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Hulk 3 (Incredible Hulk 2) – Sequel Plans

Director Louis Leterrier says he would “love to do” Hulk 3 and has been practically begging fans during TV interviews to “make this a franchise”. “I’ll do another Hulk sequel any day of the week. I love the character, I love the TV show. I love that he’s an anti-hero.”

Edward Norton had a serious falling out with Marvel during production over his script rewrite, but says “The whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts. We left a lot out on purpose. The Incredible Hulk is definitely intended as chapter one.”

Can Norton’s relationship with Marvel be repaired in time for him to return as Banner? We’ll have to wait and see.

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the leader hulkSo who is the Hulk going to face down next? Letterier let slip recently that Samuel Sterns, played by Tim Blake Nelson in the movie, is being set-up to become the villain known as… The Leader.

In the comics, Sterns is transporting gamma-irradiated waste when it explodes, transforming him into a green skinned, super intelligent criminal, complete with protruding brain. When he’s not trying to study the Hulk, he’s bent on world domination and has an army of super strong, virtually invulnerable plastic ‘Humanoids’ to help him. He also creates android duplicates of people, including, when it suits him, the President.

So he’s not the easiest character to adapt to the big screen…

Depending on the timing though, you may see Ed Norton and the Hulk somewhere else first –

Marvel is keen to have Norton reprise the role in The Avengers, which already has a release date of July 2012. Leterrier says he wants to direct that too, but then, so does Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau…

Leterrier has stated if he was put in charge of The Avengers, he’d pit the Hulk against Iron Man because, “after being chased for so many years, he’d lose it”.

Hulk as bad guy? Could be interesting.

Sources: Coming Soon, Comics2Film

UPDATE: JANUARY 2011 – We now know that Ed Norton has indeed been replaced, by Mark Ruffalo, and The Hulk will be seen in The Avengers next (see Best Movies Of 2012).

UPDATE: AUGUST 2012 – Marvel have revealed which movies they will be releasing up to 2015. They do not include a new standalone Hulk movie, despite the popularity of the character in The Avengers. However, he is likely to cameo in at least one other standalone, and there will be an Avengers 2. Let us know in the comments if you still want to see a Hulk 3, and whether you thought Mark Ruffalo was better than Ed Norton.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2013 – A credible rumour says that Marvel plan to launch Hulk into space at the end of The Avengers 2, setting up a standalone Planet Hulk movie. Read more here.

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  • carl Anthony bench said

    i dont know remember when his blood fell on the professor in the incredible hulk before hulk and abomination and him fought. i think that dude will become red hulk now that would be awsome i even made a list of villians for a sequel if they make it.

    gre hulk
    red hulk
    ghost rider
    and last but not least the bad ass who has been in all three x-men movie and has another movie based on his origins wolverine.

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  • gabriel junio said

    o hulk 3 podia se iroman vs hulk

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  • John said

    Would love to see hulk three

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  • Franko said

    The Hulk as the bad guy would be a TERRIBLE idea!!! The last scene of The Incredible Hulk is of Bruce Banner controlling his out-rages and being able to become The Hulk or not become him whenever he wishes so he can be a good guy for once and not the bad. The Incredible Hulk already displayed him as a bad guy because he can’t control anything about himself when he turns. He was a bad good guy. So if they made him fight Iron Man, and I understand how awesome that would be, it wouldn’t be right. There are a number of ways to go although I wouldn’t go with another Hulk yet seeing that he just fought one…maybe in the fourth (she hulk, red hulk, grey hulk, ect.) I’d imagine they’ll sorta copy Iron Man in making a terrorist group, which would’ve been the whole reason for making the Super Soldier syndrome that made The Hulk who he is. He’s good, he’ll work with/for S.H.I.E.L.D and probably alongside Iron Man a little.

