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Top 10 Most Shameless Uses Of Product Placement In Film

4. You’ve Got Mail (Starbucks, AOL)

Possibly one of the most mundane attempts at addressing the then current social trend that is the internet, “You’ve Got Mail” did a lot more than provide us with a quirky love story. The story centres on a relationship between a moderately attractive Meg Ryan, and a Tom Hanks so wooden, that you ‘wooden’ be a fool for thinking his prior role in Toy Story (1995), had actually turned him into wood.

This said “relationship” just so happens to be dependant on global corporations to keep them in contact- so what better way to cram as much product placement as possible into this otherwise quaint, but superficial little film. AOL is at the centre of this orgy of product placement, and actually turns into a bit of a character of its own within the plot.

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  • Samantha said

    Are you KIDDING me? What about Spiderman and the Dr. Pepper can that took up the ENTIRE screen while he was first learning how to sling web?!

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  • Lauren said

    Why was the new ‘Sex and the City’ movie not mentioned?
    The entire film was just one HUGE advertisement for designer clothing!
    It was pretty ridiculous.

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  • buggy said

    anyone remember the movie evolution?
    that movie is literally a massive ad.
    And after the movie the actors did a mock commercial for the product.

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  • katie said

    I def. think wanes world is the best example
    even though it was meant to be a joke about products in movies, it was still a product placement method

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  • Regari said

    I see no issue with any of these really. The fact is movies cost a lot of money to make and advertising helps pay for them.

    Either way I actually enjoy some of it. I have a strong attachment to Dr.Pepper for example. It’s very plausible that a 5 second frame showing a can of the holy nectar will outdo the rest of the movie in shear awesome. XP (Though It’s equally true I’ll be pretty angry if the movie isn’t deserving of the sacred beverage’s appearance. <.<)

    Even without the demi-patriotism though it helps people relate to things they know. It can be done wrong but I can’t immediately think of any instance of such.

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  • Nero-etc said

    So what you are trying to tell us is that every single product featured in a film should be fictional ? Film set in the real world can use real world products as a way to ground the film in reality. Like in men in black when she is sent to get a case of mountain dew .. if that was real life what else would she be sent to get ?

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  • Gabriel said

    What about The Island? I wanted my money back by the end of it, because the advertising was so blatant. I’m sure Cisco Systems, MSN Search, Xbox, Puma, Reebok, Miller Light, NBC, NFL, Budweiser, Apple, Aquafina, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Mack, Coca-Cola, Speedo, TAG Heuer, Amtrak, Ben & Jerry’s and Nokia are happy, though.

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  • Nick Giordano said

    What about Will Smiths latest movie, I am Legend?
    his car, his food supply, and not to mention that he somehow runs all his lab tests on Mac computers. Also ads on buildings even advertise new movies coming out.

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  • Almiria said

    A lot (read: all) of teen movies are crammed with product placement. Cell phones and service providers, fast food, brand clothing, drinks, cars, anything that they think a teen could possibly want.

    I thought, from this list, the will smith converse thing was the most outrageously blatant.

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  • stinkingbob said

    The real question that advertisers should be asking is whether or not the money they are spending to be featured in a movie is really motivating consumers to go out and buy their product. I really don’t think so. Personally, it doesn’t bother me to see ads by major companies thrown in as long as it is done with some kind of artistic “grace”. But honestly, seeing an ad for converse shoes in a movie is not going to compel me to go out and buy one. Ditto for an Apple computer.

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  • unkle lancifer said

    MAC AND ME was a giant Mcdonald’s commercial that even featured Ronald himself and a crazy dance number that took place at the fast food chain!

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  • pepsi said

    uh, didn’t pepsi cans save the day in the movie twister making them the actual hero of the movie?

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  • Peter D said

    They should have added Iron Man (pretty much every single car in that film was an Audi)
    And Transformers which was a giant commercial for GM and the amarican army
    oh ya, and the evil mountan dew vending machine.

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  • Kaos said

    What about Torque. The fighting scene between the two women near the end. The two shots of the women, one in front of a Mountian Dew sign, the other a Pepsi. The Signs take up the whole screen

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  • Tom (Hatori) said

    Hello all – some interesting discussion here.

    Obviously a top ten isn’t enough for something like this! haha. Some great suggestions and comments.

    As for waynes world, i didn’t use it because the key word here was “Shameless”; and sinse the Wayne’s World is a parody of product placement it didn’t fit the title.

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