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Friends: The Movie?


Friends: The Movie? Such a thing would have been unthinkable back in 2004 when the series ended and the cast left Central Perk for their numerous individual film projects. But today those projects have all but dried up. Gone is the era of Courteney Cox starring in Scream, Matt LeBlanc headlining Lost In Space and Matthew Perry being a romantic lead. Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been on the radar since The Break-Up and David Schwimmer has had to resort to directing (Run Fat Boy Run, which flopped in the States).

The Daily Mail says it is now confirmed that Warner Brothers has given Friends: The Movie the greenlight to start shooting “within 18 months”.

What’s sparked this decision now? – Sex And The City. The movie version has made over $300m worldwide, far beyond industry expectations, and it has been generally well received by critics.

In the last couple of years it’s claimed that only Aniston has been dragging her heels about a big screen version, but now even she is sold.

We know from past experience that British tabloids are not exactly reliable. ‘Nicholas Cage as Magnum PI’ turned out to be complete b.s., but, then again, they were the first to say the last Harry Potter would be split into two movies – it sounded like nonsense but turned out to be absolutely true. So how accurate this claim is is anybody’s guess, for now.

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  • Dave said

    Load of BALLS.

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  • mohammed said

    there should sooo be a friends movieeee, please please let there be a movie i love all the seasons and watch them nearly everyday again and again!!!! i want to see all of the actors back on screen!!! friends is the best show everrrrr!!!

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  • Tricia said

    Could I WANT this movie made more?

    I think if they set it 10 years from when they left off, they could pull it off, plus the added characters of the kids being in their teens, bring Joey back from LA cuz his career didn’t work, and Ross and Rachel FINALLY get married! Could I BE any more excited?

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  • Lisa said

    OMG! Friends HAS to have a movie! They have so many fans and they’ve been so sucessful in the series. They deserve 1 movie to just reunite the entire cast. Their a big family! CAN’T WAIT!

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  • tammy tindall said

    i would friends to make a movie.
    i love watch them on dvd.

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  • Isreal said

    I love friends though i think the news is too good to be true. but if it is i love to see some more of the lovely series. i love them so much that i watched them every day for like a year. i hop it is true

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  • daya3 said

    i must say that friends is the best and i really love it but idont think a movie would do it….i mean if they made special episodes tht would continue off the story and by that they would have more time to really show the events……

    just an opinion not more…

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  • Lulu said

    i really hope they release it. Luv this show!

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  • Chloe said

    When i heard this big news, i cried without reservation, I have been waiting for so long for this, please just let it be a movie, nowadays i am still watching friends every night……i just love them so much

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