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  • brock said

    after reading all the comments and articles to me some are on and some way off. Hulk 2 was excellent. I would love to see a sequel. Norton and Tyler in my opinion were the best for the role. The chemistry was there and the talent. When you see norton walking in the rain it took me back to the tv series it was just missing that sad, lonely,desperate music. As for having hulk in the avengers is a must. He is a hero just a little out there and as the comics goes he tosses around all the other heros yet he is the one who comes out on top in the end. If you brought in the leader as the head villan who creates a team of super villans out of the blood of the Hulk. Using the avengers with iron man and some others to combat the leader. While trying to track down Banner to help and have Hulk and the avengers fight it out to convince banner in helping would be a start to the plot. But don’t make the hulk a complete bad guy he has always been good. Abomination was a great rival for the Hulk and since he is actually sterns first succesful creation with banners blood you could bring him back in. Well just a suggestion but anyways all the marvel movies have been great except for daredevil blah…

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  • Simon said

    We need it to be established somehow in Hulk 3 or IronMan2 that there is tension between Tony Stalk and Banner, because otherwise the Avengers film wont make sense.

    The Hulk is going to be key to the Avengers film, because they are bound to base the entire story around them hunting down the Hulk because he goes awol.

    Its the most obvious story to use, but it wont make sense if there isnt an existing tension between Tony and Banner to play off against.

    They Hulk is key to there being an Avengers film, so lets hope all the original actors want to stick around.

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  • Blah said

    hey retards, the avengers starts off with iron man trying to control hulk. Then more ppl join the group to try to control him, but they fail. Then they decide to get hulk to join them because they cannot stop him. SO obvioulsy thats how the movie should start.

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  • Old School C said

    I think staying true to the comic book storyline as much as possible would be the best thing to do, especially for those who never got a chance to follow The Hulk back in the day. Im still trying to figure out why the story in the 1st one is different from the 2nd one, as far as how the Hulk came to be. In the 1st movie, it seemed to be an accident. In the 2nd one, Bruce was running tests on himself. Which one is correct?

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  • omssa said


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  • 1stgreenone said

    The Hulk movie the (recent one) was the best because the way Bruce narroats the movie. The first one sucked because the Bruce guy was a nobody. When they start casting people that really imbody the charachter they make or break the movie and when the fight scenes can entertain even my 2-year old son that they are doing something right. It will be sad if they get a whole new cast and a new director to do the third one because as a fan since 1992 it was the most accurate movie and what I think the real hulk would look like. So please do a third w/ Ironman.

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  • Ade said

    Please don’t make Hulk the bad guy.It does not make sense he his a hero in the cartoon world and moreover hulk has a heart did u see him with Dr. Ross? I hope they don’t mess it up for us who leave in the comic world.

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  • Loumar said

    I would be more than delighted to have hulk 3 it would be amazing if edward norton are still the bruce banner.He’s suited to take his part & i think liv & edward had a great chemistry so hopefully its still them together..

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  • omssa said

    when is incredible hulk 3, 2011?

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    To be clear, Hulk 3 has not been greenlit – This post is about where the director of The Incredible Hulk plans to take it but Marvel haven’t given the go ahead yet. So if the movie happens, it will be at least 2012.

    The final line up for The Avengers hasn’t been announced yet, the Hulk may or may not be in, I think the combination of Edward Norton being awkward and the FX may put them off.

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  • Dave said

    Ok. I don’ know how many of u pay attention. But in 2003 the movie was HULK. 2008 the movie was THE INCREDIBLE HULK. See different title abd different cast. The movies have nothing to do with each other, except it is a hulk story. Hulk in 2003 was Ang Lee’s version, pretty much like the cartoon. The accident causing his transformations. The Incredible Hulk of 2008 is more like the TV show. Ed Norton is more Bill Bixbyish than Eric Bana. So since they have nothing to do with one another, when the next movie come out, and Ed Norton is in it, then it is The Incredible Hulk 2. Not Hulk 3. Hope this puts a little prospective on things.

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