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Wolverine 2 – Sequel Set In Japan?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 - Sequel Set In Japan?
Audience tracking is suggesting a huge opening weekend for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so what can you expect from Wolverine 2 if expectations are met?

Hugh Jackman is the first actor since Christopher Reeve to play the same superhero in four movies. And he says he’ll keep playing the character as long as the fans want him. This is partly because his own production company produced the last two X-Men movies (big money), and partly because his career hasn’t really ignited outside of the role. Of course he may enjoy it too.

And Jackman’s very clear where he wants Wolverine 2 set –

“I want another one. Yeah, damn it. Of course. The most intriguing thing to me was the Japanese saga. I wanted to do the Japan story from around X-Men 2. Can you just picture Wolverine in Japan with the triads and the samurai? It’s just genius. Comedically and dramatically.”

“I love the idea of this kind of anarchic character, the outsider, being in this world — I can see it aesthetically, too — full of honor and tradition and customs and someone who’s really anti-all of that, and trying to negotiate his way. The idea of the samurai, too — and the tradition there. It’s really great. In the comic book he gets his ass kicked by a couple of samurai — not even mutants. He’s shocked by that at first. …There’s also a great, very intricate story there with Mariko.”

** SPOILER ** Indeed, one of the scenes after the credits of X-Men Origins: Wolverine shows Wolverine “drinking to remember” in a bar in Japan. The head of Fox Studios has said these secret endings hint at where the series would be headed. ** END SPOILER **

Besides Wolverine 2, you may see any of four potential spin-offs. The script for X-Men Origins: Magento is completed and waiting to see how Wolverine fairs at the box office. There is also the strong possibilty of a Gambit movie, and/or a Deadpool movie. And then there’s X-Men: First Class, which focuses on the youthful mutants in Professor X’s first class – it’s said that Wolverine will feature there in at least a cameo.

What do you want to see happen in Wolverine 2? Which of the 4 spin-offs would you be most interested in seeing? Leave your comments below.

Source: MTV

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  • dead drool said

    oh i just learned more about deadpool and he is by far my fav x-man now, i love to see a spin off of him “with his red ninja outfit too”

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  • Sir Collin said

    Is this for reals?????

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  • Greg said

    I wanna see xmen first class and Gambit happen!!!!!

    3 movies of each…..Xmen comics are popular so i wanna see it happen!!

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  • Tom said

    A lot of different options are possible for the next movie, I wonder how the directors figure out what’s next.

    What I really want to see again is Gambit and maybe another human jumper (teleporter). The deadpool villein I don’t think they should build too much on, he’s too much like a machine and to me just no that of a cool character. Kinda creepy though. The original dude that he was at the beginning was cooler because he actually talks.
    “Guys! they’re all dead, you can come in now.”

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    • PDUBS said

      Deadpool would be able to talk, if you watch beyond the credits, you see deadpool’s alive and the stitches across his lips tore, then the lips healed… just so you know 😛

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  • Cameorn Bailey said

    i want to see a deadpool movie. Far more violent, far more action, far more killing and comedic puns

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    Why not bring back PROFESSOR X CYCLOPS AND JEAN in X MEN 4. Keep that story going now that we know magneto is getting his powers back like they showed at the end of the movie and also find a way to put professor x back in his body..oh yeah he’s dead but true x men fans know who can bring dead people back. that way you can bring gambit into the franchise….oh and the mutant i was reffering to who can bring back the dead is SYNISTER

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  • Adam Webb said

    ok this is for cameorn bailey clearly u dont know much about comics deadpool is not a villan he been on X-force for ever now which is good abd he does talk hes not going to keep his mouth shut hell cut it open and he qas a machine because he was under the control of stryker from the drug or what ever it is he & wolverine are friends u hace to keep in mind this took place a long time ago deadpool is the same as he was in the begining he wears a mask now cuz they screwed up his face obv u saw it but he is the same as he was in the begining he was under there control at the time but hes the funniest and one of the coolest mutants there is I say one of the coolest cuz there are other mutants like Gambit for example but no one matches his humor even in the modern times now he always has his samurai sword and a gun lol but he woukd be the most interesting funniest & coolest mutants to do a origins spin off on bailey u need to read up on ur history do ur homework before u let everyone know that reads this that u have no clue wgar u r talking about k. good!! they should continue with X-Men 4 all the actoes said they want another Halley Berry told tge fans to write abd enail to get one they have so much material to use tgey cant leave cyclops dead when he really isnt its in the comics abd jean comes back as herself only a 100 times more powerful she isnt as powerful as herself as phoenix but she got so much more power & profesor X isnt dead he is already in a new body & rocker has to get her full power im guessing that cute was only temporary they just didnt know it like magnus already woukd start to move metal against at the end with tge metal guessing piecw so i want an X4 so everyone comes bacj no obě is dead but the phoenix ánd she comes bacj aš jean so tharsalk im out

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  • chris said

    bring on all those films just do them right,have bryan singer come back.do the sentinle story in first class with sinister,and have apocalypse in the magneto film,and do a district-x film with bishop as a detective chasing wanted mutants and have beak,chamber,husk,and prosimian show up as well as other cameos of ones who don’t show in the other films that would be a master film right there if fox would pull it head out of it @$$.we also need a x-4 to bring cyclops back or at least give the others more screen and there story and a better ending that does not leave it open.

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  • Jacob said

    I would like to see a x men 4, wolverine 2, and a deadpool movie. I have always been a fan of the x-men, wolverine 2 i think would be bad ass every one wants to know more about his origins, everybody likes deadpool the merk with a mouth as long as he is actually the crap talking deadpool this time, that was my favorite thing about him. It kinda sucked they had his mouth sewed shut in origins.

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  • andrew said

    i wanna see a gambit movie happen

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  • zyex said

    I want to see them throw in a lot of characters in any of the movies. In Japan, they should at least have Sunfire, Silver Samurai and even Psylocke and The Hand.

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  • PDUBS said

    what about doing more with wolverines brother? sabertooth would be a fun one to follow, or even storm…. i suppose that wolverine 2 would follow up some on sabertooth, and if it does, i hope that they show why he ended up more animal than man in X1. Also, I hope that if an X4 is made, they bring sabertooth back, he never actually died in the first one, you know because a cop was mauled “as if by a bear” after the fight between sabertooth and wolverine

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