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You can expect a Hellboy 3 if the second installment earns its money back. Make no mistake, director Guillermo del Toro loves making Hellboy movies. The first barely broke even, and it was his determination alone that made this sequel happen.

On the red carpet last week he said “Don’t tell my family, but I would love to do Hellboy 3 consecutive to the Hobbit. The first movie was 2004, the second movie is 2008 so if the third movie is 2012, 2013, it’s not that far off.” Elsewhere he elaborated, “I don’t think sequels that are whipped out are the best ones. I love the idea that we took so many years to make this one. If it takes four years to make Hellboy 3, I’m at peace.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s not already actively thinking about it –

Hellboy was originally created as a comic book by Dark Horse’s Mike Mignola back in 1994. Mignola is credited as co-writer on Hellboy 2. He says planning for the next sequel is already underway, and also shed some light on the future of the comic:

“Guillermo has thrown out so many ideas for the third movie, you go, ‘Geez, if he puts everything into Hellboy 3 that he says will be in Hellboy 3, it’ll be 36 hours long.’ The third film, being the end of (the film trilogy), is hard for me. The comic is going to go for 10 to 15 more years, so I don’t want to give him my ending. I want my ending to be a surprise.”

Will Mignola give del Toro the ending to his comic? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, any blockbuster franchise with 58 year old Ron Perlman as its leading man is alright with me.

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  • John said

    I would love to see a franchise setup for Hellboy, at least Hellboy 3.

    Part 2 was an excellent movie in my opinion so I don’t want it abandoned for 10 years and have part 3 made when Ron Perlman is in his late 60’s….

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  • Bader said

    If hellboy 3 is going to 48 hours, I still prefer it.
    I think maybe I can not wait to the 2013. I extremly love the idea . Just hoping for all the time ~~

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  • brian said

    the third may have modern nazi and a fallen angel

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  • Eric said

    Hellboy is the most thrilling action movie i have ever watched. At first or before i watched it i used to dislike it thinking that it was for kids. But now i love it. I also love the characters in the movie. Bring the third one for me please! 2013 is too far I can ‘t wait for the third one.

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  • Koowie said

    Love the Hellboy series. Keep on making em!

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  • phil said

    bring princess nuala back to life!

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  • victoria said

    I think Hellboy was the best action film i have ever seen ..i am usally into scarry movies but i seem to be watching hellboy once a week soooooo please bring on Hellboy 3

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