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Top 10 Most Shameless Uses Of Product Placement In Film

Ah, good old fashioned movie product placement. Being an angst fuelled youngster, product placement is one of my favourite areas in which I can pin point and rant about corporate greed in the most cliché “stick it to the system” manner possible. The basic idea of product placement is to make more money to finance your film by placing specific products within a film, such as through characters, placements in the mis-en-scene, and often even in the dialogue of the script. In a certain way, product placement can add to realism within a film, as it would be silly if people were drinking from a can marked “Beer” or a packet marked “Cigarettes” in true Orwell’s 1984 fashion.

However, in the ever growing corporate dominated world we live in, the entertainment business has been a breeding ground for corporate greed and product placement. Sometimes it really does add to a film’s overall feel, and it is easy to understand a film that is struggling to get production money needing a financial boost from a company by promising to show, or advertise, their product in their movie. Nine times out of ten, however, it really is greed, and the placement is so cringingly obvious that it almost adds a humorous effect to the dialogue and in many cases ruins a film. Allowing product placement to take place in your film definitely effects the artistic and creative direction of your film, as you are made to accommodate for the different products within dialogue or shots on location etc.

What follows is a top 10 list of the most shameless examples of movie product placement, but first, some brief insightful words from the king of surrealist film making in the western world, Mr. David Lynch.

10. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Converse)

Harry Potter seems like an unlikely place for product placement, as after all it is set in the fantasy world that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, as the Potter franchise edges into the latter films of the series, up props some great opportunities for some product placement aimed directly at the kids. Young adults are the perfect demographic for Harry Potter, and indeed the new age revisited trend of Converse shoes.

The fact is; Luna Lovegood’s shoes could have been any brand, or even just some plain black shoes- but they just had to be Converse, didn’t they? What follows, is a clip from the scene in which the shoes most prominently feature. I particularly love the way that the camera pans down to reveal them like some sacred idol.

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  • J said

    Underarmour in Gridiron Gang is ridiculous!

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  • mike said

    No eight crazy nights?

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  • Ryan said

    In Babalon A.D. during the whole movie their wearing oakley products, oakley on everything, and this really stood out in the movie, the airplane they flew on was pretty much a billboard for coke zero

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  • Marshall Slayton said

    The fact that Evolution was left off this list is a tragedy. That’s the most shameless promotion I’ve ever seen in any film… period. It actually ended with a commercial.

    What about the McDonald’s scenes in Big Daddy? Or the Applebee’s commercial in Talladega Nights?

    Granted, these are comedies, but it doesn’t make them any less shameful.

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  • Shelly said

    I know we’ve all got a specific movie that comes to mind when we think ‘product placement.’ I’ll have to nominate Blade: Trinity as my favorite. I think this movie is probably why I still have yet to buy an ipod lol

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  • Harrison Koch said

    I think it is quite funny that Transformers didn’t make the list here. It was quite literally a 2-hour advertisement for General Motors. Almost every car you see on screen was a GM car, and the over-the-top, (and extremely poorly timed) advertisement for the 2010 Camaro (where are they??) was so in-your-face that when that scene played…I officially tuned out of the rest of the film. I’ve never been, and probably never will be subjected to such unabashed product placement in my life. A 2 hour advertisement was simply brutal. Even Megan Fox couldn’t save that one.

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  • Psiondragon said

    OK, It’s not a movie, but my wife loves watching Bigest Loser, you wanna talk about product placement, here’s how it usually goes…

    Trainer Bob (Yelling)”DO IT, YOU ARE MAKING ME SICK, LOOK AT YOUR FAT LAZY A** SWEATING BLOOD ON THE FLOOR, DON’T CRY, I DIDN’T GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO CRY YOU WORTHLESS PEICE OF DOG CRAP !!!, LOOK AT WHAT YOU EAT, BURGERS, SPAGETTI, COLAS…ALL FATENING CRAP” (then he snaps into super kind mode, looks directly at the camera & with a huge smile) “But if you’d like to help curb those between meal cravings try ‘Fiber One Yogurt’, low in calories & the high amount of fiber is not only good for you, it helps fill up your tummy for hours :)” (back to hell mode) “DID YOU GET ALL THAT YOU FAT FUNKS !!!”

    Trainer Jillian is worse, although the language was slightly exagerated, it was to prove a point, this happens about 6 times per episode!

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  • Shanky said

    E.T. drinks Coors!!

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  • Ed said

    How about Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler, it was like watching commercial after commercial, from Wendys, to Hawaiian Punch, Hallmark, Budweiser, KFC the list keeps going and going how could this movie not be in the list.

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  • Dwigth said

    What did you say about Ironman when Tony stark returns to USA and says “I only want a real American cheese burger” and after that we can see him eating a big Whooper of Burger King.

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  • Jenn said

    spiderman and eagle eye

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  • Roger said

    ET????? Reeces Pieces made a huge coup in that movie. M&M’s still regrets all the cash they lost for years after that movie.

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  • Bert said

    The Micheal bay movie: the island, had gratuitous amount of product placement!

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  • Mike said

    Whenever I hear (or see, in this case) “shameless product placement” I think ‘Final Destination 2’ and their terrible Apple placements like 4 times in the movie.

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  • Onath said

    I definately thought of TWISTER when I saw this list. They scour a tornado ravaged town for soda cans to make into propellers, and amazingly come up with box after box of cans… all Pepsi products.

    And dont forget Molly Shannon’s Superstar – She worked for Blockbuster but more importantly – EVERY SINGLE CAR was a light green VW Beetle.

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