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Top 10 Most Shameless Uses Of Product Placement In Film

4. You’ve Got Mail (Starbucks, AOL)

Possibly one of the most mundane attempts at addressing the then current social trend that is the internet, “You’ve Got Mail” did a lot more than provide us with a quirky love story. The story centres on a relationship between a moderately attractive Meg Ryan, and a Tom Hanks so wooden, that you ‘wooden’ be a fool for thinking his prior role in Toy Story (1995), had actually turned him into wood.

This said “relationship” just so happens to be dependant on global corporations to keep them in contact- so what better way to cram as much product placement as possible into this otherwise quaint, but superficial little film. AOL is at the centre of this orgy of product placement, and actually turns into a bit of a character of its own within the plot.

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