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Top 10 Most Shameless Uses Of Product Placement In Film

2. James Bond (practically everything)

The name’s Bond. James Bond. James Bond Inc, in fact. At least it might as well be, because as time goes on James Bond becomes more and more close to becoming a corporation in his own right. In his past he has sported products on behalf of Rolex, Aston Martin, BMW, Heineken, Ford, Larks Cigarettes, Coca-Cola, Sony, TiVo, and Rupert Murdoch’s infamous News Corp. We’ve all seen the adverts in any magazine during the release of a bond film; Rolex watches, Laptops, Cars, you name it, Bond’s got it, and now he wants you to have it too. Product companies are simply fighting with each other to get airtime in Bond films as he’s the Mecca of audience attraction; Women love him, men want to be him, kids want to grow up to be like him, heck, the gay community want him too!

As movie finance grows beyond the realms of human arithmetic, product placement grows in parallel; and with this, we notice the bond films making slight changes. In the latest Bond film “Casino Royale”, a traditional Vodka Martini wasn’t good enough for Bond. He has a new brand, a Vodka Martini – Smirnoff. There was no quirky scene with Q (or now, R) with which to subtly do a bit of product placement under the cover of fun gadgets, so the product placement was left to the smallest parts of the imagination. Daniel Craig’s Bond is rarely seen without his sexy Sony Vaio laptop computer, and has now swapped from a Rolex, to an Omega, which of course Bond feels the need to announce during a conversation on a train with his live Vesper. The following video is an interesting little montage of highlighted placement from the most recent Bond film, Casino Royale.

I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Quantum Of Solace’ turns out to be the latest laptop in the Sony Vaio series.

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  • James said


    How can Castaway NOT be on this list, it was a giant commercial for Fed Ex!!!!

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    • Oomies said

      Actually, Castaway needed Fedex for the movie, to make it seem more real. Fed ex didn’t pay a thing.

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    • kaybee said

      actually that would have been an awful commercial for FedEx. Their plane crashes and all packages are lost. Not really something you want people to keep in mind while sending a package in the mail…

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    • sabrina said

      Why didn’t you use Transformers 2, the whole movie was a GMC comercial…UGH.

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  • Cory said

    Hmmm. yet the wizard which was centered around nintendo did not make the list

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  • Mariya said

    How could we forget about Evolution, the movie that is an entire ad for Head & Shoulders shampoo?

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  • Amanda said

    Because FedEx didn’t actually pay to be featured in the movie.

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  • Tom (Hatori) said

    haha yeah Castaway was i my original draft, i did a lot of changes and switches, but theres so so many examples out there!

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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  • marshall banana said

    wtf man how the hell can you not include this part in Wayne’s World:


    that blows all of the things in your list away.

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  • pat said

    what about talladega nights?
    they had a commercial for applebee’s in the movie,
    a discussion about fig newtons, they prayed for thanks for taco bell kfc and dominos, and not even mentioning all the logos on the cars

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  • Jeremiah said

    I think Transformers should definitely have a spot on this list.

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  • afrocelt said

    Demolition Man Tacobell scene was dubbed? Not in the UK. Sure it does go on about Tacobell, and I hadn’t got a clue what Tacobell was until a few years after I’d first seen the film, but I’ve watched the film four or five times, and have never encounted a copy refering to Pizza Hut.

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  • Tor said

    In Breaking and Entering (2006), they only use Apple computers (and when a laptop is used, the glowing Apple logo is always displayed. At one point, Ray Winstone walks up to use one of the many Apples and says something along the line of “don’t you just love Apples?”.


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  • Trell said

    Personally, I found the product placement for Nokia in ‘Cloverfield’ very tasteless, especially the scene on the subway platform.

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  • Will said

    How can they not put “Bye Bye Love” from 1995 in there it’s an entire movie damn near centered around McDonalds.

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  • jay said

    the worst in recent memory had to be the placement for Dodge in Fantastice Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer. The Fantasicar has a Dodge badge and the familiar grill, at which point human torch asks “This thing got a Hemi??” ON A FLYING CAR?????

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  • Mario said

    I definately think that The Weather Man should’ve been on here. The ads made that movie a piece of sh*t.

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  • Duke said

    I dont things like the James Bond one count as product placement. I mean did you expect them to make up completely new brands for everything? It makes it real.

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