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Crank 3 – Sequel Plans

Crank 3 - Sequel Plans
Crank 3 talk has been floating around since last year. So what’s been said, and how likely is another sequel?

Crank has two directors, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, and they’ve been very clear they’d like to see Chev Chelios, the medical miracle, keep going. The big idea they have for Crank 3? – Crank 3-D.

If anyone can have fun with the 3-D medium and bring something inventively off the wall to it, it’s these guys. Crank is the sort of series that needs to be constantly raising the bar and this is the perfect way to do it.

Rather than using Avatar’s 3-D technology, Neveldine says “Red cameras are putting together a sick lightweight 3-D system. Lightweight is key for us, it’s about what you can do with the cameras.”

How likely are the studio to green light Crank 3? Well Crank: High Voltage hasn’t opened well. On Friday it landed in 6th place with only $2.6m, when it was really expected to hit 2nd or 3rd with double that. The decision not to hold press screenings looks to have been a bad one, it meant coverage was at a minimum and most critics who did see it gave it a decent grade, realising it’s all tongue in cheek. The only thing that might save Crank as a franchise is that it’s low budget ($12m) and the first one only became a hit on dvd, the same may happen here.

What would you like to see happen in Crank 3? What body part do you think should be missing? What should Chev Chelios have to keep doing to stay alive? Leave your thoughts in the comments…

Source: Collider

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  • Jay Avina said

    Crank 3-D?….no way. When i first saw crank, i really enjoyed the film. I’ve yet to see Crank 2. but i will go watch it. The idea of making in my opinion a great trilogy into a 3-D movie will ruin it. Once again, it will be done just for the money.

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  • Damien said

    Go for it GUYS!!! Loved the 1st, will definately see and buy the second. Not sure bout the 3d thing tho. But make a 3rd one ill watch and buy!!!

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  • Chon Waen said

    3-D? Hmmmmm….
    Plus: Amy Smart wearing little or nothing in visual stereo.
    Minus: Action sequences that would be so visually disorienting folks would be blowing chunks in the theater.

    As long as the movie comes with both 3-D glasses and an air-sickness bag, count me in!

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  • kevin dawson said

    i have loved both these movies and the third sounds great but in this sex scene with amy smart make her show it all and u should follow up on the whole heart thing plus give it more of that tounge and cheek comedy if you need ideas for the script email me

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  • Jon said

    They could take out his brain and do something with that. Age regression. Uncontrollable bowels. etc.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Love it.

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  • kevin said

    3d or not, ill watch!

    he’s the awesomest person ever. :p

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  • Required said

    I doubt Jason Statham will be in the 3rd one. First of all he’s staring in more and more “larger” films so Crank 3 probably won’t appeal, and secondly at the enfing of Crank 2 (Captain Obvious says “there’s spoilers ahead in case you didn’t guess”) he’s on fire and his face is badly burned so “re-constructive surgery” will be needed making him like Doctor Who in that respect with no more Jason appearing.

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  • Greg said

    Heres what i think for Crank 3…..

    amy smart and the guy who plays chev i forget his name….

    The both of them, must keep each other alive while looking for the key or the combination to stop the bomb that’s keeps them together, which if they move apart from each other in a certian distance the bomb explodes….Each has a belt, which is magneticaly to the bomb, if they break the magnetic bond, the bomb explodes…

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  • dude said

    Greg that sounds awesome!

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  • William Harris said

    tht whole thing wiv the magnetic bomb, no chance, i think tht really, chev is in hospital agen, but this time, havin his face fixed as it was on fire in the 2nd, but keep the role to Statham as he is f**kin awesome, while this is happenin, he will ficd out don kim is still alive and finds out he is goin after the doc to kill him, so chev will have to not only keep himself charge but hunt down don kim, whilst fightin his henchmen thru out, but this time, make the fight scenes longer, just like the directors did in the transporter films. stathams fight scenes were made longer, so they sud also do this in crank 3, we also need mre people we know in this movie, like, bring in vinnie jones, to play one of don kims most trustworthy and most strongest henchman, and maybe someone else as well. like alot of movies, ther r aroun 2 or 3, so, michael clarke duncan teamin up wiv vinnie jones, give chev a challenge, let him fight some one stronger than him, so the two main henchmen can be Michael Clarke Duncan and Vinnie Jones will be the perfect people, chev likes a challenge, and this will certainly be a gr8 thing to do, so whilst chev is huntin dwn don kim, vinnie and michael can be huntin him dwn and mke sure chev dnt find don kim b4 don kim gets to the doc.

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  • William Harris said

    this time around, the sex scene can be made on a soccer field or somewher, 1, coz ther r normally streakers on the fields anyways, and 2 it will be unexpected, people will love it, and tht can be wher he searches for don kim, but wiv vinnie and michael ther wiv him, vinnie loves football, so, y not have it on a football pitch (soccer). no need to take out his brain, ther is nout wrong wiv the brain, this time around its his face, so they’ll keep the artificial heart but make a clone like version of his face and put it on him, coz we all wnt statham playin the part of chev chellios again, dnt we guys, everyone will agree wiv me on tht. statham suits the chellios part, no one else will, thts y statham was chose to play the part in the first place.

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  • William Harris said

    if anyone wants to email me about any of these ideas let me know yer, my address is devil.master@hotmail.co.uk. so please, contact me. thankyou.

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  • DreamsofClouds said

    Wow. . .if you leave such a long comment at least spell most of it correctly. . .I could hardly make out what he said. :S


    I believe, that a third movie would be amazing!

    I mean yes, the ending sequence to the second one made it pretty obvius Chev is well . .er toast. xD

    But seriously?

    I think they could easily make a third one, considering the second one well .. .wasn’t what you;d exactly call realistic.

    it was more so, comical if anything.

    So yeah! Crank 3 YEAHHH!!! =D

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  • crankdatsouljaboy said

    gregs idea has already been used in transporter 3 but its still a good idea. my idea would be chev gets his heart but johnny vangs brother kidnaps amy smart.

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