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Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack

Hannah Montana The Movie Soundtrack (OST) (Miley Cyrus) (Lyrics) - Listen To It Here
Uh… right… okay… the Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack. Now, as a fan of Sonic Youth and Captain Beefheart there’s always the chance that I’m the wrong person to be assessing this record. So let’s bear in mind that I’m not a 14-year-old girl, and we’ll do our best. ‘Kay?

The thing with this soundtrack is it absolutely does its job. Cheerful beyond reproach, relentlessly life affirming, listening to it is rather like being hugged by an inappropriately friendly born-again Christian.

Let’s examine some of the lyrics:

You stayed for a while and left with a smile
At least I made you happy, you made me happy too

Now, perhaps I’ve just been listening to too much Beefheart lately, but I think that’s actually kind of nice.

You can change your hair and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind that’s just the way it goes
You can say goodbye and you can say hello

Say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but you can’t say her lyrics are inaccurate.

Of course there is one thing you can say about Miley Cyrus – she’s Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter. Now, not to state the obvious, but Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t Johnny Cash, and Achey Breaky Heart could well be used as the Devil’s lift music. I mean, if you get to Hell, and Achey Breaky Heart is playing on perpetual loop as Bill O’Reilly and Leopold & Loeb belly flop into the lake of fire, it won’t be a huge shock. But his daughter is a talented whiter-than-white performer, a youth market idol, with undeniable appeal to young girls (I’m not saying tweens because it’s stupid), and all this gooey life is great and boys are nice and let’s have fun and aren’t hair extensions and clothes kind of cool stuff – well, someone’s got to do it. And she does it well. Good on her.

Of course, she’s now a multi-multi-multi-millionaire and is about to release her memoirs at the age of sixteen, so you have to cross your fingers and hope she doesn’t go the way of the Olsen twins and become an emaciated drug abuser splattered all over tabloid gossip rags. It’s a dangerous road, being a child star. First you wind up on MTV, then you get your own series of movies, then your accountant screws you, then your lawyers screw you, then the work dries up and you get into class A’s and hard sex and soon you’re on Celebrity Big Brother. So if you’re a Miley fan, try not to buy any gossip magazines and just cross your fingers.

So, the Hannah Montana Soundtrack: it’s syrupy sentimentality with some fast guitars and a bit of country & western thrown in for good measure, and it does exactly what it needs to do for its audience. If you have a niece or a daughter or a sister of suitable age, buy it for her. And hold off on the Billy Ray chat for a year or three. She’ll find out in due course.

Listen To The Soundtrack

You can buy it on cd here
Or as mp3s here

Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack (Songs) – Track Listing & Lyrics
1. You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home – Hannah Montana
2. Let’s Get Crazy – Hannah Montana
3. The Good Life – Hannah Montana
4. Everything I Want – Steve Rushton
5. Don’t Walk Away – Miley Cyrus
6. Hoedown Throwdown – Miley Cyrus
7. Dream – Miley Cyrus
8. The Climb – Miley Cyrus
9. Butterfly Fly Away – Miley Cyrus
10. Backwards – Rascal Flatts
11. Back To Tennessee – Billy Ray Cyrus
12. Crazier – Taylor Swift
13. Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
14. Let’s Do This – Hannah Montana
15. Spotlight – Hannah Montana
16. Game Over – Steve Rushton
17. What’s Not to Like – Hannah Montana
18. The Best of Both Worlds: The 2009 Movie Mix – Hannah Montana

Leave your thoughts on the Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack (and your review of the movie) in the comments.

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  • hannahmontana said

    great post. I really love the movie and I am very excited to watch it. I think its a great movie and having the soundtrack/album makes it more memorable.

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    • teemarshh said

      i think its also the best movie ever……..nd i sooooo luv u hannah montana nd i also wish u give me ur fone number so wecan contact each other i also promise to be ur fan…..xoxo….tah…tah…

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Excellent analysis. “You can say goodbye and you can say hello” is incredibly thought provoking, coming down heavily on the free will side of the predestination debate. I shall buy this Hannah Montana soundtrack to learn more.

    One thing you can say about her is that she definitely has star quality, no doubt, it’ll be interesting to see if she does a Lindsay Lohan, or if she does an Angelina and totally falls out with the father she’s obviously very close to and who is very much controlling her career.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • Miley Cyrus said

    hey guys wats up.this albumis great it took so long to record it!!!! i hope you all enjoyed the movie and the album.thanks so much for your support.
    love always,
    miley cyrus

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • teemarshh said

      wen fateemah hussyn labo gave me dis movie to c it was so incredible nd i was flagerbasted…………i am also killing my self 2 b u………………………………………………

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  • Emily Beaver said

    hey miley i LOVED the movie it was AWESOME lol
    ttyl bye
    love lil beav

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  • Brooke said

    Omg the movie was ah-mazing!!!! I Can’t wait to buy the soundtrack it sonuds pretty good:)

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  • Carrie said

    The movie was great for the entire family. I really enjoyed the soundtrack to the movies also! Thanks Miley for all the hard work you do to entertain the whole family in a “healthy” way!!!!

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  • kelsey said

    watch the movies its very good ilove yours songs i love you very good movie

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  • kaylamichelle said

    OMG>>>>>> I LOVE this movie!!!!! :))))) OMG GO HANNAH MONTANA(MILEY)

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  • askyemama said

    don’t hate on miley cyrus.
    she is doing great,
    has great songs,
    and a great life.
    i would die to be her.

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  • kayla said

    the movie was great i loved every minute of it. Miley(if that is not the real Miley and not just a pretender) I believe you are a great actress and singer I love you music so much you inspire people to do great things.

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  • Chris Neilan said

    “I would die to be her”

    I’m not sure you’ve thought that through.

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  • Nidhi said

    ohmigosh. the grl who left the comment as “Miley Cyrus” is such a poser! stop it you jerk face. she has her own life and dont try to be like her! JERK FACE

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  • Krissy said

    i havent seen the movie yet. But i love that song the climb. Its so beautiful and i love the words she was sayin in it. They were so true cause one day i want to be a singer or actress. maybe even both. Thanks hannah montana and miley you guys rock

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • jameisha said

    miley i loved the movie it was so great and i love you everything i got in my room is hannah montana things i even have some hannah montana dolls from your knew movie and i even have old ones ttfn you rock hannah im your number one fan i realllllllllllllly want to come see you but your to far from were i live maybe sometime you can come to ardmore and sing for a concert ardmore is in oklahoma city

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  • K8notn8 said

    i was reelly surprised w/ the movie. it was good even though miley cyrus sux balls usally. yay!!! the songs r fricken awsome 2!!! yay!!! -k8notn8

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