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Top 10 Most Shameless Uses Of Product Placement In Film

4. You’ve Got Mail (Starbucks, AOL)

Possibly one of the most mundane attempts at addressing the then current social trend that is the internet, “You’ve Got Mail” did a lot more than provide us with a quirky love story. The story centres on a relationship between a moderately attractive Meg Ryan, and a Tom Hanks so wooden, that you ‘wooden’ be a fool for thinking his prior role in Toy Story (1995), had actually turned him into wood.

This said “relationship” just so happens to be dependant on global corporations to keep them in contact- so what better way to cram as much product placement as possible into this otherwise quaint, but superficial little film. AOL is at the centre of this orgy of product placement, and actually turns into a bit of a character of its own within the plot.

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  • bunhyung said

    The Bond films were pushing Omega (and Seiko) far earlier than Casino Royale.
    Also don’t forget the Lotus Esprit was far cooler in its many iterations than the Astons have been.

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  • raequin said

    Homey, you must include Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer. The Dodge placement therin just made this bad movie almost unbearable.

    “It’s got a Hemi”

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  • Whitechapel said

    Cloverfield has a scene where they are right fuking next to a mountain dew vending machine for like 8 hours trying to find a way out of the subway.

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  • Hakim said

    Not to forget; Back to the Future (Mattel,Pesi,Nike..) and last but not least…E.T! the story about M$M’s not interested in featuring in the movie is until today one of the biggest strategic company mistakes ever,Old Spice doubled business after the movie was out…

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  • Adam said

    Actually, James Bond doesn’t wear a Roles, he wears and Omega. I know this because in the new Casino Royale he actually says it on screen that he wears this watch. A more obvious product placement I’ve never seen.

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  • Huey Freeman said

    Good job on leaving out just about every Michael Bay film; too obvious and way too easy.

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  • uh said

    OK. how about Transformers ( 2 hour long Ford/ GM commercial ) and pretty much every Michael Bay flim. This list needs a revision.

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  • Jeca.farr85 said

    How about the holiday that blatantly was promoting the movie I know who killed me,Because cameron diaz sopussedly works in edititing movie trailers.There’s even a part whre cameron says:now thats a gonna be a hit!!!(Refering to the movie trailer:I know who killed me)

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  • sbUdk said

    Well, The Island got the most and abvious Ads in Movie history, like Cisco, MSN , a couple of Sneakercompanies, XBOX, and many Automobile companies,

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  • Craig said

    These are fantastic. I would say, however, that there are two that are worse, or at least as bad:

    1. Free Willy: I wasn’t a kid when I saw it, so I noticed that there is a scene written in JUST to have two Coca Cola Bottles in it (among other offenses), and then another scene where the camera shot focuses so intently on the Nike logo that it is full screen AND the only thing on the screen. It was a just 40 foot Nike billboard in the theater for a few seconds.

    2. Happy Gilmore (Subway) and Wayne’s World (Dorito’s). I know they attempt to use it ironically, but it is barely less embarassing than these.

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  • rebecca m said

    How can you forget Eagle Eye? From Porche Cayenne to Macys, to Visa and Capital One credit cards and even Circuit City, it was practically a series of commericials than a movie.

    who uses a SUV as the lead car in a car chasing scene!?

    now THAT’S shameless product placement.

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  • BW said

    No Cellular on this list, what a shame..

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  • thebonodelusion said

    James Bond was a pioneer of this crap. If you read the original novels, Ian Fleming was very specific about which brands Bond used. Whole pages are sometimes covered in a list of brands, from cigarettes, booze, cars to suits and pens. The car changed in every novel too. Originally it was a Bentley. There’s a point where he gets a bonus payment, and then thinks “I’ll go out and buy a Bentley”.

    Conclusion – it’s all Ian Fleming’s fault.

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  • Azazael3 said

    They had to PAY Fedex a large sum of money for Castaway, as the movie demonstrated that their pilots suck and have a tendency to crash into the sea a lot. If you want your package or documents there at all,(forgetting about timeliness) don’t send it by Fedex. And Wilson balls are prone to punctures….

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  • Katelyn said

    All I can think of is Josie and the pusycats. Target is all I remember when I remember that movie

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