone Planet Hulk movie. Read more here.

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  • Jake Brown said

    I really think they should do a Hulk 3! I loved the incredible hulk. I watch it over and over. But I do think they should try to keep Edward Norton playing hulk’s part. I’ve just gotten used to him.

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  • Jake Brown said

    I would love it if they came out with a Hulk 3. I really hope Edward Norton can keep Bruce Banner’s part though. I’ve just gotten so used to him! Plus, if they had IronMan in the movie, that would get a tremendous amount of hits! So overall, I think it would be a great movie no matter what!

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  • amysgrl said

    To all of the editors, directors, publishers, etc. of the second Incredible Hulk movie, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER INDEPENDENT INCREDIBLE HULK MOVIE PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! O and making the Hulk a villian YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!

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  • code20 said

    l think you are all right but my approach is that the hulk is released for some activity and and runs in a big building that is on fire.That contains a load of atoms then changes the hulk into the red hulk.Soon after that he X2 of him self every time he gets stronger.So then the hulks are 50/100 and are a part of the army but in the end they go against ross except 1 and helps the normel hulk.So then they fight the hulks together.

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  • code20 said

    Well hulk is well l am a massive fan of hulk so l did like hulk 1 but on hulk 2 it had a better enemy then on hulk 1.So that made me interested in hulk 2 and the hulk looked more realistic.But the only bad thing is that l think Bruce banner wont be in it so that would make it bad.Well lets just hope for the best mmmm.

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  • code20 said

    If you like my plans for hulk 3 then please reply and tell me you your plans for hulk 3.

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  • Zac said

    Tony starke showed up at the end.. That was leading up to the avengers.. Not him to help.. They fight in the avengers movie wait and see.. Remember mr. blue his head got bigger.. He will play a big part in the new one…wait and see

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  • Andrew Pugh said

    I personally feel that there should be another movie on the HULK but not with Norton or Ruffalo but Eric Bana i feel that it should be a long action packed movie maybe involving some moments from the 1970s classic tv show and someone needs to do this quick “MARVEL” because i would be a big hit.

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  • code20 said

    hulk mmmmmm well l did like hulk 2 and that but nearly every one is saying hulk 3 is coming out in 2009 then 2010 now 2013 so l dont think hulk 3 is coming out

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  • tina said

    Me and my husband would love to see another hulk. Hulk has just as many villians as the next guy. Come on bring out another hulk movie. And use Edward Norton, he did a great job in the incredible hulk.

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  • Dave Coker said

    well i don.t know how this is going to be percieved.but as far as hulk#3 goes I agree that they should use Ed Nortan as banner / the hulk because he embodyed what the series was suppossed to show in the fact that banner has always fought or tried to live in harmony with his powerful alter ego.plus he has also showen the different capabiltys and emotional sides of the hulk as well.I kinda agree with what maurie and joe santanay said I do belive that the secound hulk with e.nortan was better than the first seems to me that they paid more respect to the show andto the then star of said show Bill Bixby who played the part perfectly of banner and Lou Farigno as the hulk.So with all that said now I have been an avid comic book reader since I was eight years old I am now fity two an have followed many of the classic and somewhat newer heroes carriers for that long I know that the hulk is not a bad person he is viewed that way because he will not give in to the people chaseing him and ross sees him as bad because banner will not bow down to him and give him what he so desires. On to the reason for this comment whats the latest on the she hulk movie .eve manenas or megan fox when is release date would like to know please show info .Signed Sargent Rock 2012 also.D.A.C thank you…???

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  • Andres Alejandro said

    A Hulk sequel should be done with eric bana because it was left wide open for one. Next,my opinion is if Edward Norton had a fallen out with Marvel, both sides should fix the situation and cast him for the next incredible hulk sequel. He done an excellent job in the first one so why not use him for the next. Anything can be resolved as long as it is kept professional.

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  • johnnie baker said

    It was wonderful to see the HULK in the avengers movie.I have read THE INCREDIBLE HULK since forever. Now that there is another movie in the works with the LEADER. Why not give it a bang for us good ole hulksters and have THE RHINO join in the fun. (I still have that comic book) that should produce plenty of HULKING action…..and since THE RHINO was also a spidey villain let’s have some web slinging to up the anti. Now that’s a picture.There would be lines for blocks. Have them get the battle going at the worlds fair or it’s equivalent! Just like in the SPIDER-MAN. HULK crossover books which was always exciting. HULK SMASH!

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  • Blake said

    I would love for them to make another Hulk movie, but I do have a request: Stop changing the actor who plays Banner! First it’s changed in The Incredible Hulk, now it looks like the one in The Avengers is a different actor as well. They should have stayed with Eric Bana, in my opinion.

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  • code20 said

    THE AVENGERS IS NOT HULK 333333333333333333 soz but l mean hulk is in the avengers but what about iron man did that lead up to the avengers NO

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